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Smile on me, dearest Lord, and then
I shall not wish to stay.

293. C. M. Swain.

Strong Faith.
1 FIRMLY I stand on Zion's hill,

And view my starry crown ;
No pow'r on earth my hope can shake,

Nor hell can pull me down.
2 The lofty hills and stately tow'rs,

That lift their heads on high, Shall all be levell'd in the dust

Their very names shall die.
3 The vaulted heav'ns shall melt away,

Built by Jehovah's hands ;
But firmer than the heav'ns, the Rock

Of my salvation stands.

WHAT mighty wonders faith has done !

294. C. M. Neale. Triumph of Faith....Dan. iii. 13-25. 1

0, who can e'er recount The num'rous vict'ries it has won,

Or tell the vast amount ?
2 Possessid of this, without dismay,

The Hebrew champions stood,
And dar'd a tyrant disobey,

Resisting unto blood.
3 His impious threats they disregard,

And all his fury brave,
Believing that the God they fear'd,

Was able them to save.
4 Leaning on his almighty arm,

Who did such faith inspire,
They were preserv'd, secure from harm,

Amidst consuming fire.
6 Like precious faith may we possess,

Nor need we ever fear,


Tho' call'd thro' floods or flames to pass,
If God be with us there.

295. S. M. Beddome. Precious Faith.... Eph. ii. 8....2 Pet. i. 1. 1 "AITH—'tis a precious grace,

Where'er it is bestow'd!
It boasts of a celestial birth,

And is the gift of God! 2 Jesus it owns a King,

An all-atoning priest;
It claims no merit of its own,

But looks for all in Christ. 3 . To him it leads the soul,

When fill'd with deep distress;
Flies to the fountain of his blood,

And trusts his righteoustiess. 4 Since 'tis thy work alone,

And that divinely free ;
Lord, send the Spirit of thy Son,

To work this faith in me.


296. 8. Hart. Victorious Faith....Rom. 1. 17. THE moment a sinner believes,

And trusts in his crucify'd God, His pardon at once he receives,

Redemption in full thro' his blood. 2 Tho' thousands and thousands of foes,

Against him in malice unite,
Their rage he thro' Christ can oppose,

Led forth by the Spirit to fight.
3 The faith that unites to the Lamb,
And brings such salvation as this,
Is more than mere fancy or name

The work of God's Spirit it is.
to It treads on the world and on hell;

It vanquishes death and despair ;


And, what is still stranger to tell,

It overcomes heaven by pray'r.
$ It says to the mountains " depart,"

That stand betwixt God and the soul;
It binds up the broken in heart,

And makes their sore consciences whole 6 Bids sins of a crimson-like dye

Be spotless as snow, and as white ;
And raises the sinner on high,
To dwell with the angels of light.

297. L. M. Scott.
Seeking Direction for a new Habitation.
1 OLE Sov'reign of the earth and skies,

Supremely good, supremely wise,
Fix thou the place of our abode,

But let it still be near to God.
2 There, with an ever-smiling face,

Renew the visits of thy grace ;
The dwelling with thy presence bless,

And thence each baneful evil chase. 3 Thus while we sojourn here below,

Let streams of mercy round us flow;
And when our destin'd race is run,
Assign us mansions near thy throne.

298. L. M. Scott.

Going to a new Habitation. 1 HERÈ'ER the Lord shall build my house,

An altar to his name I'll raise : There, morn and ev’ning, shall ascend

The sacrifice of pray’r and praise.
[2 With dutious mind the social band

Shall search the records of thy law ;
There learn thy will, and humbly bow

With filial reverence and awe.]
3 If num'rous blessings of the earth
Indulgent God to us afford,


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With warm, united hearts we'll pay

Our grateful tribute to the Lord. 4 Here fix, dear Lord, thy sacred rest,

And spread the banner of thy love, 'Till ripen'd for the heav'nly world, We rise and join the church above.

299. C. M. Scott.

Settling in a new Habitation. 1 TOW let our hearts their glory wake,

The sacred song to raise ;
And ev'ry tuneful pow'r combine,

To shout Jehovah's praise. 2 To us a goodly heritage

His providence assigns,
And in a safe and pleasant place,

Marks out our happy lines.
3 Come, let us to his holy name,

A grateful altar raise :
And be this habitation styl'd

The house of pray'r and praise. 4 Here may his secret breathings fan

Devotion to a flame,
And faith and love and zeal inspire,

Tadorn the christian name. 5 Thus with thy visits, smiles, and grace,

May this abode be blest ;
And here, O great Jehovah, fiss
Thy pleasant, lasting rest.

300. S. M. Phippard.
Yoshua's Resolution.... Josh. xxiv. 15.

ET Joshua's solemn charge,

To Israel's army giv'n,
Persuade the souls of all, this day,

To choose the God of heav'n. 2 How blessed is the choice

To serve and love the Lord :

May he each heart constrain to feed

Upon his sacred word. 3 This will afford us joy

In ev'ry scene of grief;
From hence will flow our daily peace

Qur comfort and relief.
Amidst our doubts and fears,

Our choice of God will prove,
That he first chose us by his grace

As subjects of his love.
5 May sinners round us see

How wise was Joshua's choice,
And feel constraind by sov'reign love
In Jesus to rejoice.

301. L. M. Anon. altered. Past Mercies encouraged against present Fears....

Judges xiii. 23.
HY should I yield to slavish fears ?
God is the same to endless

years : Tho' clouds and darkness hide his face,

He's boundless both in truth and grace. 2 Would e'er the God of truth make known

The worth and glory of his Son ;
His love and righteousness display,

And cast my soul at last away? 3 Would he reveal


sin and woe-
Teach me my num'rous wants to know,
And help me in my darkest frame,

To build my hopes on Jesu's name?
4 Would God preserve my soul from hell,

And make his love at times prevail,
Would he bestow such mercies past,

And yet reject my soul at last?
5 No-He's my Father and my friend,

On whose sure promise I depend ;
Tho’now from me his face he hides,
Immutable his love abides.

1 Wh


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