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The forty-sixth Psalm.

L. M.
YOD is the refuge of his saints,
U When storms of sharp distress invade;
Ere we can offer our complaints,

Behold him present with his aid.
2 Let mountains from their seats be hurled

Down to the deep, and buried there, Convulsions shake the solid world,

Our faith shall never yield to fear. 3 Loud may the troubled ocean roar;

In sacred peace our souls abide; While every nation, every shore,

Trembles, and dreads the swelling tide. 4 There is a stream whose gentle flow

Supplies the city of our God,
Life, love, and joy, still gliding through,

And watering our divine abode.
5 That sacred stream, thine holy word,

Our grief allays, our fear controls; Sweet peace thy promises afford,

And give new strength to fainting souls. 6 Zion enjoys her Monarch's love,

Secure against a threatening hour; Nor can her firm foundation move, Built on his truth, and armed with


Isaac Watts.

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The rirer of life.

L. M.
YREAT Source of being and of love!

Thou waterest all the worlds above;
And all the joys which mortals know,
From thine exhaustless fountain flow.
2 A sacred spring, at thy command,
From Zion's mount, in Canaan's land,
Beside thy temple cleaves the ground,
And pours its limpid stream around.

3 Close by its banks, in order fair,
The blooming trees of life appear; ;
Their blossoms fragrant odors give,
And on their fruit the nations live.
4 Flow,wondrous stream, with glory crowned,
Flow on to earth's remotest bound;
And bear us, on thy gentle wave,
To him who all thy virtues gave.

Philip Doddridge.



L. M.
Awake, Jerusalem, awake!
WAKE, Jerusalem, awake!

No longer in thy sins lie down:
The garment of salvation take;

Thy beauty and thy strength put on. 2 Shake off the dust that blinds thy sight,

And hides the promise from thine eyes; Arise, and struggle into light; : The great Deliverer calls, “ Arise !" 3 Shake off the bands of sad despair;

Zion, assert thy liberty ;
Look up, thy broken heart prepare,

And God shall set the captive free. 4 Vessels of mercy, sons of grace,

Be purged from every sinful stain; Be like your Lord, his word embrace,

Nor bear his hallowed name in vain.

Charles Wesley.

God in the midst of her.

8, 7.
YLORIOUS things of thee are spoken,
T Zion, city of our God;
He, whose word cannot be broken,

Formed thee for his own abode;
On the Rock of ages founded,

What can shake thy sure repose?
With salvation's walls surrounded,

Thou mayst smile at all thy foes.

2 See, the streams of living waters,

Springing from eternal love,
Still supply thy sons and daughters,

And all fear of want remove:
Who can faint while such a river

Ever flows our thirst to assuage? Grace, which, like the Lord, the giver,

Never fails from age to age.
3 Round each habitation hovering,

See the cloud and fire appear,
For a glory and a covering,

Showing that the Lord is near!
He who gives us daily manna,

He who listens when we cry, Let him hear the loud hosanna

Rising to his throne on high.

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John Newton.


God her everlasting light.

8,7. TEAR what God the Lord hath spoken:

O my people, faint and few,
Comfortless, afflicted, broken,
Fair abodes I build for

you. Scenes of heartfelt tribulation

Shall no more perplex your ways; You shall name your walls “Salvation,”

And your gates shall all be “ Praise.” 2 There, like streams that feed the garden,

Pleasures without end shall flow, For the Lord, your faith rewarding,

All his bounty shall bestow. Still in undisturbed possession,

Peace and righteousness shall reign; Never shall you feel oppression,

Hear the voice of war again. 3 Ye, no more your suns descending,

Waning moons no more shall see; But, your griefs forever ending,

Find eternal noon in me:

God shall rise, and, shining o'er you,

Change to day the gloom of night;
He, the Lord, shall be your glory,

God your everlasting light.

William Cowper.

778 Daughter of Zion.


, ness ; Awake, for thy foes shall oppress thee no

more; Bright o'er thy hills dawns the day-star of

gladness; Arise, for the night of thy sorrow is o'er. 2 Strong were thy foes; but the arm that sub

dued them, And scattered their legions, was mightier

far; They fled like the chaff from the scourge that

pursued them; Vain were their steeds and their chariots

of war.

3 Daughter of Zion, the power that hath saved

thee Extolled with the harp and the timbrel

should be: Shout, for the foe is destroyed that enslaved

thee; The oppressor is vanquished, and Zion is free!


779 For the extension of the Church. .

N thy Church, O Power divine, ,

Cause thy glorious face to shine,
Till the nations, from afar,
Hail her as their guiding star;
Till her sons from zone to zone,
Make thy great salvation known.

2 Then shall God, with lavish hand,
Scatter blessings o'er the land;
Earth shall yield her rich increase,
Every breeze shall whisper peace,
And the world's remotest bound
With the voice of praise resound.

Harriet Auber.


FELLOWSHIP AND UNITY. 780 The golden chain.

C. M. TOW sweet, how heavenly is the sight,

When those who love the Lord In one another's peace delight,

And so fulfill his word ! 2 When each can feel his brother's sigh,

And with him bear a part !
When sorrow flows from eye to eye,

And joy from heart to heart ! 3 When, free from envy, scorn, and pride,

Our wishes all above,
Each can his brother's failings hide,

And show a brother's love!
4 Let love, in one delightful stream,

Through every bosom flow,
And union sweet, and dear esteem,

In every action glow.
5 Love is the golden chain that binds

The happy souls above;
And he's an heir of heaven who finds

His bosom glow with love.

Joseph Swain.


Come with us.

C. M.

COME in, thou blessed of the Lord,

We welcome thee with warm accord,

Our friend, our brother, now.

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