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3. Then the great work we have to do, 3. With it the thoughtless sons of men,

Let us with all our might pursue; Before the rapid stream are borne
And wisely every hour employ, On to their everlasting home,
Till faith and hope are lost in joy. Whence not one soul can e'er return.

The Wisdom of redeeming Time. 4. Yet while the shore on either side 1. God of eternity! from thee

Presents a gaudy, flattering show,
Did infant time his being draw: We gaze, in fond amusement lost,
Moments and days, and months and

Nor think to what a world we go. Revolve by thine unvaried law.[years 5. Great Source of wisdom! teach our 2. Silent and swift they glide away:

Steady and strong the current flows, To know the price of every hour,
Lost in eternity's wide sea,

That time may bear us on to joys
Th' boundless golf from which it rose. Beyond its measure and its power.

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To-day he rose and left the dead,

And Satan's empire fell;
To-day the saints his triumphs spread,

And all his wonders tell.

'Tis pleasant as the morning dew3,

That fall on Zion's hill,
Where God his mildest glory shows,
And makes his grace distil.

The Sabbath.

This is the day the Lord hath made,

He calls the hours his own;
Let heaven rejoice, let earth be glad,

And praise surround the throne.

Hosanna to th' anointed King,

To David's holy son;
Help us, O Lord, descend and bring

Salvation from thy throne.

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3. Thy grace still dwells upon my heart, 2. Not all the good which earth bestows And sheds its fragrance there;

Can fill the craving mind; The noblest balm of all its wounds, Its highest joys have mingled woes, The cordial of its care.

And leave a sting behind. 4. I'll speak the honors of thy name With my last laboring breath;

13. Begone, ye gilded vanities,

I seek some solid good;
Then, speechless, clasp thee in mine
And trust thy love in death. [arms,

To real bliss my wishes rise

The favor of my God. God our Portion. 1. In vain the erring world inquires

4. To thee, my God, my soul aspires; For true, substantial good;

Dispel these shades of night; Whilst earth confines their low desires, Enlarge and fill these vast desires They live on airy food.

With infinite delight.

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