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The object of this book is to bring together in cyclopedic form and under familiar headinys all that the Bible contains on particular subjects. The subjects formulated are of practical value to every profession and to all who desire to consult the Bible.

The method pursned in preparing this Digest has been, first, to analyze topically each verse of the Bible, each series of verses, and each chapter aud series of chapters; and, second, to group under suitable headings all the Scriptures related to the subjects found in the analysis. The first verse in the Bible may serve to illustrate: “In the beginning God created the heaven and the eartlı.” “In the beginning.” Some authorities interpret this phrase as meaning the beginning of; therefore the author noted, “ Time, Beginning of, Gen. 1:1." Other authorities interpret it as referring to the beginning of the creation; therefore the author noted, “ Creation, Beginning of, Gen. 1:1.” “In the beginning God created.” The author noted, “God, Creator, Gen. 1:1." "In the beginning God created the heaven." Note, “ Heaven, Creation of, Gen. 1:1.” “In the beginning God created the heaven and the eartlı." “ Earth, Creation of, Gen. 1:1." This process was faithfully adhered to throughout the work.

Three classifications of Scripture verses have been published in America, two of which are erroneously styled “a complete analysis” of the Scriptures. Each author followed, with slight and unimportant modifications in arrangement, Mr. Matthew Talbot's classification of verses made in England one lundred years ago. Mr. Talbot's mode of treatment was to arrange all verses of the Bible, as best be might, under thirty general headings. When each verse had been assigned under the leading to which it seemed best adapted the work he undertook was complete. lle used no verse more than once, regardless of the many different and distinct. subjects it might contain. It was consequently a classification of verses rather than a topical analysis of matter. American publishers have followed this erroneous mode of treatment, and as a result the so-called analyses of the Scriptures hitherto offered to Bible students and Christian teachers have been unsatisfactory. This Digest is an analysis of the matter without regard to verse divisions except for

convenience of reference. Verses, parts of verses, series of verses, and are cited or quoted as often as they contain distinct subjects. Numerous repeated from one to thirty times each, according to the number of subj contain and their position in extensive citations or extracts.

The vers referred to has been quoted or cited under five different and equally i hieadings, while other analyses quote it only once. The familiar verse, I “ Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God tlırough our L Christ," is cited under nine headings; namely, Justification, Faith, Peac tion by Faith, Jesus the Saviour, Atonement, Mediation, Propitiation, an ciliation, while in other analyses it is nised but once, under Justification.

Passages variously interpreted by different religious schools or accepted ities are cited under the subjects they are claimed to support, without ref the personal views of the author.

To provide against doubt that this Digest would be complete in its clas: of matter respecting the principles and practice of law, I secured the assi: the Honorable John Welch, Judge of the Supreme Court of the State U. S. A., and author of Welch's Index-Digest of Ohio Decisions. Judge made a consecutive and analytical study of the Bible for this work, from t1 point of a learned jurist and successful author, and his notes have bee porated with the author's. Lawyers, judges, legislators, and statesmen m: fore, rely on this work as a complete and valuable handbook of the Bible purposes of their professions. All subjects relating to the principles and of law are classified under headings in common use.

Some subjects abound in the Scriptures to such an extent, and are use quently by religious teachers and others, that, were references only given work to the books, chapters, and verses containing them, the student would at the thought of developing the topics. In order to make this class of quickly and easily available the verses, or parts of verses, themselves are This method of treatment miglit have been extended, but the size of a col volume had to be taken into consideration. Minor topics are made almost available by brief sub-topical divisions followed by references.

One of the most important, and it is believed valuable, features of this its elaborate system of cross references to kindred and antithetical subjects. scope is thus given each subject by connecting it with those to which it is

Under the sub-topic, INSTANCES OF, are grouped all the illustrative f: occur in the Scriptures relating to each subject. As a book of illustrati work should prove valuable. It also contains numerous and elaborate Bil ings, with a wide range of subjects.

An Index contains a handy reference to the pages and columns i each verse of the Bible is quoted or referred to throughout the work, to


anyone who may be studying any particular verse to find what topics the author noted in it, and with what Scriptures it is grouped.

It was not the object of the author in preparing this Digest to develop religious subjects only, but to note and classify everything found in the Scriptures. It is believed that it is approximately exhaustive. It is the result of fourteen year's

of delightful and untiring study of the word of God, aided by my wife, Anna Semans Nare, who has been an indefatigable assistant from the inception of the work. All pioneer works of an analytic character, as well as all noteworthy commentaries, have been consulted, in order to bring into it all useful materials to be found. Its preparation was inspired by the obvious deficiency of such helps in the use of the Scriptures. This deficiency was felt by the author in preparing sermons, lectures, and other forms of religious instruction. The quiet of army garrisons, apart from the rush and distraction of dense communities, has been favorable to its careful preparation. With the belief that it will contribute to make the Scriptures more quickly, easily, and fully available where particular subjects are under considera. tion, I offer it to the public.

AUTHOR Fort McPherson, Ga.

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