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He knows the terrors of thy look,

And hears thy voice with dread.
7 Thou wilt display that sovereign grace

Where all my hopes have hung;
I shall employ my lips ir praise,

And vict'ry shall be sung.
PSALM 14.–1st Part. C. M. [b]

By nature all men are sinners.
1 TOOLS in their hearts believe and say,
« There is no God that reigns on high,

Or minds th' affairs of men."
2 From thoughts so dreadful and profane,

Corrupt discourse proceeds;
And in their impious lands are found

Abominable deeds.
3 The Lord, from his celestial throne,

Look'd down on things below,
To find the man that souglit his grace,

Or did his justice know.
4 By nature all are gone astray ;

Their practice all the same:
There's none that fears his Maker's hand,

There's none that loves his name.
5 Their tongues are us'd to speak deceit;

Their slanders never cease ;
How swift to mischief are their feet!

Nor know the paths of peace.
6 Such seeds of sin (that bitter root)

In every heart are found;
Nor can they bear diviner fruit,,

Till grace refine the ground.


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PSALM 14.2d Part. C. M. [b]

The folly of persecutors. 1

RE sinners now so senseless grown,

That they the saints devour ; And never worship at thy throne,

Nor fear thine awful power?
2 Great God ! appear to their surprise,

Reveal thy dreadful name!
Let them no more thy wrath despise,

Nor turn our hope to shame.
3 Dost thou not dwell among the just?

And yet our foes deride,
That we should make thy name our trust;

Great God! confound their pride. do O that the joyful day were come,

To finish our distress!
When God shall bring his children home
Our songs shall never cease.

PSALM 15.-C. M. [*] Characters of a saint ; or, a citisen of Zion; or, the qualifications of a Christian. HO'shall inhabit in thy hill,

O God of holiness ?
Whom will the Lord admit to dwell

So near his throne of grace ?
2 The man that walks in pious ways,

And works with righteous hands;
That trusts his Maker's promises,

And follows his commands.
3 He speaks the meaning of his heart,

Nor slanders with his tongue:
Will scarce believe an ill report
Norch bis neighbour wrong.

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4 The wealthy sinner he contemns,

Loves all that fear the Lord;
And though to his own hurt be swears,

Still be performs his word.
5 His hands disdain a golden bribe,

And never gripe the poor: This man shall dwell with God on earth,

And find his heaven secure.


PSALM 15.-L. M. [*] Religion and justice, goodness and truth ; or,

duties to God and man; or, the qualifications

of a Christian. 1 HO shall ascend thy heavenly place,

The man that minds religion now,

And humbly walks with God below: 2 Whose hands are pure, whose heart is clean,

Whose lips still speak the thing they mean-,
No slanders dwell upon his tongue :

He hates to do his neighbour wrong. 3 [Scarce will he trust an ill report,

Nor vert it to his neighbour's hurt :
Sinners of state he can despise,

But saints are honour'd in his eyes.) 4. (Firm to his word he ever stood,

And always makes his proinise good;
Nor dares to change the thing he swears,

Whatever pain or loss he bears.] 5 [He never deals in bribing gold,

And wourns that justice should be sold :
While others gripe and grind the poor,
Sweet charity attends bis door.)

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6 He loves his enemies, and prays

For those that curse him to his face;
And doth to all men still the same

That he would hope or wish from them. 7 Yet, when his holiest works are done,

His soul depends on grace alone:
This is the man thy face shall see,
And dwell forever, Lord, with thee.

PSALM 16.-1st Part. L. M. [b] Confession of our poverty, and saints the best

company; or, good works profit men, not God. 1 PRESI RESERVEmc, Lord, in time of need;

For succour to thy throne I flee,
But have no merits there to plead :

My goodness cannot reach to thee.
2 Oft have my heart and tongue confest

How empty and bow poor I am ;
My praise can never make thee blest,

Nor add new glories to thy name. 3 Yet, Lord, thy saints on earth may reap

Some profit by the good we do :
These are the company I keep,

These are the choicest friends I know. 4 Let others choose the sons of mirth,

To give a relish to their wine;
I love the men of heavenly birth,
Whose thoughts and language are divine.
PSALM 16.-2d Part. L. M. [b]

Christ's all-sufficiency.
TOW fast their guilt and sorrows mise,

Who haste to seek some idol-god.17

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I will not taste their sacrifice,

Their off'rings of forbidden blood. 2 My God provides a richer cup

And nobler food to live upon ;
He for my life has offered up

Jesus, his best beloved son.
3 His love is my perpetual feast;

By day his counsels guide me right;
And, by his name forever blest,

Who gives me sweet advice by night. & I set him still before mine eyes ;

At my right hand he stands prepar'd
To keep my soul from all surprise,
And be my everlasting guard.

PSALM 16.-d' Part. L. M. [*] Courage in death, and hope of the resurrection.

THEN God is nigh, my faith is strong:
Be glad, my heart; rejoice, muy tongue ;
My dying flesh shall rest in hoje.
Though in the dust I lay my head,
Yet, gracious God, thou wilt not leave
My soul forever with the dead,

Nor lose thy children in the grave. 3 My flesh shall thy first call obey,

Shake off the dust, and rise on high;
Then shalt thou lead the wondrous way
Up to thy throne above the sky.
There streams of endless pleasure flow,
And full discov'ries of thy grace,
(Which we but tasted here below)
Spread heav'nly joys through all the place.

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