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The Lord, the sovereign 108 When God, provok'd 221
The map is ever blest 8 When God restor'd 201
The praise of Zion waits 127 When God reveal'd 268
The wonders Lord, thy 90 When Israel, freed 233
Think, mighty God, 179 When Israel sins, the 169
This is the day the Lord 241 When I with pleasing 290
This spacious earth 59 When man grows bold SO
Thou art my portion, 245 When, overwhelm'd 122
Thou God of love, 259 When pain and anguish 258
Thrice happy man, 230 When the great Judge, 25
Through every age, 179 Where shall the man 59
Thus I resolv'd before 86 Where shall we go to 274
Thus saith the Lord, the 106 While I keep silence, 69
Thus saith the Lord, your 89 While men grow bold 9
Thus the eternal Father 226 Who shall ascend


Thus the great Lord 226 Who shall inhabit in thy 33

Thy mercies fill the 250 Who will arise and plead 191

Thy name, Almighty 238 Why did the Jews 12

Thy works of glory, 222 Why did the nations join 1

'Tis by thy strength 131 Why do the proud insult 104
To God I cried

156 Why do the wealthy 83

To God I made my

292 Why doth the Lord stand 26

To God the Father, 311 Why doth the man of 102

To God the Father's 312 Why has my God my soul 51

To God the great, 218 Why should I vex my 81

To heaven I list my

261 Will God forever cast us 151

To our Almighty Maker, 198 With all my powers of 285

To thee, before the 244 With earnest longings 92

To thee, most holy 154 With my whole heart I'll 24

To thine Almighty arm 43 With my whole heart 254

'Twas for our sake, 142 With reverence let the 175

'Twas from thy hand, 287 With songs and honours 303

'Twas in the watches of 124 Would you behold 222




Unshaken as the 266 Ye holy souls, in God 71
Up from my youth, 270 Ye islands of the


Up to the hills I lift 260 Ye nations of the earth, 200

Upward I lift mine eyes 262 Ye servants of



Ye sons of men, a feeble 185

37 Ye sons of pride, that 103
We love thee, 42 Ye that delight to serve 232

What shall I render 237 Ye that obey


When Christ to judgment 106 Ye tribes of Adam, join 306

When God is bigh, my 36 Yet (saith the Lord). 177



PSALM 1. C. M. (*) The way and end of the righteous and the wicked. 1 LEST is the man who shuns the place

Wlio fears to tread their wicked ways,

And hates the scoffer's seat: 2 But in the statutes of the Lord

Has plac'd his chief delight;
By day he reads or hears the word,

And meditates by night.“
3 [He, like a plant of generous kind,

By living waters set,
Safe from the storms and blasting wind,

Enjoye a peaceful state.]
A Green as the leaf, and ever fair

Shall his professions shine;
While fruits of holiness appear

Like clusters on the vine.
5 Not so th' impious and unjust;

What vain designs they forin!
Their hopes are blown away, like dust,

Or chaff before the storm

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6 Sinners in judgment shall not stand

Amongst the sons of grace, When Christ the Judge, at his right band

Appoints his saints a place. 7 His eye beholds the path they tread,

His heart approves it well ; But crooked ways of sinners lead

Down to the gates of hell

PSALM 1. S. M.

The saint happy, the sinner miserable.
THE man is ever blest

' ways,

Amongst their councils never stands,

Nor takes the scorner's place: 2 But makes the law of God

His study and delight, Amidst the labours of the day,

And watches of the night. 3 He like a tree shall thrive,

With waters near the root;
Fresh as the leaf his name shall live,

His works are heavenly fruit.
Not so th' ungodly race,

They no such blessings find :
Their hopes shall flee like empty chaff

Before the driving wind.
5 How will they bear to stand

Before that judgment seat,
Where all the saints at Christ's right hand

In full assembly meet?

6 He knows, and he approves,

The way the righteous go ;
But sinners, and their works, shall meet

A dreadful overthrow.

PSALM 1. L. M. The difference between the righteous and the

wicked. 1

APPY the man, whose cautious feet


Who hates the place where Atheists meet,

And fears to talk as scoffers do.
2 He loves t' employ bis morning light

Amongst the statutes of the Lord ;
And spends the wakeful hours of night

With pleasure, pond'ring o'er his word. 8 He, like a plant, by gentle streams,

Shall flourish in immortal green;
And heaven will shine with kindest beams,

On every work his hands begin.
4 But sinners find their counsels cross'd:

As chaf before the tempest flies,
So shall their hopes be blown and lost,

When the last trumpet shakes the skies. 5 In vain the rebel seeks to stand

In judgment with the pious race;
The dreadful Judge with stern command,

Divides hiin to a different place. 6 “Straight is the way my saints, have trod,

“I best the path, and drew it plain,
“ But you would choose the crooked road;
"And down it leads to endless pain."


PSALM 2. S. M. Translated according to the divine pattern

Acts iv. 24, &c. Christ dying, rising, interceding, and reigning 1

Of heav'n, and earth, and seas, Thy providence confirms thy word

And answers thy decrees. 2 The things so long foretold

By David are fulfill’d,
When Jews and Gentiles join to slay

Jesus, thine holy child.] 3 Why did the Gentiles rage,

And Jews with one accord,
Bend all their counsels to destroy

Th’ Anointed of the Lord ? 4 Rulers and kings agree

To form a vain design;
Against the Lord their pow'rs unite,

Against his Christ they join 5 The Lord derides their rage,

And will support his throne;
He who hath rais'd him from the dead

Hath own'u him for his Son.


6 Now he's ascended high,

And asks to rule the earth ;
The merit of his blood he pleads,

And pleads his heavenly birth. 7 . He asks, and God bestows

A large inheritance:

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