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2 By faith we take the bread of life,

With which our souls are fed ; The сир,

in token of his blood, That was for sinners shed. 3 Under his banner thus we sing

The wonders of his love, And thus anticipate by faith

The heavenly feast above.


C. M.


Gratitude and love.
F human kindness meets return,


If tender thoughts within us burn

To feel a friend is nigh;
2 O shall not warmer accents tell

The gratitude we owe
To Him who died our fears to quell,

And save from endless woe?
3 While yet in anguish he surveyed

Those pangs he would not flee, What love his latest words displayed!

Meet, and remember me." 4 Remember thee! thy death, thy shame,

The griefs which thou didst bear! O memory, leave no other name

So deeply graven there.


Gerard T. Noel.


He died for me.

C. M. NHAT doleful night before his death,

The Lamb, for sinners slain, Did, almost with his dying breath,

This solemn feast ordain. 2 To keep the feast, Lord, we have met,

And to remember thee:
Help each poor trembler to repeat,

“For me he died, for me!"

3 Thy sufferings, Lord, each sacred sign

To our remembrance brings; We eat the bread, and drink the wine,

But think on nobler things. 4 O tune our tongues, and set in frame

Each heart that pants for thee, To sing, “Hosanna to the Lamb,

The Lamb that died for me!”

Joseph Hart.

Universal gladness.

S. M.
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U Our peace is made with Heaven;
The Son of God came down to die,

That we might be forgiven.
2 His precious blood was shed,

His body bruised, for sin: Remember this in eating bread,

And this in drinking wine. 3 Approach his royal board,

In his rich garments clad;
Join every tongue tu praise the Lord,

heart be glad.
4 The Father gives the Son;

The Son, his flesh and blood; The Spirit seals; and faith puts on

The righteousness of God.

Joseph Hart.

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A foretaste of glory.

S. M.
WHAT delight is this,

Which now in Christ we know,
An earnest of our glorious bliss,

Our heaven begun below!
2 When he the table spreads,

How royal is the cheer!
With rapture we lift up our heads,

And own that God is here.


3 The Lamb for sinners slain,

Who died to die no more,
Let all the ransomed sons of men,

With all his hosts, adore.
4 Let earth and heaven be joined,

His glories to display,
And hymn the Saviour of mankind

In one eternal day.

Charles Wesley.


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His the pain-ours the joy.

S. M.
O gospel like this feast

Spread for Thy Church by thee; Nor prophet nor evangelist

Preach the glad news so free. 2 All our redemption cost,

All our redemption won;
All it has won for us, the lost;

All it cost thee, the Son.
3 Thine was the bitter price,

Ours is the free gift, given; Thine was the blood of sacrifice,

Ours is the wine of heaven.
4 Here we would rest midway,

As on a sacred height,
That darkest and that brightest day

Meeting before our sight.
5 From that dark depth of woes

Thy love for us has trod,
Up to the heights of blest repose

Thy love prepares with God; 6 Till from self's chains released,

One sight alone we see,
Still at the cross, as at the feast,

Behold thee, only thee.

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J. C. Ryle.



The memorial feast maintained.
CANY centuries have fled

Since our Saviour broke the bread,
And this sacred feast ordained,
Ever by his Church retained :
Those his body who discern,
Thus shall meet till his return.
2 Through the Church's long eclipse,
When, from priest or pastor's lips,
Truth divine was never heard,
'Mid the famine of the word,
Still these symbols witness gave
To his love who died to save.
3 All who bear the Saviour's name,
Here their common faith proclaim;
Though diverse in tongue or rite,
Here, one body, we unite;
Breaking thus one mystic bread,
Members of one common Head.

4 Come, the blessed emblems share,
Which the Saviour's death declare;
Come, on truth immortal feed;
For his flesh is 'meat indeed :
Saviour, witness with the sign,
That our ransomed souls are thine.

Josiah Condor.

Till He come.

7,61. TILL He come:" O let the words

“TLingere on the trembling chords ;

Let the little while between
In their golden light be seen;
Let us think how heaven and home
Lie beyond that——“Till he come.”
2 When the weary ones we love
Enter on their rest above,


Edward H. Bickersteth.

Seems the earth so poor and vast,
All our life-joy overcast ?
Hush, be every murmur dumb;
It is only—“Till he come.”
3 See, the feast of love is spread,
Drink the wine, and break the bread;
Sweet memorials,—till the Lord
Call us round his heavenly board;
Some from earth, from glory some,
Severed only—“Till he come. ”
Our Paschal Lamb.

S. M.
ET all who truly bear

The bleeding Saviour's name, Their faithful hearts with us prepare,

And eat the Paschal Lamb. 2 This eucharistic feast

Our every want supplies, And still we by his death are blest,

And share his sacrifice.
3 Who thus our faith employ,

His sufferings to record,
E'en now we mournfully enjoy

Communion with our Lord. 4 We too with him are dead,

And shall with him arise; The cross on which he bows his head

Shall lift us to the skies.

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Charles Wesley.

Praise to our victorious King.

7. T the Lamb's high feast we sing

Praise to our victorious King, Who hath washed us in the tide Flowing from his pierced side; 2 Praise we him, whose love divine Gives his sacred blood for wine, Gives his body for the feast, Christ the Victim, Christ the Priest.

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