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4 Strong and more strong thy passions rule,
Advancing still in virtue's school;
Contending still, with noble strife,
To imitate thy Saviour's life.


HYMN 400. C. M. [#]
Holy Exultations.

1 GLORY to God that walks the sky,
And sends his blessings through,
That tells his saints of joys on high,
And gives a taste below.

2 Cheerful I feast on heavenly fruit,
And drink the pleasures down,—
Pleasures that flow around the foot
Of God's eternal throne.

3 When shall the time, dear Jesus, when
The shining day appear,

That I shall leave those clouds of sin,
And guilt, and darkness, here?

4 Up to the fields above the skies
My hasty feet would go ;
There everlasting flowers arise,
And joys, unwithering, grow.

HYMN 401. S. M. [#]
Heavenly Glory on Earth.

1 COME, ye who love the Lord,
And let your joys be known;
Join in a song, with sweet accord,
While ye surround the throne.
2 The sorrows of the mind

Be banished from this place; Religion never was designed

To make our pleasures less.

3 The men of grace have found Glory begun below;

And heavenly fruits, on earthly ground,
From faith and hope will grow.

4 The hill of Zion yields

A thousand sacred sweets,
Before we reach the heavenly fields,
Or walk the golden streets.

5 Then let our songs abound,
And every tear be dry ;
We're marching through Immanuel's ground
To fairer worlds on high.

HYMN 402. L. M. [#]

Triumphant Anticipations.

LORD, what a heaven of saving grace
Shines through the beauties of thy face,
And lights our passions to a flame !
Lord, how we love thy charming name!

2 When I can say, My God is mine,
When I can feel thy glories shine,
I tread the world beneath my feet,
And all that earth calls good or great.

3 While such a scene of sacred joys

Our raptured eyes and souls employs,
Here we could sit, and gaze away
A long, an everlasting day.

4 Well, we shall quickly pass the night, To the fair coasts of perfect light; Then shall our joyful senses rove O'er the dear object of our love.

HYMN 403. S. M. [#]
Day of Rest.

1 WELCOME, Sweet day of rest,
That saw the Lord arise;
Welcome to this reviving breast,
And these rejoicing eyes!

2 The King himself comes near,
And feasts his saints to-day;
Here we may sit, and see him here,
And love, and praise, and pray.

3 One day, amidst the place

Where my dear Lord is seen,
Is sweeter than ten thousand days
Of pleasure and of sin.

4 My willing soul would stay
In such a frame as this,
And sweetly sing herself away
To everlasting bliss.

HYMN 404. L. M. [#]

Heavenly Aspirations.

1 LORD, could I learn those hallowed strains
Which wake the raptures of the skies,
And view by faith the sacred plains
Where streams of living transport rise,-

2 Joyful I'd quit each scene below;

No mortal charm my heart should bind;
Fearless through death's lone vale I'd go,
Nor cast one lingering look behind.
3 O send thy spirit from above

To fan my fervour to a flame;
Display the fulness of thy love,
And all the glories of thy name :-

4 Then shall my breast with rapture glow, And joys seraphic swell my song; Then, mid these dull delights below, Shall strains divine employ my tongue.

HYMN 405. C. P. M. [#]
Delighting in divine Goodness.

1 PARENT of good, thy works of might
I trace with wonder and delight;
Thy name is all divine:

There's nought in earth, or sea, or air,
Or heaven itself, that's good or fair,
But is entirely thine.

2 Immensely high thy glories rise; They strike my soul with sweet surprise, And sacred pleasure yield;

An ocean wide without a bound,
Where every noble wish is drowned,
And every want is filled.

3 To thee my warm affections move,
In sweet astonishment and love,
While at thy feet I fall:
I pant for nought beneath the skies;
To thee my ardent wishes rise,
O my eternal All !

HYMN 406. C. M. [#]

Spiritual and eternal Joy.

1 FROM thee, O God, my joys shall rise,
And run eternal rounds,

Beyond the limits of the skies,
And all created bounds.

2 The holy triumphs of my soul
Shall death itself outbrave,
Leave dull mortality behind,
And fly beyond the grave.

3 There, where my glorious Saviour reigns, In heaven's unmeasured space,

I'll spend a long eternity
In pleasure and in praise.

4 Millions of years my wondering eyes
Shall o'er thy beauties rove,
And endless ages I'll adore
The glories of thy love.

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