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All things must be fulfilled which were written in....the
Psalms concerning me..

....Luke xxiv. 44.
David, Samuel, and the Prophets.... That they without

us should not be made perfect.......... Heb. xi, 39, 40.

With a brief Sketch of the Author's Life.



No. 53, Cornbill.



DR. ISAAC WATTS, a learned and eminent dissenting minister, was born at Southampton, 1674, of parents remarkable for piety and virtue. From his infancy, be discovered a strong propensity to learning; and was early distinguished for the sprightliness of his wit ; which, even in the years of younger life, was regulated by a deep sense of religion. At the school at Southampton, he was taught Latin, Greek, and Hebrew; and in 1690 was sent to an academy in London, to complete his education. His tutor declared that during the whole time of bis tuition at this academy, he was not only so inoffensive as never to give occasion for reproof; but so exemplary that he often proposed bim as a pattern to his other pupils.

In 1696, he was invited by Sir John Hartopp, to reside in his famı. Jy at Stoke Newington, as tutor to his son Here he continued about four years: and acquitted himself with fidelity and reputation. Believing it to be his duty, be determined to devote his life to the pastoral office, of the importance of which, he had a deep sense upon his mind. He began to preach on his birth-day, 1695, when he had completed his 341h year; and le met with general acceptance.

In 1712, he had a severe fever, which, by its violence and continuance, reduced him

so much that he never perfectly recovered. The languishing state of his health drew upon him the attention of Sir Thomas Abney, who received him into his house; where, with a constancy of friendship and uniformity of conduct not often to be found, he was treated for thirty six years, with all the kindness that friendship could prompt, and all the attention that respect could dictate. From the time of his reception in this family, his life was no otherwise diversified than by successive labours for the good of mankind; the number and variety of which show the inienseness of his industry, and the extent of his capacity. In 1728, the universities of Edinburgh and Aberdeen, without his knowledge, conferred on him the degree of Doctor of Divinity.

Hes writings are so numerous, that in this sketch we cannot even give a list of them. They were collected and published in • 1734, in 6 vols. quarto. His Lyric Poems, his Psalms and Hymns,

and his Divine Songs for children, are a sufficient proof of his poetical talents. They have had an amazing number of editions. His treatise on Logic, a masterly perfarmance, has been long Used in the most distingvished seminario His“ Improvement of the Mind" is an excellent work, which may be recoinmended to all young persons.

This worthy and exemplary man became, towards the end of his days, so infirm that he was confined to his chamber and his bed, where he was worn gradually away, without pain, till be expred in the 75th year of Sis age.

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Page A

LL ye that love the 310 Firm was my health,

Almighty Ruler 23 Fools in their hearts 32 midst thy wrath

84 Forever blessed be the 295 Among th' assemblies

165 Forever shall my song 173 Among the princes, 172 From age to age exalt 220 And will the God of grace!65 From all that dwell

238 Are all the foes of Zion 115 From deep distress 273 Are sinners now so


G Arise, my gracious God 38


VIVE thanks to God, 219 Awake, ye saints, to 279 I Give thanks to God; 215 B

Give thanks to God most 282

Behold the lofty sky 45 Give thanks to God, the 230

45 Give to our God immortal 284 Behold the love,

77 Give to the Lord, ye sons 63 Behold the sure

240 God in his earthly temple 173 Behold thy waiting 251 God is the refuge of his 98 Bless, O my soul, 206 God, my supporter 149 Blest are the sons of peace 276 God of my childhood 144 Blest are the souls that 176 God of eternal love 218 Blest are the undefl'd 243 God of my life,

87 Blest is the man, forever 68 God of my mercy

225 Blest is the man, whose 91 Good is the Lord,

131 Blest is the man who shuns 7 Great is the Lord, exalted 279 Blest is the nation where 70 Great is the Lord; his 229 с

Great is the Lord our God 100 HILDREN, in years 74 Great God, attend,

Come, children, learn 75 Great God, how oft 151
Come, let our voices join 193 Great God, indulge 125
Come, sound his praise 192,Great God, whose 145
Consider all my sorrows 255 Great God, the heavens 47
Great Shepherd of thine 162

Deep in our hearts 141

265 E

Happy is he that 231

123 Happy the city where 296 Exalt the Lord our 199 Happy the man to wbom 68 F

Happy the man whose 9 AR as thy name is 101 Hear me,o God, nor hide 203

176 Father. I sing thy 140 Help, Lord, for men 29 Firm and unmoy'd are 266 He reigns, the Lord,



God 5!
EARLY, my God,

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12L M
39 M

248 M.

I'Cool to build the

He that hath made 184, Let Zion praise the

High in the heavens, 78 Long as I live I'll bless

297 M
How awful is thy 157 Lord, hast thou cast
How did my heart 262 Lord, I am thine; but
How fast their quilt 35 Lord, I am vile, conceiv'd 112) M
How long, O Lord, 30 Lord, I can suffer

18 M
How long wilt thou 31 Lord, I esteem thy
How pleasant, how

166 Lord, if thine eyes-
How pleasant 'tis to see 277 Lord if thou dost not soon 28N
How pleas'd and blest 263 Lord, I have made

How shall the young 246 Lord, in the morning 16 x

Lord, I will bless thee 73
TF God succeed not, 269 Lord, I would spread 114

269 Lord, of the worlds above 169
Llift my soul to God 59 Lord, thou hast call'd 171
I'll bless the Lord from 74 Lord, thou hast heard

I'll praise my Maker 300 Lord, thou hast search'd 286
I love the Lord, he heard 236 Lord, thou hast seen
I'll speak the honours 96 Lord, thou wilt hear 16
In all my vast concerns 289 Lord, 'tis a pleasant

In anger, Lord, rebuke 18 Lord, we have heard 93
In God's own house 311 Lord, what a feeble 183
In Judah God of old 155 Lord, what a thoughtless 149
Into thine hand, O God 65 Lord, what is man, poor 295
I set the Lord before 37 Lord, what was man 24
Is there ambition

273 Lord, when I count 291
It is the Lord our

206 Lord, when thou didst 136
I waited patient

88 Loud hallelujahs to the 306
I will extol thee, Lord, 64 LO! what a glorious 242

Lo, what an everlasting 276
EHOVAH reigns ;


227) AKER and sovereign 10

Mercy and judgment 201
Joy to the world! the Lord198 Mine eyes and my desire 60
Judge me, O Lord, 61 My God, accept my early 292
Judgos, who rule the 120 My God, consider 253
Just are thy ways,

42 My God, how many 13

My God, in whom 119
195 My God, my everlasting 143

248 My God, my King, 296
Let children hear 159 My God, permit my 126
Let every creature join 308 My God, the steps of pious 83
Let every tongue

298|My God, what inwar3 288
Let God arise

135 My heart rejoices 66
Let God the Father, 311 My never ceasing song 174
Let sinners take their

117 My refuge is the God 27
Lot Zion and her sons

205 My righteous Judge, 293
let Zion in her King

99 Aly Saviour and my King 95

Jesus shall reign Where'er 196 MA

Let all the heathen




Ly Shepherd is the living 5411 Praise ye the Lord, 278

ly Shepherd will supply 55 Praise ye the bord; my 299

Iy soul, now lovely 168 Praise ye the Lord; 'tis 301

Iy soul lies cleaving 257 Preserve pae, Lord, 35

Iy soul, repeat his praise 210


Ty soul, thy great 211 EJOICE,ye righteous, 69

1y spirit looks to God 123

Ay spirit sinks within me, 92 Return, O God of love, 183

y trust is in my heavenly 19




Ndeep nor slumber 275

SALVATIONis forever113

234 Save me, O Lord,


Vot to our names, thou 235 See what a living stone 241

Now be my heart inspir'd 96 Shew pity Lord; O Lord, 111

Now from the roaring 53 Shine, mighty God, 134

Now I'm convinc'd the 147 Sing, all ye nations, 132

Now let our lips with holy 139 Sing to the Lord aloud 164

Now let our mournful 54 Sing to the Lord Jehov. 197

Now may the God of 49 Sing to the Lord with 201

Now plead my cause, 76 Sing to the Lord, ye 191

Now shall my solemn 133 Songs of immortal praise 228

Now to the great and 312 Soon as I heard my Father 62


Sure there's a righteous 150

238 Sweet is the memory 298

O ALL ye nations,

O blessed souls are 67 Sweet is the work, my 186

o bless the Lord, my soul 209


Of justice and of grace 2027TEACHme the measure 86


O for a shout of sacred 1001 Th’ Almighty reigns, 197

O God, my refuge, hear 16 That man is blest


O God of grace
15 The earth forever

O God of mercy,

115 Thee will I love, O Lord, 40

O God, to whom revenge 190 The God Jehovah reigns 199

O happy man whose soul 270 The God of glory sends 109

O happy nation, where 72 The God of mercy be. 312

o how I love thy holy 247 The God of our salvation 128

O Lord, how many 14 The heavens declare thy

O Lord, our heavenly 20 The King of saints, how

O Lord, our Lord, 22 The Lord appears my 239

O that the Lord would 252 The Lord, how wondrous 208

O that thy statutes,

256 The Lord is come, 196

O thou that hear'st 13 The Lord Jebovah reigns 189

O thou, whose grace 264 The Lord my shepherd is 56

Othon, whose justice 118 The Lord of glory is my

Our God, our help 180 The Lord of glory reigns, 188

Our land, O Lord, 50 The Lord, the Judge,

Out of the deeps of long 272 The Lord, the Judge, his 107

what a stiff rebellious 169 The Lord, the sovereiga 211

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