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Moths and worms shall he do it no more. have him to heritage, and a 14 Admonish thy friend, it bold man shall be taken away. may be he hath not faid it:

4 He that is hasty to give and if he have, that he speak credit, is light-minded: and it not again. he that finneth, shall offend 15 Admonish a friend : for against his own soul.

many times it is a slander, 5 Whoso taketh pleasure and believe not every tale. in wickedness, shall be con- 16 There is one that flipdemned: but he that refift- peth in his speech, but not eth pleasures, crowneth his from his heart; and who is life.

he that hath not offended 6 He that can rule his with his tongue ? tongue, shall live without 17 Admonish thy neighstrife; and he that hateth bour before thou threaten babbling, shall have less evil. him, and not being angry,

7.9 Rehearfe not unto give place to the law of the another that which is told inost High. unto thee, and thou shalt fare 18 The fear of the Lord never the worse.

is the first step to be accept8 Whether it be to friend ed [of him,] and wisdomn obor foe, talk not of other men's taineth his love. lives, and if thou canst with- 19 The knowledge of the out offence, reveal them not. commandments of the Lord,

9 For he heard and ob- is the doctrine of life: and ferved thee, and when time they that do things that please cometh he will hate thee. him, shall receive the fruit of

10 If thou hast heard a the tree of immortality. word, let it die with thee, 20 The fear of the Lord is and be bold, it will not burst all wisdom, and in all wisdom thee.

is the performance of the II A fool travaileth with law, and the knowledge of a word, as a woman in la- his omnipotency. bour of a child.

21 If a servant lay to his 12 As an arrow that stick- master, I will not do as it eth in a man's thigh, so is a pleaseth thee, though afterword within a fool's belly. ward he do it, he angereth

13 Admonish a friend, it him that nourisheth him. may

be he hath not done it : 22 The knowledge of and if he have done it, that wickedness, is not wisdom,

neither that under

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neither at any time the thew what he is.
counsel of finners, prudence.
:23 There is a wickedness,

CHAP. XX, and the fame an abomina- HERE is à reproof tion, and there is a fool

that is not comely: awanting in wisdom.

gain, fome man holdeth his 24 He that hath small un- tongue, and he is wise. derstanding, and feareth God, 2 It is much better to reis better than one that hath prove, than to be angry-semuch wisdom, and transgres- cretly: and he that confefseth the law of the most seth his fault, fhall be preHigh.

served from hurt. 25 There is an exquifite 3 How good is it when subtilty, and the fame is un- thou art reproved, to iew just, and there is one that repentance ! for so shalt thou turneth aside to make judg-escape wilful fin. ment appear: and there is a 4 As is the lust of an eu. wise man that justifieth in nuch to deflour a virgin; so judgment.

is he that executeth judge 26 There is a wicked man ment with violence. that hangeth down his head 5 There is one that keepfadly; but inwardly he is full eth silence, and is found wise: of deceit,

and another by much bab27 Casting down his coun- bling, becometh hateful. tenance, and making as if he 6 Some man holdeth his heard not: where he is not tongue, because he hath not known, he will do thee a to answer: ånd some keepmischief before thou be a-eth filence, knowing his time, ware.

7 A wise man will hold 28 And if for want of his tongue, till he see opporpower he be hindered from tunity: but a babbler and a finning, yet when he findeth fool will regard no time. opportunity, he will do evil.

8 He that useth many 29 A man may be known words shall be abhorred; by his look, and one that and he that taketh to himháth understanding by his felf authority therein, shall countenance, when thou be hated. meetest him.

'9 There is a finner that 30 A man's attire, and hath good fuccefs in evil exceflive laughter, and gait, things; and there is a gain

pence is double.

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that turneth to lofs.

18g To flip upon a pavetog There is a gift that ment, is better than to flip shall not profit thee; and with the tongue : fo the fall there is a gift whose recom- of the wicked shall come

speedily. II There is an abasement 19 An unseasonable tale because of glory; and there will always be in the mouth is that lifteth up his head of the unwise. from a low estate.

20 A wise fentence shall 12 There is that buyeth be rejected, when it cometh much for a little, and repay- out of a fool's mouth : for eth it seven-fold.

he will not speak it in due 13 A wife man by his season. words maketh himself be. 21 There is that is hinloved: but the graces of dered from finning through fools fhall be poured out. want: and when he taketh

14 'The gift of a fool shall reft, he shall not be troubled. do thee no good when thou 22 There is that destroyhaft it: neither yet of the eth his own soul through envious for his necessity; for bashfulness, and by accepting he looketh to receive many of persons overthroweth hinthings for one.

self. 15 He giveth little, and 23 There is that for upbraideth much, he open- bathfulness promifeth to his eth his mouth like a crier; friend, and maketh him his to-day he lendeth, and to- enemy for nothing. morrow will he ask it again: 24 9 A lie is a foul blot such a one is to be hated of in a man, yet it is continualGod and man.

ly in the mouth of the un16 The fool faith, I have taught. no friends, I have no thank 25 A thief is better than for all my good deeds, and a man that is accustomed to they that eat my bread speak lie: but they both shall have evil of me.

destruction to heritage. 17 How oft, and of how 26 The disposition of a many shall he be laughed to liar is dishonourable, and his scorn! for he knoweth not shame is ever with him. aright what it is to have: 27 A wise man shall proand it is all one unto him, mote himself to honour with as if he had it not.

his words: and he that hata

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out of a poor


understanding, will please 5


prayer great men.

man's mouth reacheth to the 28 He that tilleth his land, ears of God, and his judgThall increase his heap: and ment cometh speedily. he that pleaseth great 'men,

6 He that hateth to be reshall get pardon for iniquity. proved, is in the way of fin

29 Presents and gifts blind ners : but he that feareth the the eyes of the wise, and Lord, will repent from his ftop up his mouth that he heart. cannot reprove.

7 An eloquent man is 30 Wisdom that is hid, known far and near; but a and treasure that is hoarded man of understanding knowup, what profit is in them eth when he slippeth. both ?

8 He that buildeth his Better is he that hideth house with other men's mohis folly, than a man that ney, is like one that gatherhideth his wisdom.

eth himself ftones for the 32 Necessary patience in tomb of his burial. seeking the Lord, is better

9 The congregation of the than he that leadeth his life wicked is like tow wrapped without a guide.

together: and the end of

them is a Aame of fire to de, CHAP. XXI.

stroy them. Y son, haft thou fin

10 The


of finners is ned? do so no more, made plain with stones, but but ask pardon for thy for at the end thereof is the pit mer fins.

of hell. 29 Flee from fin as from 11 He that keepeth the the face of a serpent: for if law of the Lord, getteth the thou comest too near it, it understanding thereof: and will bite thee: the teeth the perfection of the fear of thereof are as the teeth of a the Lord is wisdom. lion, saying the souls of men, 12 q He that is not wise,

3 All iniquity is as a two- will not be taught: but there edged sword, the wounds is a wisdom which multipliwhereof cannot be healed. eth bitterness.

4 To terrify and do wrong 13 The knowledge of a will waste riches: thus the wise man shall abound like a house of proud men shall be flood: and his counsel is like made desolate.

a pure fountain of life.

14. The


14 The inner parts of a rience is ashamed of him. fool are like a broken vessel, 23 A fool will peep in at and he will hold no know-the door into the house: but ledge as long as he liveth. he that is well-nurtured will

15 If a skilful man hear a stand without. wise word, he will commend 24

It is the rudeness of a it, and add unto it: but as man to hearken at the door: soon as one of no under- but a wise man will be grievstanding heareth it, it dif-ed with the disgrace, pleaseth him, and he cafteth 25 The lips of talkers it behind his back.

will be telling such things as 16 The talking of a fool pertain not unto them: but is like a burden in the way: the words of such as have but grace shall be found in understanding, are weighed the lips of the wise. in the balance.

17. They enquire at the 26 The heart of fools is mouth of the wise man in in their mouth: but the the congregation, and they mouth of the wise is in their shall ponder his words in heart. their heart.


When the ungodly 18 As is a house that is curseth Satan, he curseth his destroyed, so is wisdom to a own soul. fool: and the knowledge of 28 A whisperer defileth the unwise is as talk without his own soul, and is hated sense.

wherefoever he dwelleth.
19 Doctrine unto fools is

as fetters on the feet, and
like manacles on the

Slothful man is comhand.

20 A fool lifteth up his and every one will hiss him voice with laughter ; but a out to his disgrace. wise man doth scarce smile a 2 A flothful man is comlittle.

pared to the filth of a dung21 Learning is unto a wise hill: every man that takes it man as an ornament of gold, up, will shake his hand. and like a bracelet upon his

34 An evil-nurtured son right arm.

is the dishonour of his father 22 A foolish man's foot is that begat him: and a [foolsoon in his [neighbour's] ish] daughter is born to his house : but a man of expe- loss,

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4 A wise

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