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frequent renewings of divine love, in which tribulations, where all sorrows and sighing only there is life: if they are but preserved will be done away, and all tears wiped from from gross evils and go on in prosperity, they our eyes, to join those who can acceptably sit down at ease and think all is well. O that sing the song of praise, having their robes washthey may not too late find their mistake, and ed and made white in the blood of the Lamb." that they have pleased themselves with favours On the 3rd, with some difficulty of utterwhich they have unthankfully received; and ance she said, “Though the floods beat high stopped short of greater, by not desiring them, at times, and the waves roar, I am sensible of and more frequently than the day waiting to Divine love being present, and in that love I know the renewings of that life, without which salute my friends;" and added, that as she there is no lise to the truly begotten children, hoped each one there had in a greater or less and which would not only show them what they degree known the sanctifying power of reliought to do, but give them strength to do it.” gion on their minds, she very earnestly and

Seventh month 2nd.-Several Friends sit. affectionately urged them to a more close and ting in her room she said in substance, “I solemn attention to this important work, and have seen the necessity, after having done the not to rest satisfied short of witnessing a daily will of God, of waiting in patience to receive advancement therein, that when this earthly the promise of Him, who is the same to-day tabernacle was dissolved, they might have a as yesterday, and will so continue forever. well grounded hope of a house eternal in the Many are the comfortable assurances in holy heavens, whose builder and maker is God. writ, to those who keep the word of his pa- She then mentioned “that our blessed Saviour tience: I will keep such, saith he, in the hour had told his immediate followers, that in his of temptation, which shall come upon all the Father's house there were many mansions, earth, to try ther that dwell therein. have and he went to prepare a place for them, that many times been glad to feel a little opening where he is, they might be also; and although of strength with my beloved friends, and may the sensible enjoyment of Divine love is much say, I am thankful for this solemn quiet op- withdrawn from many, who formerly were portunity, for great have been, and still are, eminently favoured with it, yet she desired my trials, and close may be your provings. such not to be discouraged, for living faith in I don't speak it to discourage any, but I find Christ Jesus, though but in a small degree, is without the renewings of Divine love and life, abundantly sufficient for our strength and we are incapable of keeping the word of his safety: and that as the Lord's love still conpatience, being so frequently beset with weak. tinued with those who are far advanced, and ness and infirmities.

as on the verge of time, He would also be the “ May you, my dear friends, who have been guide and blessed guardian of the younger called and anointed for services, witness a re- in years, as they humbly and steadily kept newed supply of holy oil, whereby your on the watch, and were obedient to the inlamps may be kept burning and your lights structions of his holy Spirit.” shining, and experience the law to go forth During the last night of her life, she was from Žion, and the word of the Lord from in much pain and under some discouragement Jerusalem. May you remember your cove of mind; and being reminded of some past nants, made in the day of deep distress; and seasons of divine favour, she lay a while in may you be supported through every future awful silence, and then exclaimed, “I see now difficulty and trial, and I through the present to my comfort, that the Lord hath been with conflict, that when every other channel of me through all this illness, and at times I comfort shall be dried up, and all human help knew it not.” She soon fell into a quiet slumbe found unavailing, we may find Him to be ber, and on awaking much refreshed, remarknear, who hath promised, that for the cry ofed that she had not slept so sweetly during all the poor and the sighing of the needy, he will her illness, for she had been in company with arise: cry mightily unto Him, that we may her father's God, her mother's God, and her know him to do so for us, for I find, without God; and after slumbering again, she said, " It sensibly feeling his love, which opens and en- seems strange I should sleep at such a time as larges the heart, we cannot apply those gra- this,” but being told that her work was done, cious promises to our comfort. And when he and it was a favour she could sleep, replied, “I draws let not the cares of this life, or slav believe it is, and I am thankful for it.” About and unnecessary fears prevent your following three o'clock in the morning she raised her him faithfully, whatever afflictions may at. hands as if engaged in fervent prayer, and uttend. O may we be so preserved in his holy tered some words, which were not intelligibly hand, as that nothing may be suffered to pluck heard; soon after which she quietly expired on us out of it, and be assisted so to conduct our: the 24th of tenth month, 1775, in the seventyselves, as that we may be found among the second year of her age, and thirty-first of her happy number who have come through many ministry.


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