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made powerful by the Holy Ghost, for the conversion and true holiness of fallen man. Such writings can never be unprofitable.

The growing humility of Mr. Walker, and his increasing holiness, led him to greater expressions of sympathy with those he addressed in his later than in his earlier writings. The more really holy we are, the more like our Divine Redeemer we shall be, full of compassion and charity towards all suffering under the disease of sin — the worst of all our diseases, and which has so deeply infected us all ; and the more we grow in self-knowledge, while we increase in hatred of sin, the more we shall also have a yearning love over the souls of sinners, and tenderness, as well as holiness, in speaking of their sins. O how blessed is it to look backward to Jesus as having once appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself! and, then again, to look forward to his coming again in the blessed hope that unto them that look for him, he shall appear the second time without sin unto salvation. Heb. ix. 26–28.

E. BICKERSTETH, Watton Rectory, June 4, 1836.


What must I do to be saved ?


Tge universal importance of the inquiry, and of the answer to it . 1

An explication of the Church Catechism is designed in these discourses 1

This Catechism, as all other Christian Catechisms, relates to the religion

of fallen lost man

It is a summary of salvation by Jesus Christ for fallen creatures : 2

Wretched expositors of the Catechism, who do not explain the fall of

man and the deep apostasy of our nature

This doctrine believed by our Reformers, the true Church of England .

The redemption wrought out by Jesus Christ the only means of our re-


. . 3

The Catechism sets forth true faith as the means of our being partakers

of salvation in Christ .

And Baptism as the first sealing ordinance

. 4

The plan of the Catechism is that we are fallen creatures ..

And that the only way of salvation is by a true faith wrought by the

Holy Spirit . .

This is the Christian covenant sealed by baptism

The substance of the Catechism lies in three things

How the privileges of baptism may be said to belong to infants

Parents, sponsors, and Ministers, are to explain these privileges to

children . . . . . .

An exhortation to young persons to seek most seriously Christ and spi-

ritual heavenly blessings . .


Three things promised for infants at baptism

. 10

What things are necessary to the knowledge and practice of the baptis-

mal vow .

. 13

Our renouncing sin, the devil, the world, and the flesh, and obedience

to God's commandments, is to be the business of our lives . 14

Young persons not to be admitted to confirmation without the know-

ledge of and acquiescence in the baptismal vow .

. 16

An exhortation to those that have neglected their baptismal vow, and

also to those that seek grace to perform it

• 18

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The baptismal vow consists of three parts, renunciation, faith, and obe-

An inquiry into the necessity of its several parts, previous to the consi-

deration of the parts themselves

Each part distinctly founded in the correspondent circumstances of

man's fallen state


As wholly subject to the dominion of the devil, the world, and the flesh 21

As alienated from the life and image of God, and in rebellion against


. : 21

As subject thereby to the wrath of God, and therefore in a state of mi-

sery and ruin.


Renunciation respects the former, obedience respects the second, and

faith has respect to the third .

And from each of these, namely, sin, the world, and the devil, we can

only have deliverance by Jesus Christ .

Profession of this vow is acceptance of this deliverance . . . 21

Three corollaries. 1. Such as deny or are ignorant of their fallen state

cannot have accepted the offer of salvation, nor be possibly keep-

ing the baptismal covenant

. .

. 22

2. That such as acknowledge both the disease and remedy, and yet are

not keeping their baptismal vow, are, notwithstanding such know-

ledge, still in their natural state

3. That such who really, though imperfectly, keep their vow, are as

certainly taken out of their natural state, and placed in a state of

salvation, and that such ought to take the comfort of it

. 26


Since the fall there is a principle of carnal independency in man

What the baptismal renunciation of man's natural state imports

The first part is a renunciation of the devil and all his works,

What meant by the devil; what by renouncing the devil and all his

works .

An examination whether we have made that renunciation . .

- - whether we commit sin, and whether we are for Christ's

kingdom or the devil's.

An exhortation to the servants of Satan, and another to those that are

delivered from him

. 34


The devil, the world, and the flesh, the renunciation of one of these is

the renouncing of them all


What meant by renouncing the pomps and vanities of this wicked

world .

. 37

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