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3 The gladness of that happy day,
O may it ever, ever stay!

Nor let our faith forsake its hold,
Nor hope decline, nor love grow cold.
4 Let every moment, as it flies,
Increase thy praise, improve our joys,
Till we are raised to sing thy name,
At the great supper of the Lamb.



Isaac Watts.

L. M

The prosperity of the saints.
RENDER thanks to God above,
The fountain of eternal love,

Whose mercy firm through ages past
IIath stood, and shall forever last.
2 Who can his mighty deeds express,
Not only vast, but numberless?
What mortal eloquence can raise
His tribute of immortal praise?
3 Extend to me that favor, Lord,
Thou to thy chosen dost afford;
When thou return'st to set them free,
Let thy salvation visit me.

4 O may I worthy prove to see
Thy saints in full prosperity,
That I the joyful choir may join,
And count thy people's triumph mine!

[blocks in formation]

Tate and Brady.

L. M.

LIFT up your heads, ye mighty gates!

Behold, the King of glory waits;
The King of kings is drawing near,
The Saviour of the world is here.

2 The Lord is just, a helper tried;
Mercy is ever at his side:
His kingly crown is holiness;
His scepter, pity in distress.

3 O blest the land, the city blest,
Where Christ the ruler is confessed!
O happy hearts and happy homes
To whom this King of triumph comes!
4 Fling wide the portals of your heart;
Make it a temple, set apart

From earthly use for heaven's employ,
Adorned with prayer, and love, and joy.
5 Redeemer, come! I open wide
My heart to thee: here, Lord, abide!
Let me thy inner presence feel,
Thy grace and love in me reveal!
6 So come, my Sovereign! enter in,
Let new and nobler life begin;
Thy Holy Spirit guide us on,
Until the glorious crown be won!



Georg Weissel. Tr. by Miss C. Winkworth.

Longings for the house of God.
ORD of the worlds above,
How pleasant and how fair
The dwellings of thy love,

H. M.

Thine earthly temples, are!
To thine abode my heart aspires,
With warm desires to see my God.
2 O happy souls that pray

Where God appoints to hear!
O happy men that pay

Their constant service there!
They praise thee still; and happy they
That love the way to Zion's hill.

3 They go from strength to strength, Through this dark vale of tears, Till each arrives at length,

Till each in heaven appears:

O glorious seat! thou, God, our King,
Shalt thither bring our willing feet.

Isare Watts.


The universal King.

H. M.

YOUNG men and maidens, raise

Your tuneful voices high;
Old men and children, praise

The Lord of earth and sky;
Him Three in One, and One in Three,
Extol to all eternity.

2 The universal King

Let all the world proclaim;
Let every creature sing

His attributes and name;

Him Three in One, and One in Three,
Extol to all eternity.

3 In his great name alone
All excellences meet,
Who sits upon the throne,
And shall forever sit;

Him Three in One, and One in Three,
Extol to all eternity.

4 Glory to God belongs;
Glory to God be given,
Above the noblest songs

Of all in earth and heaven;

Him Three in One, and One in Three,

Extol to all eternity.

[blocks in formation]

Charles Wesley.

C. P. M.

ET all on earth their voices raise,
To sing the great Jehovah's praise,
And bless his holy name:

His glory let the heathen know,
His wonders to the nations show,
His saving grace proclaim.

2 He framed the globe; he built the sky;
He made the shining worlds on high,
And reigns in glory there:

His beams are majesty and light;
His beauties, how divinely bright!
His dwelling-place, how fair!

3 Come the great day, the glorious hour, When earth shall feel his saving power, All nations fear his name:

Then shall the race of men confess

The beauty of his holiness,


His saving grace proclaim.


[blocks in formation]

U God of power, thou God of love, Whose glory fills the realms above, Whose praise archangels sing,

And veil their faces while they cry,
"Thrice holy," to their God most high,
"Thrice holy," to their King;

2 Thee as our God we too would claim,
And bless the Saviour's precious name,
Through whom this grace
is given:
He bore the curse to sinners due,
He forms their ruined souls anew,

And makes them heirs of heaven.
3 The veil that hides thy glory rend,
And here in saving power descend,
And fix thy blest abode;

Here to our hearts thyself reveal,
And let each waiting spirit feel
The presence of our God.


The praise of Jesus.

John Walker.

C. P. M.

JESUS, thou soul of all our joys,

For whom we now lift up our voice,
And all our strength exert,

Vouchsafe the grace we humbly claim;
Compose into a thankful frame,

And tune thy people's heart.

2 While in the heavenly work we join,
Thy glory be our whole design,
Thy glory, not our own:
Still let us keep this end in view,
And still the pleasing task
To please our God alone.


3 Thee let us praise, our common Lord,
And sweetly join, with one accord,
Thy goodness to proclaim:
Jesus, thyself in us reveal,
And all our faculties shall feel
Thy harmonizing name.

4 With calmly reverential joy,
O let us all our lives employ
In setting forth thy love;

And raise in death our triumph higher,
And sing, with all the heavenly choir,
That endless song above.



Humble adoration.

Charles Wesley.


EAVENLY Father, sovereign Lord,
Be thy glorious name adored!
Lord, thy mercies never fail;
Hail, celestial Goodness, hail!
2 Though unworthy of thine ear,
Deign our humble songs to hear;
Purer praise we hope to bring
When around thy throne we sing.
3 While on earth ordained to stay,
Guide our footsteps in thy way,
Till we come to dwell with thee,
Till we all thy glory see.

4 Then, with angel-harps again,
We will wake a nobler strain;
There, in joyful songs of praise,
Our triumphant voices raise.

Benjamin Williams, alt.

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