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4 A wise daughter shall 12 Seven days do men bring an inheritance to her mourn for him that is dead; husband: but she that liveth but for a fool and an ungoddishonestly, is her father's ly màn, all the days of his heaviness.

life. $ She that is bold, dir 13 Talk not much with a höhoureth both her father fool, and go not to him that and her husband, but they hath no understanding: beboth shall despise her. ware of him, left thou have

6 A tale out of fearon [is trouble, and thou shalt never as) mufick in mourning : be defiled with his fooleries : but stripes and correction of depart from him, and thou wisdom are never out of shålt find rest, and never be time.

disquieted with his madness. 7. Whoso teacheth a fool, 14 What is heavier than is as one that glueth a pot- lead? and what is the name fherd together, and as he thereof, but a fool? that waketh one from a found 15 Sand, and falt, and a leep.

mass of iron, is easier to 8 He that telleth a tale to bear, than a man without uná fool, speaketh to one in a derstanding. Number: when he hath told 16 As timber girt and his tale, he will fay, What is bound together in a building, the matter?

cannot be loofed with shak g If children live honestly, ing : so the heart that is and have wherewithal, they stablished by advised counsel, shall cover the baseness of shall fear at no time. their parents.

17 A heart settled upon 10° But children being a thought of understanding, haughty through disdain and is as a fair plaistering on the want of nurture, do stain the wall of a gallery. nobility of their kindred.

18 Pales set on an high 11 Weep for the dead, for place will never stand against he hath lost the light: and the wind: fo a fearful heart, weep for the fool, for he in the imagination of a fool, wanteth understanding: make cannot stand against any fear. little weeping for the dead, 19 He that pricketh the for he is at reft: but the life eye, will make tears to fall : of the fool is worse than and he that pricketh the death

heart, maketh it to thew her


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of him. 20 ? Whoso caíteth a 27 Who shall fet a watch ftone at the birds, frayeth before my mouth, and a seal them away: and he that up- of wisdom upon my lips, braideth his friend, breaketh that I fall not suddenly by friendship.

them, and that my tongue de-
21 Though thou drewest ftroy me not?
a sword at thy friend, yet

despair not: for there may be
a returning (to favour.]

vernor of all


whole mouth against thy friend, life, leave me not to their fear not: for there may be a counsels, and let me not fall reconciliation ; except for by them. upbraiding, or pride, or dis

2 Who will fet scourges closing of secrets, or a trea- over my thoughts, and the cherous wound: for, for these discipline of wisdom over things every friend will de- mine heart? that they spare part.

me not for mine ignorances, 23 Be faithful to thy and it pass not by my sins: neighbour in his poverty, 3 Lest mine ignorances inthat thou mayest rejoice in crease, and my fins abound his prosperity: abide stedfast to my destruction, and I fall unto him in the time of his before mine adversaries, and trouble, that thou mayest be mine enemy rejoice over me, heir with him in his heri- whose hope is far from thy tage: for a mean estate is mercy. not always to be contemned; 4 O Lord, Father and nor the rich that is foolish, God of my life, give me not to be had in admiration. a proud look, but turn away

24 As the vapour and from thy servants always a smoke of a furnace goeth haughty mind. before the fire; fo reviling 5 Turn away from me before blood.

vain hopes, and concupif25 I will not be ashamed cence, and thou shalt hold to defend a friend; neither him up that is desirous al. will I hide myself from him. ways to serve thee.

26 And if any evil happen 6 Let not the greediness of unto me by him, every one the belly, nor luft of the flesh that heareth it will bewaretake hold of me, and give


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not over me thy servant in 13 Use not thy mouth to to an impudent mind.

intemperate fwearing, for 7 Hear, Oye children, the therein is the word of fin. discipline of the mouth: he

14. Remember thy father that keepeth it, shall never and thy mother, when thou be taken in his lips.

sittest among great men. Be 8 The finner shall be left not forgetful before them, in his foolishness: both the and so thou by thy custom evil-speaker and the proud become a fool, and wish that shall fall thereby.

thou hadît not been born, and 9 Accustom not thy mouth curse the day of thy natito swearing: neither use thy-vity. self to the naming of the 15 The man that is acHoly One.

customed to opprobrious 10 For as a servant that words, will never be reformis continually beaten, ihalled all the days of his life. not be without a blue mark: 16 Two sorts of men mul. fo he that sweareth, and nam-tiply fin, and the third will eth God continually, shall bring wrath: a hot mind is not be faultless.

as a burning fire, it will neIi A man that useta much ver bé quenched till it be fwearing, shall be filled with consumed: a fornicator in iniquity, and the plague shall the body of his Aesh will never depart from his house: nevesceafe till he hath kindif he shall offend, his fin fhall led a fxe. be upon him: and if he ac 17 All bread is sweet to knowledge not his fin, he a whoremonger, he will not maketh a double offence; leave off till he die. and if he swear in vain, he 18 A man that breaketh shall not be innocent, but wedlock, saying thus in his his house shall be full of ca- heart, Who seeth me! I am lamities.

compassed about with dark12 There is a word that is ness, the walls cover me, clothed about with death : and nobody seeth me; what God grant that it be not need I to fear? the most found in the heritage of Ja- High will not remember my cob: for all such things shall fins: be far from the godly, and 19 Such a man only fearthey shall not wallow in eth the eyes of men, and their fins.

knoweth not that the eyes


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, and" hall

of the Lord are ten thousand the Lord, and that there is
times brighter than the fun, nothing sweeter than to take
beholding all the ways of heed unto the commande
men, and confidering the ments of the Lord.
most fecret parts.

28 It is great glory to fol-
20 He knew all things ere low the Lord, and to be re-
ever they were created : foceived of him is long life.
also after they were perfect-
ed, he looked upon them

CHAP. XXIV. all.

TISDOM shall praise 21 This man shall be pu

herself, and shall nished in the streets of the glory in the midst of her city; and where he suspecteth people. not, he fhall be taken.

2 In the congregation 22 Thus shall it go allo of the most High fhall she with the wife that leaveth open her mouth, and triumph her husband, and bringeth in before his power. an heir by another.

3 I came out of the mouth 23 g For first, the hath of the most High, and codisobeyed the law of the most vered the earth as a cloud. High; and secondly, the 49 I dwelt in high places, hath trespafled against her and my throne is in a cloudy own husband; and thirdly, pillar. she hath played the whore in 5 I alone compassed the adultery, and brought chil-circuit of heaven, and walkdren by another man. ed in the bottom of the

24. She shall be brought deep. out into the congregation, 6 In the waves of the sea, and inquisition thall be made and in all the earth, and in of her children.

cvery people, and nation, I 25 Her children shall not got a poffeffion. take root, and her branches


With all these I fought shall bring forth no fruit. rest: and in whose inheri

26 She shall leave her me tance shall I abide? mory to be cursed, and her 8 So the Creator of all reproach fhall not be blot things gave me a command

ment, and he that inade me 27 And they that remain caused my tabernacle to relt, shall know that there is no- and faid, Let thy dwelling be thing better than the fear oflin Jacob, and thine inheri


ted out.

tance in Israel.

my flowers are the fruit of
9 He created me from the honour and riches.
beginning before the world, 18 I am the mother of far
and I shall never fail. love, and fear, and know-

10 In the holy tabernacle ledge, and holy hope; I
I served before him: and so therefore being eternal, am
was I established in Sion,

given to all" my children
II Likewise in the be- which are named of him.
loved city he gave me rest, 19 Come unto me, all

and in Jerusalem was my that be desirous of me, and

fill yourselves with my fruits.
12 And I took root in an 20 For my memorial is
honourable people, even in sweeter than honey, and
the portion of the Lord's in- mine inheritance than the

139 I was exalted like a

21 They that eat me shall
cedar in Libanus, and as a yet be hungry, and they
cypress-tree upon the moun- that drink me shall yet be
tains of Hermon.

14 I was exalted like a

22 He that obeyeth me
palm-tree in Engaddi, and as shall never be confounded,
a rose-plant in Jericho, as a and they that work by me
fair olive-tree in a pleasant shall not do amiss.
field, and grew up as a plane 23 All these things are
tree by the water.

the book of the covenant of
15 I gave a sweet smell the most high God, even the
like cinnamon and aspala- law which Mofes command-
thus, and I yielded a pleasanted for an heritage unto the
odour like the best myrrh, as congregations of Jacob.
galbanum, and onyx, and 24 Faint not to be strong
Iweet storax, and as the fume in the Lord; that he may
of frankincense in the taber- confirm you, cleave unto

him : for the Lord Almigh-
16 As the turpentine-tree ty is God alone, and besides
I stretched out my branches, him there is no other Savi-
and branches are the our.
branches of honour and 25 He filleth all things

with his

wisdom, as Philon,
17 & As the vine brought and as Tigris in the time of
I forth pleasant favour, and the new fruits.


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