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The Sailor's Lassie John Franklin 124

Two Loves and a Life William Sawyer 126

Abou Ben Adhem and the Angel Leigh Hunt 128

Kossuth's Farewell to his

Country 129

The Enchanted Net Francis Edward Smedley 132

The Fall of Marie Antoinette... Edmund Jiurke 139

Alexander's Feast; or, the Power

ot'Music John Dryden 140

Back from the Holidays George Bennett 145

Sir Rupert the lied Edmund II. Yates 147

The Interview Between Parsons

Adams and Trulliber Henry Fielding 157

Cleopatra's Barge Shakspeare 1G5

My Old Hat Anonymous 166

The Old Man in the Wood Anonymous 168

The Sands of Deo liev. Charles Kingsley 170

The Alma Iiight liev. R. C. Trench 171

The Spectre Pig O.W.Holmes 178

A Scene from the Martyr of Very Rev. H. H. Milman,

Antioch D.D,Deanof St. Paul's 176

Influence of Beauty John Keats 179

Barbara Frietchie John Greenleaf Whittier 182

Tom Brown's Pilgrimage to the

Doctor's Tomb Thos. Hughes, M.A.,M.P. 184

In a Gondola.. Arthur Hugh Clough 191

The Fanner's Wife and the

Gascon Horace Smith 193

The Wreck of the Hesperus II. W. Longfellow 195

The Confederate Spy / T. Troichridge 198

The Lutist and the Nightingale John Ford 207

The Poet and the Koso John Gay 209

To the Poppy Georgiana, Duchess of De-

vonshire 211

The Death of the FirstBorn Alaric A. Watts 212

Time's Changes W. M. Praed 215

A Bachelor's Complaint H. G.Bell 217

To a Drop of Dew Very Rev. H.Alford,D.D. 218

Mr. Simpkinson's Misadventures

at Margate Rev. Richard H. Barham 220

Bight Development of Man's

Faculties JohnRuekin.... '. 225



Charles Knight.

[If we were asked to proclaim the man who has done most for the cause of popular education and the enlightenment of the middle and working classes, we should not hesitate to name Charles Knight; and it is not only from his character as a projector and producer of cheap and good literature, but as an elegant and perspicuous writer of history, a careful and conscientious editor, and an antiquary, that his high and enduring position in English literature has been established.

Mr. Knight was born at Windsor, in 1791, his father being a bookseller in the royal borough. In 1811, in partnership with his father, he established the " Windsor and Eton Express. In 1820, 1821, and 1822, he edited, in connexion with the late Mr. Locker, Commissioner of Greenwich Hospital (and father of Fredk. Locker the poet), "The Plain Dealer," the first attempt to produce cheap literature of a high character.

In 1822 Mr. Knight removed to London, and started, at Pall Mall East, "Knight's Quarterly Magazine," to which Macaulay was a contributor.

In 1827 he became associated with the Useful Knowledge Society, and edited many of its publications. "The Penny Magazine," which he commenced in 1832, was continued for eleven years; and in 1838 " The Penny Cyclopaedia " made its first appearance. During the course of this work Mr. Knight expended upon it forty thousand pounds in original contributions. This, in addition to his own valuable matter. Among his other works his "Shakspeare," "Pictorial History of England," "London," and the series of "Shilling Volumes,"—bear testimony to his genius and industry.

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