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thered all together, and took | fight, and am no more worhis journey into a far coun- thy to be called thy son. try, and there wasted his sub- 22 But the father said to stance with riotous living. his servants, Bring forth the

14 And when he had spent best robe, and put it on him; all, there arose a mighty fa- and put a ring on his hand, mine in that land; and he and shoes on his feet : began to be in want.

23 And bring hither the 15 And he went and join- fatted calf, and kill it: and ed himself to a citizen of that let us eat, and be merry: country; and he sent him

24. For this my son was into his fields to feed swine. dead, and is alive again; he

16 And he would fain have was lost, and is found. And filled his belly with the husks they began to be merry. that the swine did eat : and 25 Now his elder son was no man gave unto him.

in the field : and as he came 17 And when he came to and drew nigh to the house, himself, he said, How many he heard musick and dancing. hired servants of


father's 26 And he called one of have bread enough and to the servants, and asked what spare, and I perish with hun- these things meant? ger!


And he said unto him, 18 I will arise, and go to Thy brother is come: and my father, and will say unto thy father hath killed the him, Father, I have finned fatted calf, because he hath against heaven and before received him safe and sound. thee,

28 And he was angry, and 19 And am more would not go in: therefore worthy to be called thy fon : came his father out, and inmake me as one of thy hired treated him. servants.

29 And he answering said 20 And he arose, and came to his father, Lo, these many to his father. But when he years do I serve thee, neither was yet a great way off, his transgressed I at any time thy father saw him, and had com-commandment; and yet thou passion, and ran, and fell on never gavest me a kid, that I his neck, and kissed him. might make merry

21 And the son said unto friends : him, Father, I have finned 30 But as soon as this thy against heaven and in thy son was come, which hath




with my



devoured thy living with much owest thou unto my harlots, thou hast killed for lord? him the fatted calf.

6 And he said, An hundred 31 And he said unto him, measures of oil. And he said Son, thou art ever with me, unto him, Take thy bill, and and all that I have is thine. fit down quickly, and write

32 It was meet that we fifty. should make merry and be Then said he to another, glad : for this thy brother And how much owest thou? w::s dead, and is alive again; And he said, An hundred and was loft, and is found. measures of wheat. And he

said unto him, Take thy bill, CHAP. XVI.

and write fourscore.

8 And the lord commendND he faid also unto ed the unjust steward, be

his disciples, There cause he had done wisely:

a certain rich man for the children of this world which had a steward ; and are in their generation wiser the same was accused unto than the children of light. him, that he had wasted his 9 And I say unto you, goods.

Make to yourselves friends of 2 And he called him, and the mammon of unrighteoussaid unto him, How is it that nefs, that when ye fail, they I hear this of thee? give an may receive you into everaccount of thy stewardship: lasting habitations. for thou mayest be no longer 10 He that is faithful in steward.

that which is least is faithful 3 Then the steward said also in much : and he that is within himself, What shall I unjust in the least is unjust do? for

my lord taketh away also in much. from me the ftewardship: I 11 If therefore ye have cannot dig, to beg I am not been faithful in the unashamed.

righteous mammon, who will 4 I am resolved what to commit to your trust the do, that, when I am put out true riches? of the flewardthip, they may 12 And if ye have not receive me into their houses. been faithful in that which

5 So he called every one is another man's, who shall of his lord's debtors unto him, give you that which is your and said unto the first, How own?


13'No fervant can serve which was laid at his gate two masters : for either he full of fores, will haté the one, and love 21 And desiring to be fed the other or else he will with the crumbs which fell hold to the one, and despise from the rich man's table : the other, Ye cannot serve moreover the dogs came and God and mammon.

licked his fores. And the Pharisees 22 And it came to pass, also, who were covetous, that the beggar died, and heard' all these things, and was carried by the angels they derided him.

into Abraham's bosom. The 15 And he said unto them, rich’man also died, and was Ye are they which justify buried; yourselves before men ; but 23 And in hell he lifted God knoweth your hearts : his eyes being in torments, for that which is highly and seeth Abraham afar off, esteemed among men is abo- and Lazarus in his bosom. mination in the fight of God. 24 And he cried, and said,

16 The law and the pro- Father Abraham, have mercy phets were until John: fince on me, and send Lazarus that time the kingdom of that he may dip the tip of God is preached, and every his finger in water, and cool man presseth into it.

my tongue: for I am tor17 And it is eafier for mented in this flame. heaven and earth to pass, 25 But Abraham said, Son, than one tittle of the law to remember that thou in thy fail.

life-time receivedst thy good . 18 Whosoever putteth things, and likewise Lazarus away his wife and marrieth evil things : but now he is another, committeth adul- comforted, and thou art tortery: and whosoever mar- mented. rieth her that is put away

26 And befide all this, bę. from her husband, commit-tween us and you

there is a teth adultery.

great gulf fixed : so that they 199 There was a certain which would pass from hence rich man, which was clothed to you cannot: neither can in purple and fine linen, and they pass to us that would fared fumptuously every day: come from thence.

20 And there was a cer- 27 Then he said, I pray tain beggar named Lazarus, thee therefore, father, that


D 2

thou wouldest send him to more fierce, saying, He stirmy father's house :

reth up the people, teaching 28 For I have five bre- throughout all Jewry, beginthren : that he may testify ning from Galilee to this . unto them, left they also come place. into this place of torment.

6. When Pilate heard of 29 Abraham faith unto Galilee, he asked whether the him, They have Moses and man were a Galilean? the prophets : let them hear 7. And as soon as he knew them.

that he belonged unto He30 And he said, Nay, fa- rod’s jurisdiction, he sent him ther Abraham: but if one to Herod, who himself also went unto them from the was at Jerusalem at that dead, they will repent.

time. 31 And he said unto him, 8 And when Herod faw. If they hear not Moses and Jesus, he was exceeding gladı fi prophets, neither will for he was desirous to see him *iKy be persuaded though of a long season, because he rose from the dead. had heard" many things of

him ; and he hoped to have CHAP. XXIII.

seen some miracle done by

him. ND the whole multi- 9 Then he questioned

tude of them arose, with him in many words : and led him unto Pilate. but he answered him no

2 And they began to ac- thing. cuse him, saying, We found 10 And the chief priests this fellow perverting the na- and scribes stood and vehetion, and forbidding to give mently accused him. tribute to Cesar, saying, that II And Herod with his he himself is Christ a King. men of war set him at nought,

3 And Pilate asked him, and mocked him, and arrayed saying, Art thou the King of him in a gorgeous robe, and the Jews ? And he answered sent him again to Pilate. him and said, Thou sayest it. 12 And the same day Pia 4.

Then said Pilate to the late and Herod were made chief priests and to the peo- friends together : for before ple, I find no fault in this they were at enmity between

themselves. 5 And they were the 13 9 And Pilate, when he




had called together the chief that he might be crucified. priests and the rulers and the And the voices of them and people,

of the chief priests prevailed. 14 Said unto them, Ye 24 And Pilate gave senhave brought this man unto tence that it should be as they me as one that perverteth the required. people: and behold, I, having 25 And he released unto examined him before you, them him that for fedition have found no fault in this and murder was cast into man touching those things prison, whom they had dewhereof ye accuse him :

fired; but he delivered Jesus 15 No, nor yet Herod : to their will. for I fent you to him ; and, 26 And as they led him lo, nothing worthy of death is away, they laid hold upon done unto him.

one Simon a Cyrenean com16 I will therefore chaf-ing out of the country, and tise him and release him, on him they laid the cross,

17 For of necessity he must that he might bear it after release one unto them at the Jesus. feast.

27 q And there followed 18 And they cried out all him a great company of peoat once, saying, Away with ple, and of women, which this man, and release unto us also bewailed and lamented Barabbas:

him. 19 Who for a certain. sedi- 28 But Jesus turning untion made in the city, and for to them, said, Daughters of murder was cast into prison. Jerusalem, weep not for me,

20 Pilate therefore willing but weep for yourselves, and to release Jesus, spake again for your children. to them.

29 For, behold, the days 21 But they cried, saying, are coming in the which they Crucify him, crucify him. shall say, Blessed are the bar

22 And he said unto them ren, and the wombs that nethe third time, Why, what ver bare, and the paps which evil hath he done? I have never gave suck. found no cause of death in 30 Then shall they begin him; I will therefore chaf- to say to the mountains, Fall tise him, and let him go.

on us; and to the hills, 23 And they were instant Cover us. with loud voices, requiring 31 For if they do these

D 3


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