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With a goodly array of twenty-one volumes before our eyes, the task is a pleasant one of preparing the twenty-second to take its place beside them. Pleasant it is, with six months' experience added to the former years, to repeat the praises of the Lord, whose goodness and mercy follow us all continually, and still overtake us at every step, prone as we are to run from Him whose open hand is showering blessings upon us. Is there one among our friends who can refuse to help in building such an Ebenezer, at the year's close, with a retrospective glance too at all preceding years ? Some may have a cup of bitter sorrows even now held to their lips; and their hearts may loathe the voice of gladness, but not the voice of praise. Looking to Him whose soul was exceeding sorrowfol, even onto death, and who onto death itself poured out that soul, that those who believe in Him may never have cause to sorrow without hope, as do others,” they must still praise, and in a measure rejoice too under their heaviest

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