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A Contemplative Poem on the Works of God 1 29
A Letter from a Duke to his Friend, supposed to

be dićlated while he lay on his Death-bed. 131 A Letter from a Lady to her Friend a few Days

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Rev. Richard Bayley.
Rev. Dan. Barrett.
Clement Barry, Esq;
Mr. John Brett.
Mr. John Bennett.
Mr. Richard Brett.
Mr. Curtis Brett, in

London, 6 Books.
Mr. Peter Brett.
Mr. James Brett.
Mr. Richard Brett.
Mr. Garret Bryan.
Mr. David Burtchell. .
Mr. John Beck. .
Mr. Bowm. Brennan.
Mr. Robt. Brookbank.
Mr. John Beasly.
Mr. William Brown,
Mr. John Briscoe.
Mr. Zacheus Barling.
Mr. Henry Brennand,

- Sunscours NAMEs.

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