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2 Behold, what cloudy columns rise,
Terrific as the shades of night!
What peals of thunder rend the skies!
The lightning, how sublimely bright!
3 How dreadful is the threatening hail!

Approaching tempests, O how grand!
What terror doth the mind assail,

When deep convulsions shake the land! 4 The seas with hollow murmurs groan, The bowels of the mountains flame; The elements, affrighted, own

The awful greatness of thy name. 5 Almighty God, thy chariot wheels

In solemn pomp and grandeur roll;
Thy presence trembling nature feels,

And humble reverence fills the soul.


HYMN 13. L. M. [#]

Universal Praise.

1 CELESTIAL Worlds, your Maker's name Resound through every shining coast: Our God the noblest praise will claim, Where he unfolds his glories most.

2 Stupendous globe of flaming day,

Praise him in thy sublime career;

He struck from night thy peerless ray,
Marked out thy path, and guides thee there.

3 Ye starry lamps, to whom 'tis given
Night's sable horrors to illume,
Praise him who hung you high in heaven,
With vivid fires to gild the gloom.

4 Lightnings, that round Jehovah play, Thunders, that from his arm are hurled, The grandeur of your God convey,

Blazing, or bursting on the world.

5 At once let nature's ample round

To God the vast thanksgiving raise :
His high perfection knows no bound,
But fills immensity of space.

HYMN 14. 7 & 6 M. [#]

Praise to Jehovah.

1 PRAISE the Lord, who reigns above,
And keeps his court below;
Praise the holy God of love,

And all his greatness show;
Praise him for his noble deeds;

Praise him for his matchless power;
Him, from whom all good proceeds,
Let earth and heaven adore.

2 Publish, spread to all around

The great Jehovah's name;
Let the trumpet's martial sound

The Lord of hosts proclaim;
Praise him, every tuneful string;

All the reach of heavenly art,

All the powers of music, bring,
The music of the heart.

3 Him, in whom they move and live,
Let every creature sing,
Glory to their Maker give,

And homage to their King:
Hallowed be his name beneath;

As in heaven on earth adored;
Praise the Lord in every breath:
Let all things praise the Lord.

HYMN 15. C. M. [#]
Triumphant Praise.

1 O FOR a shout of sacred joy
To God the sovereign King!
Let every land their tongues employ,
And hymns of triumph sing.

2 Whilst angels shout his lofty praise,
Let mortals learn their strains;
Let all the earth their voices raise;
O'er all the earth he reigns.

3 Rehearse his praise with awe profound;
Let knowledge lead the song;
Nor mock him with a solemn sound
Upon a thoughtless tongue.

4 In Israel stood his ancient throne;
He loved that chosen race;
But now he calls the world his own,
And heathens taste his grace.

HYMN 16. H. M. [#]

Grateful Praise.

1 To your Creator, God,
Your great Preserver, raise,
Ye creatures of his hand,
Your highest notes of praise:
Let every voice
Proclaim his power,
His name adore,
And loud rejoice.

2 Thou source of light and heat,
Bright sovereign of the day,
Dispensing blessings round,
With all-diffusive ray,
From morn to night,
With every beam,
Record his name,

Who made thee bright.

3 Fair regent of the night,

With all thy starry train,
Which rise, in silent hosts,
To gild the azure plain,

With countless rays
Declare his name,
Prolong the theme,
Reflect his praise.

4 Let all the creatures join
To celebrate his name,
And all their various powers
Assist the lofty theme;

Let nature raise,
From every tongue,
A general song
Of grateful praise.

5 But, O, from human tongues
Should nobler praises flow,"
And every thankful heart
With warm devotion glow:
Your voices raise,
Ye highly blest;
Above the rest
Declare his praise.

HYMN 17. C. P. M. [#]

General Praise.

1 BEGIN, my soul, the lofty lay;
Let each enraptured thought obey,
And praise thy Maker's name;
Lo! heaven and earth, and seas and skies,
In one melodious concert rise,

To swell the glad'ning theme.

2 Thou heaven of heavens, his vast abode,
Ye clouds, proclaim your Maker,
Ye thunders, speak his power;
Lo! on the lightning's rapid wings,
In triumph rides the King of kings;
Astonished worlds adore.

3 Ye deeps, with roaring billows, rise, To join the thunder of the skies; Praise him who bids you roll:

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