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can you walk and talk, and be merry with such people, when you know their case ?. When you look them in the face you should break forth into tears, as the prophet did when he looked upon Hazael, and then set on them with the most vehement exhortations. 0, for God's sake, and the sake of pour souls, bestir yourselves, and sparc no pains that may conduce to their salvation ?

What cause have we to bleed before the Lord that we have so long neglected this good work! If we had but engaged in it sooner, low many more night have been brought to Christ? And how much holier and happier might our societies have been before now? And why might we not havo done it sooner? There were many hindrances : and so there always will be. But the greatest hindrance is in ourselves, in our littleness of faith and love.

But it is objected, I, “ This will take ap so much tiine, we shall not have leisure to follow our studies." We answer, 1. Gaining knowledge is a good thing, but saving souls is a better. 2. By this very thing you will gain the most excellent know ledge, that of God and eternity. s. You will have time for gaining other knowledge too. Only sleep not more than you need ; 6 and neyer be idle, or triflingly employed." But, 4. If you can do but one, let your studies alone. We ought to throw by all the libraries in the world, rather than be guilty of the loss of one soul.

It is objected, II, « The people will not submit to it." If some will not, other's will. And the success with them, will repay all your labour. 0 let us lierein follow thre example of St. Paul. 1. For our general business, Serving the Lord zoith all humility of mind : 2. Our special work, Take heed to yourselves, and to all the flock : 3. Our doctrine, Repentance toward God and failh towards our Lord Jesus Christ : 4. The place, I have taught you publicly, an: from house lo house : 5. The objeet and manner of teaching, I ceased not to warn every one, night and day with tears : 6. His innocenee and self-denial herein, I hute coveted no man's silver or gold : 7. His patience, Neither count I my life decir unto myself. And among all other motives, let these be ever before our eyes ; 1. the church of God, which he hath purchased with his oron blood. 2. Grievous woltes shall enter in; yca, of yourselves shall inen arise, speaking perverse things.

Write this upon your hearts, and it will do you more good than twenty years study. Then you will have no time to spare: You will have work enough. T'hen likewise no preacher will stay with us who is as salt that has lost its savour. For to such, this employment would be mere dondgery. And in order to it you will bave need of all the know). edge you can procure, and grace you can attain.

The sum is, Go into every house in course, and teach-every one therein, young and old, to be christians inwardly and outwardly; make every particular plain to Their understandings; fix it in their minds;

What pa

write it on their hearts. In order to this, there must be line upon line, precept upon precept. tience, what love, what knowledge is requisite for this ! We mast needs do this, were it only to avoid idle ness. - Do we not loiter away many hours in every week? Each try him. self: No idleness is consistent with a growth in grace. Nay, without exactness in redeeming time, you cannot retain the grace you received in justification.

Quest. 2. Why are. we not more holy, why do we not live in eternity, walk with God all the day long? Why are we not all devoted to God? Breathing the whole spirit of missionaries?

Answ. Chiefly because we ape enthusiasts; looking for the ench without using the means. To touch only upon two or three instàncesi: Who of us rises at four, or even at five, when we do not preach? Do we know the obligation and benefit of fasting or abstinence? How often do we practise it? The reglect of this alone is sufficient to account for our feebleness and faintness of spirit. We are continually grieving the Iloly Spirit of God by the habitual neglect of a plain duty. Let us amend from this hour.

Quest. 3. How sball we guard a. gainst sabbath-breaking, evil speaking, unprofitable conversation, lightness, expensiveness or gaiety of apparel, and contracting debts without due care to discharge them.

Ansie. 1. Let us preach expressly. on each of these lreads, 2. Read in every society thé sermon on evilspeaking. 3. Let the leaders closely examine and exhort every person to put a way the accursed thing. 4. Let. the preachers warn every society, that none who is guilty herein, can remain with us. 5. Extirpato buying or selling goods which have not paid the duty laid upon them by government, out of every society. Let none remain with us who will not totally abstain from this evil in every kind and degree. Extirpate bri." berý, receiving any thing directly or indirectly, for voting at any election. Shew no respect to persone herein,


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