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LORD; we come before thee now,
At thy feet we humbly bow;

O do not our suit disdain;


Shall we seek thee, Lord, in vain?
2 Lord, on thee our souls depend;
In compassion now descend;
Fill our hearts with thy rich
Tune our lips to sing thy praise.
3 In thine own appointed way,
Now we seek thee, here we stay;
Lord, we know not how to go,
Till a blessing thou bestow.


4 Send some message from thy word,
That may joy and peace afford;
Let thy Spirit now impart

Full salvation to each heart.

5 Comfort those who weep and mourn;
Let the time of joy return;
Those that are cast down lift up;
Make them strong in faith and hope.

6 Grant that all may seek and find
Thee, a gracious God and kind:
Heal the sick, the captive free;
Let us all rejoice in thee.


William Hammond.


Tribute of praise at parting. HRISTIANS, brethren, ere we part, Every voice and every



Join, and to our Father raise

One last hymn of grateful praise.

2 Though we here should meet no more, Yet there is a brighter shore;

There, released from toil and pain,
There we all may meet again.

3 Now to thee, thou God of heaven,
Be eternal glory given:
Grateful for thy love divine,
May our hearts be ever thine.


H. Kirke White, alt.

Concluding prayer and thanksgiving.

NOW may He who from the dead


Brought the Shepherd of the sheep, Jesus Christ, our King and Head, All our souls in safety keep.

2 May he teach us to fulfill What is pleasing in his sight; Make us perfect in his will,

And preserve us day and night. 3 To that great Redeemer's praise, Who the covenant sealed with blood, Let our hearts and voices raise

Loud thanksgivings to our God.


John Newton.


24 Saints and angels praising God.
MONGS of praise the angels sang,
Heaven with hallelujahs rang,
When Jehovah's work begun,
When he spake and it was done.
2 Songs of praise awoke the morn,
When the Prince of peace was born:
Songs of praise arose, when he
Captive led captivity.

3 Saints below, with heart and voice,
Still in songs of praise rejoice;
Learning here, by faith and love,
Songs of praise to sing above.

4 Borne upon their latest breath,
Songs of praise shall conquer death;
Then amid eternal joy,

Songs of praise their powers employ.

James Montgomery.


Let all the people praise Him.


THANK and praise Jehovah's name;

For his mercies, firm and sure, From eternity the same,

To eternity endure.

2 Let the ransomed thus rejoice,
Gathered out of every land,
As the people of his choice,
Plucked from the destroyer's hand.
3 Let the elders praise the Lord,
Him let all the people praise,
When they meet with one accord,
In his courts on holy days.

4 Praise him, ye who know his love;
Praise him from the depths beneath;
Praise him in the heights above;
Praise your Maker, all that breathe.
5 For his truth and mercy stand,
Past, and present, and to be,
Like the years of his right hand,
Like his own eternity. James Montgomery.



[blocks in formation]

LORY be to God on high,
U God, whose glory fills the sky!
Peace on earth to man forgiven,
Man, the well-beloved of Heaven.
2 Sovereign Father, heavenly King,
Thee we now presume to sing;
Thee with thankful hearts we prove
God of power, and God of love.

3 Christ our Lord and God we own,
Christ, the Father's only Son,
Lamb of God for sinners slain,
Saviour of offending man.

4 Bow thine ear, in mercy bow,
Hear, the world's atonement, thou!
Jesus, in thy name we pray,
Take, O take our sins away.



Praise the Lord.

Charles Wesley.


ISE the Lord, his glories show,
Saints within his courts below,
Angels round his throne above,
All that see and share his love.

2 Earth to heaven, and heaven to earth,
Tell his wonders, sing his worth;
Age to age, and shore to shore,
Praise him, praise him, evermore!
3 Praise the Lord, his mercies trace;
Praise his providence and grace;
All that he for man hath done
All he sends us through his Son.
4 Strings and voices, hands and hearts,
In the concert bear your parts;
All that breathe, your Lord adore,
Praise him, praise him, evermore!


The heavenly Guest.

Henry F. Lyte.

C. M.

COME, let us who in Christ believe,

Our common Saviour praise:

To him with joyful voices give
The glory of his grace.

2 He now stands knocking at the door Of every sinner's heart:

The worst need keep him out no more, Nor force him to depart.

3 Through grace we hearken to thy voice, Yield to be saved from sin;

In sure and certain hope rejoice,
That thou wilt enter in.

4 Come quickly in, thou heavenly Guest, Nor ever hence remove;

But sup with us, and let the feast
Be everlasting love.



Blessing on worshipers.

Charles Wesley.

C. M.

NCE more we come before our God;
Once more his blessing ask:

O may not duty seem a load,
Nor worship prove a task.

2 Father, thy quickening Spirit send
From heaven, in Jesus' name,
And bid our waiting minds attend,
And put our souls in frame.

3 May we receive the word we hear,
Each in an honest heart;

And keep the precious treasure there,
And never with it part.

4 To seek thee, all our hearts dispose;
To each thy blessing suit;

And let the seed thy servant sows
Produce abundant fruit.

Joseph Hart.


Expecting the blessing.

C. M.

EE, Jesus, thy disciples see,
The promised blessing give;
Met in thy name, we look to thee,
Expecting to receive.

2 Thee we expect, our faithful Lord,
Who in thy name are joined;

We wait, according to thy word,
Thee in the midst to find.

3 With us thou art assembled here,
But O thyself reveal;

Son of the living God, appear!
Let us thy presence feel.

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