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PSALM 66.-Sd Part. L. M. {*} Ver. 19, 9, 20-22. Praise for temporal bless

ings ; or, common arid spirituai 1 W

E bless the Lord, the just, the good, Who pours his blessings from the skies,

And loads our days with rich supplies. 2 He sends the sun his circuit round,

To cheer the fruits, to warm the ground;
He bids the clouds, with plenteous rain,

Refresh the thirsty earth again.
3 'Tis to his care we owe our breath,

And all our near escapes from death :
Safety and health to God belong;

He helps the weak, and guards the strong 4 He makes the saint and sinner prove

The common blessings of his love;
But the wide difference that reinains

Is endless jpys, or endless pains. 5 The Lord, that bruis'd the serpent's head,

On all the serpent's seed shall tread;
The stubborn sinner's hope confound,

And smite him with a lasting wound.
6 But his right hand his saints shall raise

From the deep earth, or deeper seas;
And bring them to his courts above,
There shall they taste his special love.

PSALM 69.1st Part. C. M. [b] Ver. 1-14. The sufferings of Christ for our

salvation. 1 " LAVE me, O God; the swelling floods Break in upon any



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"I sink, and sorrows o'er my head

“Like mighty waters roll.
2“ I cry till all my voice be gone ;

" In tears I waste the day:
My God, behold my longing eyes,

“And shorten thy delay.
S“ They hate my soul without a cause,

- And still their number grows * More than the hairs around my head,

" And mighty are my foes. & "'Twas then I paid that dreadful debt,

" That men could never pay, " And gave those honours to thy law,

Which sinners took away.
5 Thus, in the great Messiah's name,

The royal prophet mourns ;
l'hus he awakes our hearts to grief,

And gives us joy by turns.
8 “Now shall the saints rejoice, and find

“Salvation in my name,
• For I have borne their heavy load

“Of sorrow, pain, and shame. my “Gricf, like a garment, cloth'd me round,

“ And sackcloth was my diess, “ While I procur'd for naked souls

" A. robe of righteousness. 8 “Anongst my brethren and the Jews,

" I like a stranger stood, “ And bore their vile reproach, to bring

“ The Gentilcs near to God. A "I came in sinful mortals' stead

“ To do my Father's will; “ Yet, when I cleans'd my Father's house,

They scandaliz'd my zeal.


10 “ My fastings and my holy groans

" Were made the drunkard's song; “ But God fron bis celestial throne,

Heard my complaining tongue. 11 “ He sav'd me from the dreadful deep,

“ Nor let my soul be drown'd;
" He rais'd and fix'd my sinking feet

“ On well establish'd ground.
12 “ 'Twas in a most accepted hour,

“My prayer arose on high ; “ And, for my sake, my God shall hear

“ The dying sinner's cry."
PSALM 69.-2d Part.

C. M. [b]
Ver. 14-21, 26, 29, 32.
The passion and exallation of Christ.

NAndemournful pleasures sing

The sufferings of our great High Priest,

The sorrows of our King.
2 He sinks in floods of deep distress;

How high the waters rise !
While to his heavenly Father's ear

He sends perpetual cries.
3 "Hear me, O Lord, and save thy Son,

“Nor hide thy shining face ;
“Why should thy favourite look like one

" Forsaken of thy grace ?
“With rage they persecute the man

“That groans beneath thy wound, " While for a sacrifice I pour

“My life upon the ground. 5 "They tread my honour to the dust,

ad laugh when I complain;

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Their sbarp insulting slanders add

“ Fresh anguish to my pain. 6 “ All my reproach is known to thee,

“The scandal and the shame; “Reproach has broke my bleeding beart,

* Ånd lies defil'd my name.
7" I look'd for pity, but in vain :

My kindred are my grief:
“I ask my friends for comfort round,

But meet with no relief.
$ " With vinegar they mock my thirst;

They give me gall for food :
And, sporting with my dying groans,

· They triumph in my blood. 9 “Shine into my distressed soul,

“Let thy compassion save;
And though my flesh sink down to death,

" Redeem it from the grave.
10 “ I shall arise to praise thy name,

“Shall reige in worlds unknown; “And thy salvation, O my God,

“Shall seat ine on thy throne.”

PSALM 69.30 Part. C. M. Christ's obedience and death ; or, God glorified

and sinners saved.
YATHER! I sing thy wondrous grace,

I bless my Saviour's name ;
He bought salvation for the poor,

And bore the sinner's shame.
2 His deep distress bas rais'd us high ;

His duty and his zeal
Fulfill'd the law which mortals broke,

And finish'd all thy willa




3 His dying groans, his living songs,

Shall better please my God,
Than harp or trumpet's solemn sound,

Than goats' or bullocks' blood.
4 This shall his humble followers see,

And set their hearts at rest;
l'hey by his death draw near to thee,

And live forever blest.
5 Let heaven, and all that dwell on high

To God their voices raise,
While lands and seas assist the sky,

And join t'advance his praise. 6 Zion is thine, most holy God;

Thy Son shall bless her gates
And glory, purchas'd by his blood,

For thine own Israel waits. PSALM 69.-1st Part. L. M. [b] *Christ's passion, and sinners' salvation.

EEP in our hearts let us record

The deeper sorrows of our Lord;
Behold the rising billows roll,

To overwhelm his boly soul ! 2 In long complaints he spends his breath,

While hosts of hell, and powers of death
And all the sons of malice join,

To execute their curst design.
8 Yet, gracious God, thy power and love

Have made the curse a blessing prove;
Those dreadful sufferings of thy Son
Aton'd for sics which we had done.
Tlie pangs of our expiring Lord
The honours of thy law restor'd:
His sorrows made thy justice known,
And paid for folies pot bis own.


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