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themselves, one to another, but it is a sacrament of our salvation by Christ to such as rightly, worthily, and with faith, receive it.

14. The visible Church of Christ is a congregation of faithful men, in which the pure word of the great spirit of Almighty God is preached, and the sacraments of Christ performed according to his holy order.

15. The Church is a witness and keeper of Holy Writ; yet as it ought not to decree anything against the same, so besides the same it ought not to enforce anything to be believed for necessity of salvation.

16. It is not necessary that traditions and ceremonies be in all places, one, or utterly alike, for at all times they have been diverse, and

may be changed according to the diversity of countries, times, and men's manners, so that nothing be ordained against God's word. As the Church of Rome hath erred, so also has the Church of England erred, not only in their living, and manner of ceremonies, but also in points of doctrine.

SUBJECTS FOR DAILY MEDITATION. THE godly consideration of the Saviour—which

is full of sweet, pleasant, and unspeakable comfort to all persons.

And remember that thou hast this day, and every day, God to glorify — Jesus to imitate - a soul to save sins to repent

of — virtues to acquire - Punishment to avoid Heaven to gain — Eternity to prepare for Time to profit of — passions to subdue — and Death perhaps to suffer.

EXAMINATION OF CONSCIENCE. IN the evening, on retiring, you should examine

as seriously as if you were sure your soul would be required of you during the night, whether, during the day, you have offended God, by thought, word, deed or omission.

1. With regard to God. Have you neglected to offer your heart to God, or taken his holy name in vain, or been forgetful of him through the day?

2. With regard to your neighbor. Have you indulged anger, impatience, ill temper, hatred, jealousy, or desire of revenge? Have you defrauded, slandered, or ill-treated him ? Have you rashly judged or lied, or been accessory to the sins of others?

3. With regard to yourself. Have you indulged in pride or vanity, sinned in any way by thoughts, words, looks or actions ; been guilty of any impurity, or of sloth or negligence, or misemployed your time?

Private Devotions.




O HEAVENLY Father, give me, I beseech

thee, an increase of Faith, Hope, and Charity, and that I may obtain what thou hast promised, grant me to love and practise what thou hast commanded through Jesus Christ our Lord.


O LORD our Saviour, I firmly believe that thou

hast opened to me the way of everlasting life, and that thy teaching, O Christ, leads to my salvation, for thou art truth itself.


O HEAVENLY Father, thou hast promised

me eternal life, and I humbly hope to obtain it to thy glory and honor, through the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, and by following the precepts of our blessed Lord and Saviour.


O FATHER in heaven, great are thy perfec

tions, and greater still thy mercy. Grant that I

may always do thy will, and honor and respect my neighbor, and love him as myself.

COLLECT OF CONTRITION. O HOLY and Heavenly Father, who would not

the death of a sinner, but rather that he should turn from his wickedness and live, I humbly entreat thee mercifully to look upon me and spare me.

I am grieved and sorrowful at the number of my sins, and truly repent me of my faults. O Lord, help me in this world, that thy judgment may be merciful to me in the world to come. Yet not my will, but thine be done, O gracious Father. Amen.



O MY blessed Saviour, I most ardently desire,

by every breath I draw, by every thought, word, and action, by every movement of body and soul, to tell thee a thousand and a thousand times, that I love thee more than my life, or anything in the world, and that I consecrate myself to thee with the promises and resolutions of my heart. I offer thee also all the homage, love, joy, praise, and adoration of the Church militant, triumphant, and suffering; all that it has offered, or will offer to thee to the end of time; all the love and delights which thou possesseth ; all the homage that thy disciples render to thee at the altar; all the prayers that are now being celebrated ; and that I may be a supplicant with

each, to thy honor and glory, without will, wish, or desire, but those solely of pleasing thee, loving thee, living for thee, and dying for thee. I am thine, O Christ; make me so, entirely, and eternally. Above all, take my heart and fill it with thy love. Amen.

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