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O the fathomless love 224[One only gift can justify399
O the goodness of God 224 One only way the errin 27?
Othe infinite cares, and 224 One spirit and one mind429
O thou good Samaritan 111 One the Father is with 481
O thou jealoas God 276 One undivided Trinity 248
O thou meek and gentl 175 One with God, the sourc 480
O thou that wouldst not 46 Only bave faith in God 303
O thou, who seest and 117 Only tell me I am thine 276
O unexampled love! 35 Only thee content to kn 365
O what a joyful meetin 501 Open a door, which ea 460
Owhat a mighty change 451 Open mine eyes the Lo127
O what an age of golden 21 Open my faith's interio 375
O what shall we do,Our 449 Open the intercourse
O when shall my tongu 196 Open their graves, and 421
O who can explain this 260 Or if thou grant a long 436
O who shall bid this se 124 Or worn by slowly-roll 49
O why did I my Saviour 180 Order, if some invert 440
O would'st thou again 213 Other refuge have I no 141
O would'st thou break 430 Our Brother, Saviour 465
O would'st thou end the 429 Our brother the haven 59
O would'st thou, Lord 94 Our Captain leads us on 304
O would'st thou, Lord 296 Our claim admit, and 427
O ye of fearful hearts 864 Our conquering Lord
Obedient faith that wait345 Our desperate state thro 85
O'er the vast howling 282 Our Father and Lord 195
O'erlook them with a gu 439 Our foreheads proclaim 467
O'erwhelm'd with just 437 Our friend is gone befor 55
O'erwhelm'd with thy 354 Our God in Christ, thine 17
Of all thou hast in earth 166 Our heathenish land



Of heavenly birth, tho' 465 Our Husband, Brother 496
Of life the fountain thou189 Our life is a dream Our 49
Of life thou art the tree 189 Our life is hid with Chri 501
Of my boasted wisdom 291 Our misery doth for pit 241
Of thy great unbounded 237 Our mourning is all at 75
Oft as I lay ine down to 312 Our mouth as in the dus 179
Oft did 1 with the assem 91 Our mutual prayer ac 489
Oft from the margin of 275 Our naked hearts to the491
Oft hath the sea confess 278 Our only help in dange 489
Oft I in my heart have 189 Our sons henceforth be 444
Omnipotent Redeemer 263 Our souls and bodies 403
On all his chosen ones 458 Our souls are in his mi 501
On earth the' usurper's 301 Our Surety, thou alone 127
On Jesus my power till 201 Our wasting lives grow 45
On me the faith divine 324 Outcasts from thee and 499
On the thin air without 219 Outcasts of men, to you 34
On thee I ever call 148 Out of great distress the 79
On thee, my Priest I ca 190 Out of the deep regard 431
On thee, O God,my soul 380


On this glad day a brigh50s Pain and sickness at th 163
One body and one fold 429 Pardon, and grace and 314
One, inexplicablyThre 249Pardon'd for all that I 354



Parent of good, thy bou 234 Ready for you the angel 15 Part of his church belo 509 Ready the Father is to ть Part of thy name divine 262 Ready the Spirit of his Partakers of the Saviou 497 Ready thou art the bloo 39 Passion, and appetite 282 ttefining fire, go throug 316 Patient th' appointed ra 74 Regard me with a gra 117 Perfect, then, the work 112 Regard our prayers for 487 Perfect then thy mighty39s Regard thine own eter 473 Persist to save my soul 410 Reign in me, Lord, thy 328 Persons thou dust not re 163 Rejoicing in hope, and 260 Pity, and heal my sin-si 129 Rejoicing in hope, We 459 Pity from thine eye let 166 Rejoicing now in earne 385 Pity the day of feeble 431 Relieve the souls whos 432 Pity to my dying cries 112 Remember, Lord,my si 354 Place no longer let us 284 Remove this hardness 384 Plant, and root, and fix 318 Renew thine image, Lo 385 Plant thy heav'nly king 516 Rest for my soul I long 371 Plead we thus for faith 485 Resting in this glorious 64 Pleasure, and wealth 315 Restor❜d by reconciling 121 Pienteous grace with th 141 Restore my sight, let thy 129 Plenteous he is in truth 142 Rests secure the righte 63 Poor, alas! thou know'st 108 Riches as seemeth goo 240 Poor and vile in my ow 236 Riches unsearchable Poor debtors, by our Lo 17 Rise, ye men of Israel 266 Poor outcasts of men 206 Rising to sing my Savio 312 Poor worms of earth, fo 485 Rock of my salvation 258 Pour out your souls to 255 Power o'er the world th 397 Saints begin the endless 78 Powerful Advocate wit 247 Salvation in his name 256 Pray we on when all re 285 Salvation in that name 186 Pray without ceasing 255 Salvation to God, Who 519 Prepare, and then poss 152 Satan, cease thy empty 261 Present alike in every 230 Satan his thousand arts 428 Present we know thou 453 Sav'd from the fear of 397 Present we still in spir 501 Save us from the great 475 Preserv'd through faith 23. Save us in the prosper 474 Preserve the creatures 248/Saviour, and Prince of 103 Primeval beauty! in th 41 Saviour, for this I thank 350 Pris'ners of hope, be st 364 Saviour from sin we th 372 Prisoner of hope, I still 121 Saviour, from thy woun 172 Prisoner of hope, to the 149 Saviour, long to testif348 - Pronounce the glad wo 450 Saviour, I thank thee fo 394 Prophet, and Priest an 105 Saviour of men,thy sea 269 Prophet, to me reveal 190 Saviour of my sonl, dra 112 Pure love to God thy 398 Saviour, Prince enthro 104 Purge me from every si 371 Saviour, to me in pity 102 Saviour, to thee my sou 396 Rais'd by the breath of 74 Saviour, whore'er thy 391 Rather I would in dark 297 Saw ye not the cloud ar 211 Rather this hour resum 456 Scatter the last remai 329 Ready for all thy perfe 319/Scatter'd o'er all the



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Scatter'd through devi 499,Sinners, obey the heav 108
See all your sins on Jesus 8Sinners of old thou dids 378
See from the Rock a fou 10 Sinners, turn, while God 14
See him set forth before 9Sinners, turn, why will 18
See how his back the sc 28 Sinners, turn, why will 19
See, Lord. the travail 889 Sin's deceitfulness bath 109
See me lying at the P 162 Sion,shout thy Lord and 194
See me, O Lord, athirst 362 Slay me, and I in thee 347
See me, Saviour, from 104 Slay the dire root and 323
See my utter helplessn 184 Smell the sweet odour 474
See, on the mountain-to 303 Sole, self-existing God 239
See the Lord, thy Keep 518 Son of God, arise, arise 367
See the souls that hang 502 Sons of God, your Savio 911
See, there! his temples 29 So be it! let this system 67
See, these barren souls 339 So blooms the human fac 48
See, where before thy 125 So I may thy Spirit kno 865
See where o'er desert 88 So shall 1 bless thy plea 968
See, where the God inca 35 So shall I do thy will be 262
See, where the lame the 35 So shall our lives thy po 460
See, ye sinners, see the 332 So shall the world be
Selfish pursuits and na 114 So shall the world be 478
Send down thy likeness 405 So shall we pray, and 361
Send forth one ray of 127 So when on Sion thou sh 371
Send then thy servants 428 So wretched and obscure 26
Send us the Spirit of thy 361 Soon as from earth 1 go 46
Sent by my Lord, on you SSoon as in thee we gain 491
Sent down from above 16 Soon as our pardon'd he 250
Set upon thyself my feet 258 Sorrow, and sin, and de 151
Shall I, amidst a ghastly 81 Sov'reign Father, heav 247
Shall I, through indole 440 Spare me till I my stre 839
Shall I, to soothe the 267 Speak, and a holy thing 155
Shall magnify the sove 269 Speak, and the deaf sha 137
Shall soon his fallen Si 110 Speak but the reconcil 473
Shall still the proud Ph 26 Speak, gracious Lord 128
Shew me, as my soul ca 84 Speak, the second time 879
Shew me the naked swo 102 speak the word,and we ?87
Shew them the blood th 481 Speak to my warring pa 320
Shine forth with all the 218 Speak with that voice
Shine on thy work, dis 181 Spirit of faith, inspire 309
Short of thy love I wou 9: Spirit of grace, and he 928
Shout all ye people of th 59 Spirit of Holiness
Shut up in unbelief1 gr 117 Spotless, sincere, witho 245
Silent, (alas! thou kno 182 Stampt with an infinite 308
Sin in me, the inbred fo 343 Stand by them in the
Sin only let me not com 175 Stand then, against yon 954
Since by thy light myself 99 Stand then in his great 253
Since thou hast bid me 259 Standing now as newly 171
Since thou would'st hav 372 Steadfast let us cleave 491
Sing to the Lord, exalt 218 Still hide me in thy sec 315
Sing we then in Jesu's 453 Still I cannot part with 160
Sinners, expect those he 65 Still let him with my 301




Still let me live thy bl 339) Take to thee thy royal 517

Still let the publicans
Still let thy love point
Still let thy tears thy

88 Take when thou wilt in 406 357 Tallest of the earth-bo 266 25 Teach me the happy art410 Still let thy wisdom be 192 Tell me again my peac 179 Still let us, gracious Lo 496 Tell me, or thou shalt Still let us on our guard 200 Ten thousand snares my270 Still let us own our com 471 Thankful I take the Still let us pray and ne 434 That all-comprising pe 243


cup 319

Still let us to each othe 457 That blessed law of thi 822
Still may I walk as in th 29 That blessed sense of gu 85
Still may we to our cen 490 That blood which clean 487
Still nigh me, O my Say 259 That bloody banner see 261
Still, O Lord, (for thine 481 That great mysterious 317
Still, O Lord, our faith 486 That burrying strife far 201
Still stir me up to striv 410 That I thy mercy may 874
Still thou journey'st wh 111 That mighty faith on
Still we believe, Almig 245 That path with humble 274
Still will I strive, and 270 That, taught according 439
Still with, and in thy pe 489 That token of thine utm 379
Stir up thy power appe 434 That wisdom, Lord, on 306
Strangers and pilgrims 75 The arrow is flown, The 19
Strive we, in affection 483 The atonement of thy 328
Strong I am; for he is 193 The badge and token




Stronger his love than 145 The barren souls shall 110
Stronger than the stron 28 The blessing is free! So 519
Stung by the scorpion 38 The blessing of thy lov 152
Sublime upon his azure 67 The blessings all on yo 503
Subsists as in us all oue 500 The blind are restor❜d
Such happiness, O Lord 61 The bliss of those that 368
Suffice that for the seas 199 The bliss thou hast for 384
Superior to their smile 413 The bondage of corrupt 107.
Supply what every me 491 The boundless love tha 350
Sure earnest of that ha 248 The busy tribes of flesh 44
Surely he will lift me 115 The captive exiles mak 431
Surely I shall, the sin 340 The chaff of sin, the' ac 469
Surely in us the hope 327 The church triumphant 20
Surely now the bittern 112 The counsel of thy love 373
Surely thou canst, I do 34c The cov'nant offorgive 477.
Surely thou didst unite 477 The covenant we this 495
Sweetlymay we all agr 48: The cup of blessing, bl 511
Swift to my rescue com 255 The day of small and fe 15k.
Sworn to destroy let ea 136 The dearhear his voice 43
The dear tokens of his G8
The depth of all-redee 209


Take away my darling 154
Take me into thy peopi 143 The earth and all the wo 60
Take my poor heart, an 30 The earth could to her 30
Take my soul and body 404 The enemyhis tares ha 269
Take the dear purchas 187 The everlasting doors
Take the dear parchas 144 The thiop then shall 137
Take this heart of stone 169 The Father, Son, and



The Father hears him 198 The news of his coming 80




The Father shining on 31 The next,and every mo 390
The few that truly call 22 The noisy winds stand 219
The fiercer the blast 466 The o'erwhelming powe 16
The fire our graces sha 313 The op'ning heavens ar 207
The formalists confound 91 The opposite extremes 440
The fulness of iny vast 27 The pain of life shall th 370
The gates of hell cannot 21 The painful thirst, the 375
The gift lembrace, the 519 The peace and joy of fa 465
The gift unspeakable 146 The peace which inan
The gift which he on one 46: The people that in dark199
The glorious crown of 386 The pit its mouth hath 83
The God of grace, who 456 The plague, and dearth 65
The God of love, to eart 39 The prisoner relieve
The God that rules on 18 The promis'd land fro 386
The godly fear, the plea 16 The promise stands for 364
The grace to sinuers sh 216 The ransom'd sons of Go 464
The graces of my seco 311 The reconciling word 370
The gracious fruits of 375 The riches of his grace 459
The greedy sea shall yie Co The righteousness that 212
The guiltless shame,the 16 The Rise and End, the
The hardness from their 39] The rocks could feel thy 30
The heavenly manna 474 The rougher our way 466
The heavenly treasure 501 The sacred lessons of th 89
The holy, meck, unspo 186 The saints in his presen 76
The holy to the holiest 20 The sea beheld his pow 216
The huge celestial bodie 66 The Secret of the Lord 363
The incommunicable 219 The secret pride,the su 200
The King, whose glorio 251 The servant faithfully 439
The kingdom of establ 212 The servile progeny of 417
The kingdom, Lord, is 240 The sharpness of thy tw 355
The Lamb on the throne 467 The Shepherd who died 43
The lepers from all their43 The sinners suddenly co Sa
The lids he so seldom 51 The smoke of the infern 416
The lion roaring for his 428 The smoke of thy atone 513
The lion seeks my soul 299 The soul hath o'ertaken 56
The living bread sent 512 The soul-transforming 429
The Lord hath glorify'd 146 The spirit breathe of in 427
The Lord his people lov 506 The spirit of convincin 427
The Lord pours eye-sig 217 The spirit of faith in th 427
The Lord, the mighty 241 The spirit of faith, of fa 10
The love of Christ doth 265 The spirit of intercedi 286
The mansion for thyself 129 The spirit of refining fir 427
The master of all, for 463 The stone to flesh again 181
The meek and lowly he 96 The Sun of Righteousne 139
The meek, the still, the 28 The task thy wisdom ha 309
The men of careless liv 481 The temple of the Lord 94
The men of grace have 18 The thing surpasses all 344
The mercy I feel, to oth 11 The things eternal I pur 75
The modest and meek 464 The things impossible 445
The most impossible of 381 The things that were no206

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