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Esther is croroned queant.

CHAP. III, IV. Ahasuerus' decree against the Jews men, appointed. And Esther obtained favour 18 given to thee, the people also, to do with them in the sight of all them that looked upon her. as it seemeth good to thee.

16 So Esther was taken unto king Ahasuerus 12 Then were the king's scribes called on the into his house-royal in the tenth month, which is thirteenth day of the first month, and there was the month Tebeth, in the seventh year of his reign. written according to all that Ilainan had com

17 And the king loved Esther above all the wo-manded unto the king's lieutenants, and to the men, and she obtained grace and favour in his governors that were over every province, and to sight more than all the virgins; so that he set the rulers of every peoplc of every province, acthe royal crown upon her head, and made her cording to the writing thereof, and to every peoqueen instead of Vashti.

ple after their language; in the name of king 18 Then the king made a great feast unto all Ahasuerus was it written, und sealed with the his princes and his servants, eden Esther's feast; king's ring. and he made a release to the provinces, and gave 13 And the letters were sent by posts into all the gifts, according to the state of the king. king's provinces, to destroy, to kill, and to cause 19 And when the virgins were gathered together to perish, all Jews, both young and old, little chilthe second time, the lordecai sat in the king's dren and women, one day, even upon the thir. gate.

teenth day of the twelfth month, which is the 20 Esther had not yet shewed her kindred, nor monthAdar, and Lotake the spoilofthem for a prey. her people, as Mordecai had charged her: for 14 The copy of the writing for a commandment Esther did the commandment of Mordecai, like to be given in every province was published ull. as when she was brought up with him. to all people, that they should be ready against

21 1 In those days, while Mordecai sat in the that day. king's gate. two of the king's chamberlains, Big- 15 The posts went out, being hastened by the than and Teresh, of those which kept the door, king's conımandment, and the decree was givent were wroth, and sought to lay hand on the king in Shushan the palace. And the king and llaAhasuerus.

man sat dowu io drink; but the city Shushau 22 And the thing was known to Nordecai, who was perplexed. told it unto Esther the queen; and Esther certi

CHAP. IV. fied the king thereof in Mordecai's name

Mordecai's advice to Esther. ter, it was found out; therefore they were ban WIEN Mordecai perceived all that was done,

Mordecai rent his clothes, and put on sackhanged ou a tree: and it was written in the book cloth with aslics, and went out into the inidst of of the Chronicles before tlie king.

the city, and cried with a loud and a bitter cry, CHAP. II.

2 And caine even before the king's gate: for Haman seeks the Jeros' destruction. none night enter into the king's gate clothed with A nivel laenu tl the coin bini aminedatna uue acknld in every province whithersoever the king's Agagite, and advanced hiin, and set his seat commandment and his decree came, there was above all the princes that wcre with himn. great mourning among the Jews, and fasting, 2 And all the king's servants that were in the and weeping, and wailing; and many lay in king's gate, bowed, and reverenced Haman; for sackcloth and ashes. the king had so commanded concerning him. But 4 11 So Esther's maids and her chamberlains Alordecal bowed not, nor did him reverence. came and told it her. Then was the queen ex

3 Then the king's servants which were in the ceedingly grieved; and she sent raiment to clotlie king's gate, said unto Mordecai, Why transgress- Mordecai, and to take away his sackcloth from est thou the king's commandment ?

hiin : but he received it not. 4 Now it came to pass, when they spake daily 5 Then called Esther for Hatach, one of the king's anto him, and he hearkened not unto them, that chamberlains, whom he had appointed to attend they told Haman, to see whether Mordecai's upon her, and gave hiin a commandment to Mormatters would stand: for he had told them that decai, to know what it was, and why it was. lie was a Jew.

6 So Hatach went forth to Mordecai, unto the 5 And when Haman saw that Mordecai bowed street of the city, which was before the king'sgate. not, nor did hinn reverence, then was Hanian full 7 And Mordecai told him of all that had hapof wrath.

pened unto him, and of the sum of the money 6 And he thought scorn to lay hands on Morde-ihat Haman had promised to pay to the king's cai alone; for they had shewed him the people of treasuries for the Jews, to destroy them. Mordecai: wherefore Haman sought to destroy 8 Also he gave him the copy of the writing of all the Jews that were throughout the whole king the decree that was given ai Shushan to destroy down of Ahasuerus, even the people of Mordecai. them, to shew it unto Esther, and to declare it

791 In the first nionth (that is, the month Ni- unto her, and to charge her that she should go in san,) in the twelfth year of king Ahasuerus, they unto the king, to make supplication unto him, cast Pur, that is, the lot, before Hanian from and to make request before him for her people. day to day, and from mouth to month, to the 9 And Hatach canze ani told Esther the words twelfth month, that is, the month Adar. of Mordecai. 8 And Haman said unto king Ahasuerus, There 10 | Again Esther spake unto Hatach, and gave is a certain people scattered abroad and disper-him commandinent unto Mordecai; sed among the people in all the provinces of thy. 11 All the king's servants, and the people of ilic kingdom; and their laws are diverse from all king's provinces, do know, that whosoever, when people; neither keep they the king's laws: there-ther nian or woman, shall coure unto the king fore it is not for the king's profit to suffer them. into the inner court, who is not called, there is

9 If it please the king, let it be written that one law of his to put him to death, except such they may be destroyed : and I will pay, ten to wliom the king shall hold out the golden scepr thousand talents of silver to the hands of those tre, that lie may live: but I have not been called that have the charge of the business, to bring it to come in unto the king these thirty days. into the king's treasuries.

19 And they told to Mordecai Esther's words. 10 And the king took his ring from his hand, 13 Then Mordecai cominanded to answer Esther, and gave it unto Haman the sou of Hammedatha Think not with thyself that thou shalt escape is the Agagite, the Jews' enemy:

the king's house, inore than all the Jews. Il And the king said unto Haman, The silver) 14 For if thou altogether holdest thy peace at Esther's banquet.


Mordecai's honour. this time, then shall there enlargement and de- chronicles; and they were read before the king. liverance arise to the Jews from another place; 2 And it was found witten, that Mordecai had but thou and thy father's house shall be destroy- told of Bigjhana and Teresii, two of the king's ed: and who knoweth, whether thu art coine chamberlains, the keepers of the door, who 10 the kingdom for such a time as this? sought to lay hand on the king Ahasuerus.

15 T Then Esther bade them return Mordecai 3 And the king said, What honour and dignity this answer,

hath been done to Mordecai for this? Then said 16 Go, gather together all the Jews that are pre- the king's servants that ministered unto him, sent in Shushan, and fast ye for me, and neither There is nothing done for him. eat nor drink three days, night or day: I also 4 And the king said, Who is in the court ? and my maidens will fast likewise : and so will (Now Haman was conie into the outward court I go in unto the king, which is not according to of the king's house, lo speak unto the king to the law; and if I perish, I perish.

hang Mordecai on the gallows that he had pre17 So Mordecai went his way, and did accor- pared for him.) ding to all thát Esther had commanded him 5 And the king's servants said unto him, BeCHAP. V.

hold, Haman standeth in the court. the Esther obtaineth the king's favour. king said, Let him come in. NOW

OW it came to pass on the third day, that 6 So Haman came in. And the king said unto

Esther put on her royal apparel, and stood him, What shall be done unto the man whoin in the inner court of the king's house, over against the king delighteth to honour ? (Now laman the king's house : and the king sat upon his royal thought in his heart, To whom would the king throne in the royal house, over against the gate delight to do honour more than to mysclf ?) of the house.

7 And llaman answered the king, For the man 2 And it was so, when the king saw Esther the wliom the king delighteth to honour, queen standing in the court, that she obtained fa- 8 Let the royal apparel be brought which the vour in his sight: and the king held out to Esther king useth to wear, and the horse that the king the golden sceptre that was in his hand. So Es- rideth upon, and the crown-royal which is sei ther drew near, and touched the topof the sceptre. upon his bead:

3 Then said the king unto hicr, What wilt cliou, 9 And let this apparel and horsche delivered to queen Esther ? and what is thy request ? it shall the hand of one of the king's most noble princes, lie even given thee to the half of the kingdoin. that they may array the man withal whom the

4 And Esther answered, If it scem good unto the king delighteth to honour, and bring him ou king, let the king and Haman come this day un-horseback through the street of the city, and prow the banquet that I have prepared for him. claim before him, Thu shall it be done to the

5 Then the king said, Cause llaman to make man whom the king delighteth to honour. haste, that he may do as Esther hath said. So 10 Then the king said to Haman, Make haste, the king and Haman came to the banquel that and take the apparel and the horse, as thou hast Esther had prepared.

said, and do even so lo Morilecai the Jew, that 6 11 And the king said unto Esther at the ban- sinteth at the king's gale: let nothing fail of all quet of wine, What is thy petition ? and it shall that thou hast spoken. be granted thec: and what is thy request ? even

u Then took Haman the apparel and the horse, to the half of the kingdom it shall be performed. and arrayed Mordecai, and brought him on horse

7 Then answered Esther, and said, My petition back through the street of the city, and proclaimand my request is :

ed before him, Thus shall it be done unto the 8 NU lave found favour in the sight of the king, man whom the king delighteth to honour. and if it please the king to grant my petition, and 12 11 And Mordecai came again to the king's to perform my request, let the king and llaman gate. Rut Hunan hasted to his house mourning, come to the banquet that I shall prepare for them, and having liis bead covered. and I will do to-inorrow as the king hath said. 13 And Hanian told Zeresh his wife and all his

91 Then went llaman forth that day joyful friends every thing that had befallen liim. Then and with a glad leart: but when Ianian saw said his wise men and Zeresh lois wise unto hiin, Mordecai in the king's gate, that he stood not up, If Mordecai be of the seed of the Jews, before nor inoved for him, he was full of indignation whom thou hast begun to fall, thou shalt not preagainst Mordecai.

vail against him, but shall surely fall before hin. 10 Nevertheless, Haman refrained himself: and 14 And while they were yet talking with him, when he came home, he sent and called for his came the king's chanıberlains, and lasted to friends, and Zeresh his wife.

bring Haman unto the banquet that Esther had il And Ilaman told them of the glory of his prepared. riches, and the inltitude of his children, and all

CHAP. VII. the things wherein the king had promoted him, Esther's suit for herself and people. and how be had advanced him above the prin-Sehe, king andoetaman came to banquet with 12 Haman said moregrer, Yea. Esther the queen 2 And the king said again to Esther on the did let no man come in with the king unto the second day at the banquet of winc, What is ily banquet that she had prepared but myself; and to-petition, queen Esther? and it shall be granted morrow am I invited unto her also with the king: thee: and what is thy request ? and it shall be

13 Yet all this availeth me nothing, so long as I performed, even to the half of the kingdom. See Mordecai the Jew sitting at the king's gate. 3 Then Esther the queen answered and said, 14 11 Then said Zeresh his wife and all his friends If I have found favour in thy sight, O king, and nuto hiin, Let a gallows be made of fifty cubits if it please the king, let my life be given me at high, and to morrow speak thou unto the king my petition, and iny people at my request : that Mordecai may be hanged thereon: then go 4 For we are sold, I and my people, to be de thon in merrily with the king unto the banquet. stroyed, to be slain, and to perish. But if we And the thing pleased Haman; and he causcd had been sold for bond-inen and bond-women, the gallows to be made.

I had held my tongue, although the eneny could CHAP. VI.

inot countervail the king's damage. Ahasuerus honoureth Mordecai.

54 Then the king Ahasuerus answered and said

, is heand is commanded to bring the book of records of the he, that durst presuine in nis hicari to do so ?


Haman is hanged

CHAP. VIII, IX. The Jews slay their enemies 6 And Esther said, The adversary and enemy and to stand for their life, to destroy, to slay, and is this wicked Haman. Tlien llaman was afraid to cause to perish, all the power of the people before the king and the queen.

and province that would assault them, both little 71 And the king arising from the banquet of ones and women, and to take the spoil of them wine in his wrath went into the palace-garden : for a prey, and Haman stood up to make request for his lise 12 Upon one day in all the provinces of king, to Esther the queen; for he saw that there was Alasuerus, namely, upon the thirteenth day of evil determined against him by the king. the twelfth month, which is the month Adar. 8 Then the king returned out of the palace-gar- 13 The copy of the writing for a commandment den into the place of the banquet of wine; and to be given in every province was published unto Hainan was fallen upon the bed whereon Esther all people, and that the Jews should be ready

Then said the king, Will he force the against that day to avenge theniselves on their queen also before me in the house? As the enemies. word went out of the king's mouth, they cover-| 14 So thc posts that rode upon mules and ca. ed Haman's face.

mels went out, being hastened and pressed on by 9 And Harbonah, one of the chamberlains, said the king's comniandment. And thie decree was before the king, Behold also the gallows fifty cu- given ai Shushan the palace. bits high, which Haman had made for Morde- 15 11 And Mordecai went out from the presence cai, who had spoken good for the king, standeth of the king in royal apparel ot' blue and white, in the house of Haman. Then the king said, and with a great crown of gold, and with a garHang him thereon.

ment of fine linen and purple: and the city of 10 šo they hanged Haman on the gallows that Shushan rejoiced, and was glad : he had prepared for Mordecai. Then was the 16 The Jews had light, and gladness, and joy, king's wrath pacified.

and honour. CHIAP. VIII.

17 And in every province, and in every city, Mordecai's advancement.

whithersoever the king's commandinent and his ON that day did the king Ahasuerus give the decree came, the Jews had joy and glaziness, a

house of Haman, the Jews enemy, tuto Es- feast and a good day. And inany of the people ther the queen. And Mordecai came before the of the land becanie Jews; for the fear of ile king; for Esther had told what he was unto her. Jews fell upon them. 2 And the king took off his ring which he had

CUAP. IX. taken from Haman, and gave it unto Mordecai. Institution of the days of Purim And Esther set Mordecai over the house of lla


TOW in the twelith month, that is, the month man.

Adar, on the thirteenth day of the same, 3 11 And Esther spake yet again before the king, when the king's coinmandment and his decree and fell down at his reei, and besought him with drew near to be put in exccution, in the day tears to put away the nuischief of Haman the that the enemies of the Jews hoped to have Agagite, and his device that he had devised power over them, (though it was iurned to the against the Jews.

contrary, that the Jews had rule over them that A Then the king held out the golden sceptre to hated them ;) ward Esther. So Esther arose, and stood before 2 The Jews gathered themselves together in the king,

their cities throughout all the provinces of the 5 And said, If it please the king, and if I have king Ahasuerus, to lay hand on such as sought found favour in his sight, and the thing seem their hurt: and no man could withstand them; right before the king, and I be pleasing in his for the fear of them fell upon all people. eyes, let it be written to reverse the letters de- 3 And all the rulers of the provinces, and the vised by Haman the son of Hammcdiatha the lieutenants, and the deputies, and officers of the Agagite, which he wrote to destroy the jews king helped the Jews; because the fear of Morwhich are in all the king's provinces :

decai fell upon them. 6 For how can I endure io see the evil thall 4 For Mordecai was great in the king's house, shall come unto my people? or how can I endure and his fame went out throughout all the proto see the destruction of my kindred ?

vinces: for this man Mordecai waxed greater 7 9 Then the king Ahasuerus said unto Esther and greater the queen and to Mordecai the Jew, Behold, I 5 Thus the Jews smote all their enemies with have given Esther the house of Haman, and him the stroke of the sword, and slaughter, and dethey have hanged upon the gallows, because he struction, and did what they would uuto those laid his hand upon the Jews.

that hated thens. 8 Write ye also for the Jews, as it liketh you, 6 And in Shushan the palace the Jews slewe in the king's naine, and seal it with the king's and destroyed five hundred men. ring: for the writing which is written in the 7 And Piershandatha, and Dalphon, and Aspathi, king's name, and sealed with the king's riug, 8 Aud Poratha, and Adalia, and Aridatha, may no man reverse.

9 And Parmashia, and Arisai, and Aridai, and 9 Then were the king's scribes called at that Vajezatha, Lime in the third month, that is, the month Sivan, 10 The ten sons of Hainan the son of Ilammeon the three and twentieth day thereof; and it datha, the enemy of the Jews, slew thcy; but on was written, according to all that Mordecai com-the spoil laid they not their hand. manded, unto the Jews, and to the lieutenants,and 11 On that day the number of those that were the deputies and rulers of the provinces which slain in Shushan the palace was brought before are from India unto Ethiopia, a hundred twenty the king. and seven provinces, unto every province accordi- 12 And the king said unto Esther the queen, ing to the writing thereof, and unto every people The Jews have slain and destroyed five hundred afier their language, and to the Jews according men in Shushan the palace, and the ten sons of to their writing, and according to their language. Haman; what have they done in the rest of the

10 And he wrote in the king Ahasuerus name, king's provinces ? now what is thy petition? and sealed it with the king's ring, and sent let-and it shall be granted thee: or wirui is thy reters by posts on horseback, and riders on mules, quest further ? and it shall be done. camels, and young drownedaries :

13 Then said Esther, If it please the king, let it JI Wherein the king granted the Jews which be granted to the Jews which are in Slustan 10 were in every city to gather themselves together, 'do io-morrow also according unto this day's de

Haman's len sons hanged.


The days of Purim confirmed cree, and let Haman's ten sons be hanged upon commanded by letters that his wicked device, the gallows.

which he devised against the Jews, should return 14 And the king commanded it so to be done: upon his own head, and

that he and his song and the decree was given at Shushan; and they should be hanged on the gallows. hanged Haman's ten sons.

26 Wherefore they called these days Purim after 15 For the Jews that were in Shushan gathered the name of Pur. Therefore for all the words of this themselves together on the fourteenth day also of letter, and of that which they had seen concernthe month Adar, and slew three hundred men at ing this matter, and which had come unto them, Shushan; buton the prey they laid not their hand. 27 The Jews ordained, and took upon them, 16 But the other Jews that were in the king's and upon their seed, and upon all such as joined provinces gathered themselves together, and stood themselves unto them, so as it should not fail, for their lives, and had rest from their enemies, that they would keep these two days according and slew of their focs seventy and five thousand, to their writing, and according to their appointbut they laid not their hands on the prey, ed time every year;

17 On the thirteenth day of the month Adar; and 28 And that these days should be remembered on the fourteenth day of the same rested they, and kept throughout every generation, every and made it a day of feasting and gladness. fainily, every province, and every city; and that

18 But the Jews that were at Shushan assem these days of Purim should not fail from among bled together on the thirteenth day thereof, and the Jews, nor the meinorial of them perish from on the fourteenth thereof; and on the fifteenth their seed. day of the same they rested, and made it a day 29 Then Esther the queen, the daughter of ot feasting and gladness.

Abihail, and Mordecai the Jew, wrote with all 19 Therefore the Jews of the villages, that authority, to confirm this second letter of Purim. dwelt in the unwalled towns, made the four- 30 And he sent the letters unto all the Jews, to the teenth day of the month Adar a day of gladness hundred twenty and seven provinces of the king. and feasting, and a good day, and of sending dom of Ahasuerus, with words of peace and truth, portions one to another.

31 To confirm these days of Purim in their times 20 11 And Mordecai wrote these things, and sent appointed, according as Mordecai the Jew and letters unto all the Jews that were in all the pro-Esther the queen had enjoined them, and as they vinces of the king Ahasuerus, both nigh and far, had decreed for themselves and for their seed,

21 To establish this among them, that they the matters of the fastings and their cry. should keep the fourteenth day of the month| 32 And the decree of Esther confirmed these mat. Adar, and the fiftcenth day of the same, yearly, ters of Purim; and it was written in the book. 29 As the days wherein the Jews rested from

CHAP. X. their enemies, and the month which was turned

The acts of king Ahasuerus. ing into a good day that they should make them. And the king Ahasuerus laid a tribute upon

the land, and upon the isles of the sea. days of seasting and joy, and of sending portions 2 And all the acts of his power and of his might, one to another, and gifts to the poor.

and the declaration of the greatness of Mordecai, 23 And the Jews undertook to do as they had whereunto the king advanced him, are they noi begun, and as Mordecai had written unto them; written in the book of the Chronicles of the kings

24 Because Haman the son of Hammedatha, of Media and Persia ? the Agagite, the enemy of all the Jews, had de- 3 For Mordecai the Jew was next unto king vised against the Jews to destroy them, and had Ahasuerus, and great among the Jews, and accast Pur, that is, the lot, to consume them, and cepted of the multitude of his brethren, seeking to destroy them;

the wealth of his people, and speaking peace to 25 But when Esther came before the king, he all his sced.

The Book of JOB.

8 And the LORD said unto Satan, Hast thou Job's uprightness.

considered my servant Job, that there is none VIERE was a man in the land of Uz, whose like him in the earth, a perfect

and an upright name was Job; and that man was perfect man, one that feareth God, and escheweth evil ? and upright, and ove that feared God, and es-,9 Then Satan answered the LORD and said, chewed evil.

Doth Job fear God for nought? 2 And there were born unto him seven sons and 10 Hast not thou made a hedge about him, and three daughters.

about his house, and about all that he hath on 3 His substance also was seven thousand sheep, every side ? thou hast blessed the work of his and three thousand camels, and five hundred hands, and his substance is increased in the yoke of oxen, and five hundred she-asses, and a land. very great household; so that this man was the 11 But put forth thy land now, and touch all greatest of all the men of the east.

that lie hath, and he will curse thee to thy face. 4 And his sons went and feasted in their houses, 12 And the LORD said unto Satan, Behold, all every one his day; and sent and called for their that he bath is in thy power; only upon himself Diree sisters to eat and to drink with them. put not forth thy hand. So Satan went forth

5 And it was so, when the days of their feast- from the presence of the LORD. ing were gone about, that Job sent and sanctified 13 | And there was a day when his sons and ihem, and rose up early in the morning, and of- his daughters were eating and drinking wine in sered burnt-offerings according to the number of their eldest brother's house: them all: for Job said, It may be that my sons 14 And there came a messenger unto Job, and have sinned, and cursed God in their liearts. said, The oxen were ploughing, and the asses Thus did Job continually.

feeding beside them: 6 16 Now there was a day when the sons of God 15 And the Sabeans fell upon them, and took came to present themselves before the LORD, and them away; yea, they have slain the servants Satan came also among them.

with the edge of the sword; and I only an es7 Arid the Lord said unto Satan, Whcncescaped alone to tell thee. comest thou? Then Satan answered the LORD. 16 While he was yet speaking, there came also and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and another, and said, The fire of God is fallen froin from walking up and down in it.

llieaven, and hath burned up the sheep and the


A arti,

Job smitten with sore biles.


He complaineth of life servants, and consuined them; and I only am, 2 And Job spake, and said, escaped alone to tell thee.

3 Let the day perish wherein I was born, and 17 While he was yet speaking, there came also the night in which it was said, There is a man another, and said, 'The Chaldeans made out three child conceived. bands, and fell upon the camels, and have carried 4 Let that day be darkness; let no! God regard it them away, yea, and slain the servants with the from above, neither let the liglit shine upon it. cdge of the sword; and I only am escaped alone 5 Let darkness and the shadow of death stain to tell thee.

it; let a cloud dwell upon it; let the blackness of 18 While he was yet speaking, there came also the day terrify it. another, and said, Thy sons and thy daughters. As for that night, let darkness seize upon it; were eating and drinking wine in their eldest let it not be joined unto the days of the year; lei brother's house :

it not come into the number of the months. 19 And behold, there came a great wind from 7 Lo, let that night be solitary; let no joyful the wilderness, and smote the four corners of the voice come therein. house, and it fell upon the young men, and they 8 Let them curse it that curse the day, who are are dead; and I oniyamescaped alone to tell thee. ready to raise up their mourning. 20 Then Job arose, and rent his mantle, and 9 let the stars of the twilight thereof be dark; shaved his head, and fell down upon the ground, let it look for light, but have none; neither let it and worshipper,

sec the dawning of the day. 21 And said, Naked came I out of my mother's 10 Because it shut not up the doors of my mo. womb, and naked shall I return thither: The ther's womb, nor hid sorrow from mine eyes. LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away; 11 Why died I not from the womb ? why did ! blessed be the name of the LORD.

not give ip the ghost when I cameout of the belly? 22 In all this Job sinned not, nor charged God! 12 Why did the knees prevent inc? or why the foolishly.

breasts that I should suck? CHAP. II.

13 For now should I have lain stin and been Job's afliction and patience.

quiet, I should have slept: then had I been at rest God came to present themselves before the which built desolate places for themselves; LORD, and Satan came also among them to pre- 15 Or with priuces that had gold, who filled sent himself before the LORD.

their houses with silver : 2 And the LORD said unto Satan, From whence 16 Or as a hidden untimely birth I had not comest thou? Aud Satan answered the LORD, been; as infants which never saw light. and said, From going to and fro in the earth, 17 There the wicked cease from troubling; and and from walking up and down in it.

there the weary be at rest. 3 And the Lord said into Satan, Hast thou con- 18 There the prisoners rest together ; they hear sidered iny servant Job, that there is none like him not the voice of the oppressor. in the earth, a perfect and an upright man, one 19 The small and great are there; and the serthat feareth God, and escheweth evil? and still he vant is free from his master. holdeth fast his integrity, although thou movedst 20 Wherefore is light given to him that is in me against him, to destroy lion without cause. misery, and life unto the bitter in sout; 4 And Satan answered the LORD, and said, 21 Which long for death, but it cometh not; and Skių for skin, yea, all that a man hath will he dig for it more than for hid treasures; give for his life.

22 Which rejoice exceedingly, and are glad, 5 Biit put forth thy hand now, and touch his bone when

they can find the grave ? and his flesh, and he will curse thee to thy face. 23 Iy is light given to a man whose way is 6 And the LORD said unto Satan, Behold, he is hid, and whoin God hath hedged in ? in thy hand; but save his life.

24 For my sighing cometh before I eat, and my 71 So went Satan forth from the presence of roarings are poured out like the waters. the LORD, and smole Job with sore biles from the 25 For the thing which I greatly feared is come sole of his foot unto his crown.

upon me, and that which I was afraid of is COINC 8 And he took him a potsherd to scrape himself unto me. withal; and he sat down among the ashes. 26 I was not in safety, neither had I rest, nei9 41 Then said his wife unto him, Dost thou still ther was I quiet; yet trouble came. retain thine integrity ? curse God, and die.

CHAP. IV. 10 But he said unto her, Thou speakest as one

Eliphaz reproveth Job. receive good at the hand of God, and shall we THEN Eliphaz the remanite

answered and not receive evil? In all this did not Job sin with 2 If we assay to coinmune with thee, wilt thou his lips.

be grieved ? but who can with hold himself from 11 11 Now when Job's three friends heard of all speaking ? this evil that was come upon him, they came 3 Behold, thou hast instructed many, and thou every one from his own place; Eliphaz the Te-hast strengthened the weak hands. manite, and Bildad the Siruhite, and Zophar the 4 'Thy words have upholden him that was Naamatlite: for they had made an appointment falling, and thou hast strengthened the feeble Logether to come to mourn with him, and to com- knces. fort him.

5 now it is come upon ther, and thou faint12 And when they lifted up their eyes afar off, est; it toucheth thee, and thou art troubled. and kuew hiin not, they lifted up their voice, and 6 Is not this thy fear, thy confidence, thy hope, wept; and they rent every one his mantle, and and the uprightness of thy ways ? sprinkled dust upon their heads toward heaven..7 Remember, I pray thee, who ever perished, be13 So they sal dowu with him upon the grounding innocent? or where were he righteouscutofi? seven days and seven nights, and none spake a 8 Even as I have seen, they that plough iniquiword unto him: for they saw that his grief was ty, and sow wickedness, reap the saine. very great.

I By the blast of God they perish, and by the CIIAP. III.

breath of his nostrils are they consumed. Job lamenteth his birth.

10 The roaring of the lion, and the voice of the day


AFTER is die opened Jub his mouth, and cur- Geocenion, and the teeth of the young lions, are

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