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PIRIT of Faith, come down,
Reveal the things of God;

And make to us the Godhead known,
And witness with the blood.
'Tis thine the blood to' apply,
And give us eyes to see;
Who did for every sinner die,
Hath surely died for me.

2 No man can truly say
That Jesus is the Lord;
Unless thou take the veil away,
And breathe the living word;
Then, only then, we feel
Our interest in his blood;
And cry, with joy unspeakable,
Thou art my Lord, my God!"

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3 O that the world might know
The all-atoning Lamb!
Spirit of faith, descend, and show
The virtue of his name;
The grace which all may find,
The saving power impart;

And testify to all mankind,
And speak in every heart!

Inspire the living faith,
Which whosoe'er receives,
The witness in himself he hath,
And consciously believes :
The faith that conquers all,
And doth the mountain move :
And saves, whoe'er on Jesus call,
And perfects them in love.

HYMN 86.

6 lines, 2-6's & 4-7's. INNERS, your hearts lift up, Partakers of your hope:

This is the day of Pentecost;

Ask, and ye
shall all receive;
Surely now the Holy Ghost,
God to all that ask shall give.

2 Ye all may freely take



The grace for Jesu's sake;
· He for every man hath died;
He for all hath ris'n again:
Jesus now is glorified:

Gifts he hath receiv'd for men.
He sends them from the skies,
On all his enemies;

By his cross he now hath led

Captive our captivity:

We shall all be free indeed,

Christ, the Son, shall make us free.

Blessings on all he
In never-ceasing showers;
All he waters from above;
Offers all his joy and peace;
Settled comfort, perfect love,
Everlasting righteousness.
5 All may from him receive
A power to turn and live ;
Grace for every soul is free:
All may hear the' effectual call;
All the Light of Life may see;
feel, he died for ALL.


All may

Drop down in showers of love,
Ye heavens from above;

Righteousness, ye skies, pour down;
Open, earth, and take it in!

Claim the Spirit for your own,
Sinners, and be sav'd from sin.


Father, behold we claim
The gift in Jesu's Name!
Him, the promis'd Comforter,
Into all our spirits pour;
Let him fix his mansion here,
Come, and never leave us more!

Before Reading the Scriptures.

HYMN 87.

C. M.

1 NOME, Holy Ghost, our hearts inspire Let us thine influence prove;

Source of the old prophetic fire,
Fountain of Light and Love.
2 Come, Holy Ghost, (for mov'd by thee,
The prophets wrote and spoke :)
Unlock the Truth, thyself the Key,
Unseal the secred Book.

3 Expand thy wings, celestial Dove,
Brood o'er our nature's night:
On our disorder'd spirits move,
And let there now be light.

4 God,through himself, we then shall know, If thou within us shine;


And sound, with all thy saints below,
The depths of love divine.


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NATHER of all, in whom alone We live, and move, and breathe, One bright, celestial ray dart down, And cheer thy sons beneath. 2 While in thy word we search for thee, (We search with trembling awe,) Open our eyes and let us see

The wonders of thy law.

3 Now let our darkness comprehend

The light that shines so clear;
Now the revealing Spirit send,
And give us ears to ear.

4 Before us make thy goodness pass,
Which here by faith we know;
Let us in Jesus see thy face,
And die to all below.

HYMN 89. 6 lines 8's.

NSPIRER of the ancient Seers,


Who wrote from thee the sacred page,

The same through all succeeding years;
To us, in our degenerate age,
The Spirit of thy Word impart,
And breathe the Life into our heart.
2 While now thine oracles we read,
With earnest prayer and strong desire,
O let thy Spirit from thee proceed,
Our souls to' awaken and inspire;
Our weakness help, our darkness chase,
And guide us by the Light of Grace.
3 Whene'er in error's paths we rove,
The living God through sin forsake;
Our conscience by thy Word reprove,
Convince, and bring the wanderers back;
Deep wounded by the Spirit's sword,
And then by Gilead's balm restor’d.
4 The sacred lessons of thy grace,
Transmitted through thy Word, repeat,
And train us up in all thy ways,
To make us in thy will complete :
Fulfil thy love's redeeming plan,
And bring us to a perfect man.
5 Furnish'd out of thy treasury,

O may we always ready stand,
To help the souls redeem'd by thee,
In what their various states demand:
To teach, convince, correct, reprove,
And build them up in holiest love.

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NHUS saith the Lord of earth and heaven,

T The King of Israel and his God,

Who hath for ALL a ransom giv'n,

And bought a guilty world with blood: " I am from all eternity;

To all eternity I am :

There is none other God but Me,

JEHOVAH is my glorious Name.

2 "The Rise and End, the First and Last, The Alpha and Omega I;

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Who could like Me, ordain the past,
Or who the things to come descry?
Foolish is all their strife, and vain,
To' invade the property divine;
'Tis mine the work undone to' explain,
To call the future now is mine.

3" Fear not, my own peculiar race,

I have to thee my counsel shew'd, The word of sure prophetic grace, And told thee all the mind of God. Ye are my witnesses, to you

My name and nature are made known, Ye only can your seal set to,

That I am God, and God alone."



SECTION. I. Describing Formal Religion.

HYMN 91.

C. M.

ONG have I seem'd to serve thee, Lord,
With unavailing pain

Fasted and pray'd, and read thy Word,

And heard it preach'd in vain.

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