Neue Bibliothek der schönen Wissenschaften und der freyen Künste, Volúmenes51-52

Dyck, 1793

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Página 124 - For his religion it was fit To match his learning and his wit; 'Twas Presbyterian true blue, For he was of that stubborn crew Of errant saints, whom all men grant To be the true church militant...
Página 124 - Twas Presbyterian true blue ; For he was of that stubborn crew Of errant saints, whom all men grant To be the true Church Militant ; Such as do build their faith upon 195 The holy text of pike and gun ; Decide all controversies by Infallible artillery ; And prove their doctrine orthodox, By Apostolic blows and knocks...
Página 125 - Sir, quoth the lawyer, not to flatter ye. You have as good and fair a battery As heart can wish , and need not shame The proudest man alive to claim. For if th' have us'd you as you say , Marry, quoth I, God give you joy.
Página 76 - Dans l'univers tout aime , tout désire ; Du tendre amour tout peint la volupté. Si le papillon vole avec légčreté, Un autre papillon l'attire. Les fleurs, en s'agitant, semblent se caresser ; Le lierre ŕ l'ormeau s'unit pour l'embrasser; Les oiseaux sont charmés de pouvoir se répondre; Et le doux murmure des eaux Est causé par plusieurs ruisseaux , Qui se cherchent pour se confondre.
Página 117 - Aided by fancy, terror lifts his head, And leaves the dreary mansions of the dead ; In shapes more various mocks at human care, Than e'er the fabled Proteus us'd to wear ; Now, in the lonely way each traveler's dread, He...
Página 115 - Among the sons of ancient Tantalus ; After the night of death their joys begin. Ye welcome me, receive me in your band, Now guide me to the venerable form Of him, who sat in council with the gods.
Página 91 - Tis storm; and hid in mist from hour to hour All day the floods a deeper murmur pour, And mournful sounds, as of a Spirit lost, Pipe wild along the hollow-blustering coast, 'Till the Sun walking on his western field Shakes from behind the clouds his flashing shield. Triumphant on the bosom of the storm, Glances the fire-clad eagle's wheeling form; Eastward, in long perspective glittering, shine...
Página 87 - Etruria ! next beneath thy magic hands Glides the quick wheel, the plastic clay expands, Nerved with fine touch, thy fingers (as it turns) Mark the nice bounds of vases, ewers, and urns ; Round each fair form in lines immortal trace Uncopied beauty, and ideal grace.
Página 89 - Friend of Art ! your gems derive Fine forms from Greece, and fabled gods revive ; Or bid from modern life the portrait breathe, And bind round Honour's brow the laurel wreath ; — Buoyant shall sail, with Fame's historic page, Each fair medallion o'er the wrecks of age ; Nor time shall mar, nor steel, nor fire, nor rust, Touch the hard polish of the immortal bust.
Página 132 - Apollon , disoit-il , indigné de ce que Jupiter par ses foudres troubloit le ciel dans les plus beaux jours , voulut s'en venger sur les Cyclopes qui forgeoient les foudres, et il les perça de ses flčches.

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