The sufferings of Unitarians in former times, urged as a ground of thankfulness for their recovered liberties: a discourse, Volumen2


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Página 47 - And be it further enacted, that this act shall be deemed and taken to be a public act, and shall be judicially taken notice of as such by all judges, justices, and others, without being specially pleaded.
Página 46 - Schoolmasters;" and it is expedient to enact as hereinafter provided: Be it therefore enacted by the King's Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, That so much of an Act passed in the first year of the reign of King William and Queen Mary, intituled, "An Act for exempting His Majesty's Protestant Subjects dissenting from the Church of England, from the Penalties...
Página 3 - Crimes, that then he or they shall from thenceforth be disabled to sue, prosecute, plead or use any Action or Information in any Court of Law or Equity, or to be Guardian of any Child, or Executor or Administrator of any Person, or capable of any Legacy or Deed of Gift, or to bear any Office, Civil or Military, or Benefice Ecclesiastical for ever within 'this Realm, and shall also suffer Imprisonment for the Space of three Years, without Bail or Mainprize, from the Time of such Conviction.
Página 46 - That neither this act, nor any clause, article, or thing herein contained, shall extend or be construed to extend to give any ease, benefit or advantage to any papist or popish recusant whatsoever, or any person that shall deny in his preaching or writing the doctrine of the blessed Trinity, as it is declared in the aforesaid articles of religion.
Página 52 - A Practical View of the prevailing Religious System of Professed Christians in the Higher and Middle Classes of this Country, contrasted with Real Christianity...
Página 52 - MEMOIRS of the late Reverend THEOPHILUS LINDSEY. MA including a brief Analysis of his Works; together with Anecdotes and Letters of eminent Persons, his Friends and Correspondents ; and a general View of the Progress of the Unitarian Doctrine in England and America.
Página 47 - ... in the first year of the Reign of King James the first, intituled, An Act against Conjuration, Witchcraft, and dealing with evil and wicked Spirits...
Página 51 - A summary view of the evidence and practical importance of the Christian Revelation, in a Series of Discourses, addressed to young men, by Thomas BeMiam.
Página 3 - Parliament assembled and by the authority of the same that if any person or persons having been educated in or at any time having made profession of the Christian religion...

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