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3 I wait thy will to do,

As angels do in heaven;
In Christ a creature new,

Most graciously forgiven;
I wait thy perfect will to prove,
All sanctified by spotless love.

Charles Wesley.


S. M.
ORD, in the strength of grace,

With a glad heart and free,
Myself, my residue of days,

I consecrate to thee.
2 Thy ransomed servant, I

Restore to thee thine own;
And from this moment live or die

To serve my God alone.

Charles Wesley.

A living sacrifice.

L. M. 61. 0 skies?

GOD, what offering shall I give My spirit, soul, and flesh receive,

A holy, living sacrifice: Small as it is, 'tis all my store; More shouldst thou have, if I had more. 2 Now then, my God, thou hast my soul:

No longer mine, but thine I am: Guard thou thine own, possess it whole;

Cheer it with hope, with love inflame. Thou hast my spirit; there display Thy glory to the perfect day. 3 Thou hast my flesh, thy hallowed shrine,

Devoted solely to thy will: Here let thy light forever shine:

This house still let thy presence fill: O Source of life! live, dwell, and move In me, till all my life be love.

Joachim Lange. Tr. by J. Wesley.

BEHwait the guiding hand to feel;

The single cye.

L. M. 6 1.
EHOLD the servant of the Lord !

To hear and keep thy every word,

To prove and do thy perfect will:
Joyful from my own works to cease,
Glad to fulfill all righteousness.
2 My every weak, though good design,

O'errule or change, as seems thee meet;
Jesus, let all my work be thine!

Thy work, O Lord, is all complete,
And pleasing in thy Father's sight;
Thou only hast done all things right.
3 Here, then, to thee thine own I leave;

Mold as thou wilt thy passive clay;
But let me all thy stamp receive,

But let me all thy words obey; Serve with a single heart and eye, , And to thy glory live and die.

Charles Wesley.



GROWTH. 476 The prize of our high calling.

L. M. 61. ESUS, thy boundless to me

No thought can reach, no tongue declare; O knit


thankful heart to thee, And reign without a rival there: Thine wholly, thine alone, I am; Be thou alone my constant flame. 2 O grant that nothing in my soul

May dwell, but thy pure love alone: O may thy love possess me whole,

My joy, my treasure, and my crown: Strange flames far from my heart remove; My every act, word, thought, be love.


3 Unwearied may I this pursue;

Dauntless to the high prize aspire;
Hourly within my soul renew

This holy flame, this heavenly fire:
And day and night, be all my care
To guard the sacred treasure there.
4 In suffering be thy love my peace;

In weakness be thy love my power;
And when the storms of life shall cease,

Jesus, in that important hour,
In death as life be thou my guide,
And save me, who for me hast died.

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Paul Gerhardt. Tr. by J. Wesley.


Christ in you, the hope of glory.

L. M. 61.
HOU hidden love of God, whose height,

Whose depth unfathomed, no man knows!
I see from far thy beauteous light,

Inly I sigh for thy repose:
My heart is pained, nor can it be
At rest, till it finds rest in thee.
2 Is there a thing beneath the sun,

That strives with thee my heart to share ?
Ah, tear it thence, and reign alone,

The Lord of every motion there;
Then shall my heart from earth be free,
When it hath found repose in thee.
3 O hide this self from me, that I

No more, but Christ in me, may live;
My vile affections crucify,

Nor let one darling lust survive!
In all things nothing may I see,
Nothing desire or seek, but thee.
4 O Love, thy sovereign aid impart,

To save me from low-thoughted care;
Chase this self-will through all my heart,

Through all its latent mazes there;

Make me thy duteous child, that I
Ceaseless may, “ Abba, Father,” cry.
5 Each moment draw from earth away

My heart, that lowly waits thy call;
Speak to my inmost soul, and say,

“I am thy Love, thy God, thy All!” To feel thy power, to hear thy voice, To taste thy love, be all my choice.

Gerhard Tersteegen. Tr. by J. Wesley.

L. M. 6 1.


Pressing toward the mark. THANK thee, uncreated Sun,

I have shinel;

I thank thee, who hast overthrown

My foes, and healed my wounded mind; I thank thee, whose enlivening voice Bids my

freed heart in thee rejoice. 2 Uphold me in the doubtful race,

Nor suffer me again to stray; Strengthen my feet, with steady pace

Still to press forward in thy way; My soul and flesh, O Lord of might, Fill, satiate, with thy heavenly light. 3 Give to mine eyes refreshing tears;

Give to my heart chaste, hallowed fires; Give to my soul, with filial fears,

The love that all heaven's host inspires; That all my powers, with all their might, In thy sole glory may unite. 4 Thee will I love, my joy, my crown;

Thee will I love, my Lord, my God;
Thee will I love, beneath thy frown

Or smile, thy scepter or thy rod.
What though my flesh and heart decay?
Thee shall I love in endless day!

Johann A. Scheffler. Ir. by J. Wesley.



His blood cleanseth from all sin.

L. M. 61.


The day of liberty draws near!
Jesus, who on the serpent treads,
Shall soon in
your behalf

appear : The Lord will to his temple come; Prepare your hearts to make him room. 2 Ye all shall find, whom in his word

Himself hath caused to put your trust,
The Father of our dying Lord

Is ever to his promise just;
Faithful, if we our sins confess,
To cleanse from all unrighteousness.
3 O


of fearful hearts, be strong! Your downcast eyes and hands lift up! Ye shall not be forgotten long;

Hope to the end, in Jesus hope ! Tell him ye wait his grace to prove; And cannot fail, if God is love.

Charles Wesley.

480 The sealing and sanctifying Spirit. L. P. M.

grace, Thy goodness and thy truth we praise, Thy goodness and thy truth we prove; Thou hast, in honor of thy Son, The gift unspeakable sent down,

Spirit of life, and power, and love. 2 Send us the Spirit of thy Son, To make the depths of Godhead known,

To make us share the life divine: Send him the sprinkled blood to apply; Send him our souls to sanctify,

And show and seal us ever thine. 3 So shall we pray, and never cease; So shall we thankfully confess

Thy wisdom, truth, and power, and love;

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