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3 O had not he pitied the state you were in,

Your bosoms his love had ne'er felt :
You all would have liv'd, would have dy'd too in sin,

And sunk with the load of your guilt. 4 What was there in you, that could merit esteem,

Or give the creator delight? 'Twas even so,

Father," you ever must sing, Because it seem'd good in thy sight. [5 'Twas all of thy grace we were brought to obey,

While others were suffer'd to go
The road, which by nature we chose as our way,

Which leads to the regions of woe.]
6 Then give all the glory to his holy name,

To him all the glory belongs;
Be yours the high joys still to sound forth his fame,
And crown him in each of your songs. ·

324. 12s. Leed's Col.

Free Grace.... Zach. iv. 7. 1 HE voice of free grace, cries escape to the

mountain : For all that believe, Christ hath open'd a fountain, For sin and uncleanness, and ev'ry transgression, His blood flows so freely in streams of salvation Hallelujah to the Lamb, who has bought us a pardon,

We'll praise him again, when we pass over Jordan. 2. Ye souls that are wounded, to the Saviour repair,

Now he calls you in mercy-and can you forbear? Tho' your sins are increas'd as high as a mountain, His blood can remove them; it streams from the

fountain. 3 Now Jesus, our King, reigns triumphantly glorious

O'er sin, death, and hell, he is more than victorious With shouting proclaim it— trust in his passion,

He saves us most freely- precious salvation. (4 Our Jesus proclaims his name all victorious,

He reigns over all, and his kingdom is glorious :


-GUEST. To Jesus we'll join with the great congregation,

And triumph, ascribing to him our salvation.] $ With joy shall we stand, when escap'd to the shore,

With harps in our hands, we'll praise him the more ; We'll range the sweet plains on the bank of the river, And sing of salvation for ever and ever!


325i 1. M. Medley:
Grave and Heaven... Job iii. 17.
1 AINTS in their graves lie down in peace,

No more by sin or hell opprest';
The wicked there from troubling cease,

And there the weary are at rest.
2 Thrice happy souls who're gone

To that inheritance divine !
They labor, sorrow, sigh no more,

But bright in endless glory shine.
Ś There shall we join the blissful throng,

And meet our dearest friends again ;
And all eternity, our song
To Jesus raise, and with him reign.

326. L. M. Gregg.

Jesus a Guest.... Rev. iii. 20.
1 B He gently knocks, has knock'd before →

EHOLD the Saviour at thy door,
Has waited long, is waiting still,

You treat no other friend so iil.
2 Admit him ; for the human breast

Ne'er entertain'd so kind a guest :
Admit him, or the hour's at hand,

When at his door deny’d you'll stand.
3 Open my heart, Lord, enter in,

Slay ev'ry foe, and conquer sin :
I now to thee


all resign,
My body, soul, shall all be thine

327. L. M. Steele.

Inconstant Heart lamented. 1 A.

H! wretched, vile, ungreatful heart,

That can from Jesus thus depart; Thus fond of trifles vainly rove,

Forgetful of a Saviour's love.
2 In vain I charge my thoughts to stay,

And chide each vanity away;
In vain, alas, resolve to bind

This rebel heart, this wand'ring mind, 3. Thro' all resolves how soon it flies,

And mocks the weak, the slender ties;
There's nought beneath a pow'r divine,

That can this, roving heart confine. 4 Jesus, to thee I would return,

And at thy feet repenting mourn:
There let me view thy pard'ning love,

And never from thy sight remove. 5 let thy love, with sweet controul,

Bind all the passions of my soul;
Bid ev'ry vanity depart,
And dwell forever in my heart,

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328, L. M. Hart. Hardness of Heart lamented. FOR a glance of heav'nly day,

To melt this stubborn stone away ; And thaw, with beams of love divine,

This heart, this frozen heart of mine. 2 The rocks can rend, the earth can quake, The seas can roar, the mountains shake

; Of feelings, all things shew some sign

But this unfeeling heart of mine. 3 To hear the sorrows thou hast felt,

What but an adamant would melt ?
But I can read each moving line,
And nothing moves this heart of mine,


4. Eternal Spirit, mighty God,

Apply within the Saviour's blood ;
'Tis his rich blood, and his alone,
Can move and melt this heart of stone.

329. L. M. · Medley.
Stony Heart lamented.... Ezek. xxxvi. 26-37.

Who gladly would to thee return;
Thy tender mercies O impart,

And take away this stony heart.
2 'Tis this hard heart which sinks me down,

Nor asks thy smile, nor fears thy frown;
This causes all my woe and smart ;

Lord, take away this stony heart.
3 'T'is this hard heart, my gracious Lord,

Which scorns thy love, and slights thy word ;
Which tempts me from thee to depart ;

Lord, take away this stony heart.
4 'Tis this hard heart which, day by day,

Would shut my mouth, nor let me pray,;
Yea, would from ev'ry duty start ;

Lord, take away this stony heart.
5 Sure the blest day will shortly come,

When this hard heart shall know its doom,
When I no more shall sin retain,

Nor of a stony heart complain.
6 Yes, friendly death, with welcome stroke,

Will loose the chain, will break the yokez
And when arriv'd on Canaan's shore
A stony heart be felt no more.

330. C. M. Newton.

Heart taken....Luke xi. 21, 22.
1 HĘ castle of the human heart,

Strong in its native sin,
Is guarded well in ev'ry part,

By him who dwells within.


2 For satan there in arms resides,

And calls the place his own ;
With care against assaults provides,

And rules as on a throne. [3 Each treach'rous thought on him as chief

In blind obedience waits ;
And pride, self-will, and unbelief,

Are posted at the gates.
4 Thus satan for a season reigns,

And keeps his goods in peace;
The soul is pleas'd to wear his chains,

Nor wishes a release.]
5 But Jesus, stronger far than he,

In his appointed hour,
Appears to set his people free

From the usurper's pow'r. 6 “ This heart I bought with blood," he cries,

6. And now it shall be mine:” His voice the strong man arm'd dismays;

He knows he must resign. ✓ In spite of unbelief and pride,

And self and satan's art,
The gates of brass fly open wide,

And Jesus wins the heart.
8 The rebel-soul that once withstood

The Saviour's kindest call,
Rejoices now, by grace subdu'd,

To serve him with her all.

331. C. M. Hoskins. DIy Son, give me thy Heart....Prov. xxiii. 26. · WHA

HAT language now salutes the ear,

And 'tis our Father's voice!
Let all the world attentive hcar,

And ev'ry soul rejoice.
2 Sinner, he kindly speaks to thee,
However vile thou art;


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