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Dan. Ist Vis,

8th. The Heruli and Turingi in Italy. 476. 9th. The Saxons and Angles in Britain. 476.

10th. The Langobards in the North of Germany, 483 ; in Hungary 526. The Plucking up of the Herulo-Turingic Horn, or kingdom of Odoacer before the Papal Horn, by Theodoric. A.D. 493.

End of the second 490 years of Christ's Leader ship over visible Church, on account of its crimes and corruption A. D. 516, attended by the first religious War of Christians, A. D. 514, in which 55,000were siain.

. 2nd Vis. St. John. 3rd Vis, St. John. 4th Vis. St. John. 5th Vis. St. John. 6th Vis. St. John, 7th Vis.

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mpet, 4th Wounding of the with the Seventh Head or 2 of the Latin Empire to ræfecture death by the sword

Empire, of Odoacer. AD. om Rome 479_-553. all of Aus and acof Odoa.D. 479.

ixion of

'our Man-child caught n the great up to God and his shich is spi- throne. A.D.516. y called Sond Egypt. 'eat apostache Roman :h, about A. 6; and first bus war, A. 14.

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Neb. 1st Vis.

Neb. 2nd Vis.

Dan. Ist Vis.

Dan. 2nd Vis.

Dan. 3rd Vis. St..

One Foot of Iron The band of Iron The Plucking up The little increas- The Wilful King,
and Clay. The and Brass on of the Ostrogothic ing Horn, or Ro- or Abomination of
Latino or Franco- Stump of great Horn by Generals mano-Greek Em- Desolation. The
Greek Empire. Tree, or the Ro- of Justinian, A. pire's casting Latino - Greek
A. D. 553. mano-Greek Em- D. 553 before the down of the Spi- Empire of the Ro-

pire's prevention Papal horn. The ritual Sanctuary, mans set up, A.
of the Babylonic- dominion of the A. D. 553 ; 490 D. 553 — 1453;
Assyrian Em- Horn that had years from the commencementof
pire's reception of eyes. The tyranny new covenant of the 1260 and 1290
the heart of a man, of the Pope, A. John the Baptist, years. A.D. 553.
or the Christian D. 553-1813. A.D. 26; increas-
faith till expirati-

ed by the interval
on of 2520 years.

between literal
crucifixion of
Christ and cast-
ing down of literal
Sanctuary, i. e.
by 37 years

all 527.

The Langobardic
Horn, eradicated
by Charlemagne.
A. D. 774.

The pushing of King of the South against Wilful King. The Saracens attempts at Constantinople, the seat of the Latino-Greek Emperor, A. D. 668– 675; 716.-718,& 781-805 under Harun al Raschid

Other Foot of Iron and Clay. The revived

Western Empire. A. D. 800.


2nd Vis. St. John. 3rd Vis. St. John. 4th Vis. St. Jobn. 5th Vis. St. John. 6th l'is. St. John. 7th Vis.

Candle- Woman in the WilVitnesses derness, or Church th, com- corrupted. A. D. A. D. 553. Third revived he two head of Sea Beast. of the TheLatino-Greek sful op- Empire, A. D. the cor- 553, by Justinipacy, in an's conquest of Præfec- Italy, or healing Gaul and of the Latin

wounded head. The
two-horned Earth
Beast. The Pope's
spiritual Empire
over the two Præ-
fectures of Gaul
and Italy. A. D.

th Trum-
fth stage of
h obscuracy

and Air by of a great • The Sa

conquest at part of


nan Em-
yria, E- Image of the Sea
frica, and Beast. The dynas-

ty of Charle dia, as far magne and his na. A. D. German succes786, with sors, the Western tormenting Emperors of the en for five Romans. A. D.

· or Sara. 800,

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