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3 Foolish fears and fond desires, Vain regrets for things as vain, Lips too seldom taught to praise, Oft to murmur and complain,4 These, and every secret fault,

Filled with grief and shame, we own: Humbled, at thy feet we bow,

Seeking pardon from thy throne.

5 God of mercy, God of grace,

Hear our sad, repentant songs;
O, restore thy suppliant race,

Thou to whom all praise belongs.

HYMN 337. L. M. [b]

Sorrow for Sin.

1 My spirit longs its rest to find ;
Saviour of all, if mine thou art,
Give me thy meek, thy lowly mind,
And stamp thine image on my heart.

2 Break off the yoke of inbred sin,
And fully set my spirit free ;
I cannot rest till pure within,
Till I am wholly lost in thee.

3 Fain would I learn of thee, my Lord,
Thy light and easy burden prove;
The cross is hallowed by thy blood,
The labour of thy dying love.

4 I would, but thou must give the power; My heart from every sin release: Lord, bring, O bring, the joyful hour,

And fill me with thy perfect peace.


HYMN 338. C. M. [# or b]
Nature and Fruits of Charity.

1 O CHARITY, thou heavenly grace,
All-tender, soft, and kind,
A friend to all the human race,
To all that's good inclined!

2 The man of charity extends
To all his helping hand;
His kindred, neighbours, foes, and friends,
His pity may command.

in their distress;
He hears when they complain;

With tender heart delights to bless,
And lessen all their pain.

3 He aids the poor

4 The sick, the prisoner, deaf, and blind,
And all the sons of grief,

In him a benefactor find ;
He loves to give relief.

5 "Tis love that makes religion sweet;
"Tis love that makes us rise,
With willing minds, and ardent feet,
To yonder happy skies.

HYMN 339. C. M. [# or b]
Christian Charity.

1 JESUS, my Lord, how rich thy grace!
Thy bounties how complete!
How shall I count the matchless sum?
How pay the mighty debt?

2 High on a throne of radiant light
Dost thou exalted shine:
What can my poverty bestow,
When all the world is thine?

3 But thou hast brethren here below,
Partakers of thy grace,

And wilt confess their humble names
Before thy Father's face.

4 In them thou mayest be clothed and fed, And visited and cheered;

And in their accents of distress
My Saviour's voice is heard.

5 Thy face, with pity and with love,
In all thy poor I see;

Lord, I would rather beg my bread,
Than hold it back from thee.

HYMN 340. L. M. [# or b]
Blessings of Charity.

1 BLEST is the man whose tender care
Relieves the poor in their distress,
Whose pity wipes the widow's tear,

Whose hand supports the fatherless.

2 His heart contrives for their relief More than his willing hand can do: He in the time of wasting grief

Shall find the Lord has pity too. 3 His soul shall live secure on earth, With secret blessings on his head, When drought, and pestilence, and dearth, Around him multiply their dead.

4 Or, if he languish on his couch,

God will pronounce his sins forgiven, Will save him with a healing touch,

Or take his willing soul to heaven.

HYMN 341. C. P. M. [#]

Christian Beneficence.

1 HAIL, love divine! joys ever new,
While thy kind dictates we pursue,

Our souls delighted share,
Too high for sordid minds to know,
Who on themselves alone bestow
Their wishes and their care.

2 By thee inspired, the generous breast,
In blessing others only blest,

With kindness large and free,
Delights the widow's tears to stay,
To teach the blind their smoothest way,
And aid the feeble knee.

3 O God, with sympathetic care,
In others' joys and griefs to share,
Do thou our hearts incline;

Each low, each selfish wish control,
Warm with benevolence the soul,
And make us wholly thine.

HYMN 342. C. M. [b or #]
Christian Philanthropy.

1 BLEST is the man whose tender heart
Feels all another's pain,

To whom the supplicating eye
Was never raised in vain ;-

2 Whose breast expands with generous warmth, A stranger's wo to feel,

And bleeds in pity o'er the wound
He wants the power to heal.

3 He spreads his kind, supporting arms
To every child of grief;
His secret bounty largely flows,
And brings unasked relief.

4 To gentle offices of love

His feet are never slow;

He views, through mercy's melting eye,
A brother in his foe.

5 To him protection shall be shown,
And mercy from above
Descend on those who thus fulfil
The perfect law of love.

HYMN 343. S. M. [#]

The Influence of Love.

I LOVE is the strongest tie
That can our hearts unite;

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