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8 Thus may we seek the Saviour's face,

And bow before his sacred throne!
O may we feel his saving grace,
And triumph in the Lord alone!

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28. Third Part. L. M. De Coetlogon's M

Birth of Christ....Isaiah ix. 6, 7.
O us a child is born from heav'n ;

To us the Son of God is giv'n;
[So Judah's ancient prophet sings,

And Gentiles hail the news he brings. 2 Gentiles in Jesu's name shall trust,

And of his glories make their boast ;)
The Government of worlds he made

Upon his shoulders shall be laid.
3 His name the Wonderful shall be ;

His wonders heav'n and earth shall see :
The Counsellor of truth and grace,

Who leads in paths of righteousness. 4 The Dlighty God, that glorious name,

His works and word join to proclaim:
The Everlasting Father, He-

And the whole church his family. 5 The Prince of Peace, on David's throne,

And nations yet unborn shall own
His Soy'reign and his gracious sway ;

Glad of the honor to obey.
6 fustice and Judgment he'll maintain

To everlasting ages reign :
And his blest empire shall increase,

'Till time, with all its movements, cease. [7 Our faith in grateful triumph boasts

These wonders of the Lord of Hosts :
And trusts the zeal that form’d the plan
To perfect what that zeal began.]



L. M.
Birth of Christ.... Luke ii. 11-14. *

WAKE, arise, and hail the morn,

For unto us a Saviour's born;
See, how the angels wing their way,

To usher in the glorious day. [2 Hark! what sweet music, what a song,

Sounds from the bright celestial throng!
Sweet song-whose melting sounds impart

Joy to each raptur'd, list’ning heart.'] 3 Come, join the angels in the sky,

Glory to God who reigns on high;
Let peace and love on earth abound,
While time revolves and years roll round,

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30. C. M.

C. M. Medley. The Birth of Christ....Luke ii. 14. 1 MORTALS, awake,

with angels join, Jay, love, and gratitude combine,

To hail th' auspicious day.
2 In heav'n the rapt'rous song began,

While sweet seraphic fire,
Thro' all the shining legions ran,

And tụn'd the golden lyre.
3 Swift thro' the vast expanse it flew,

And loud the echo rolld;
The theme, the song, the joy was

'Twas more than heav'n could hold. 4 Down thro' the portals of the sky

Th' impetuous torrent ran;
And angels flew with eager joy

To bear the news to man.
[5: Wrapt in the silence of the night

Lay all the eastern world,

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When bursting, glorious, heav'nly light

The wond'rous scene unfurld.] 6 Hark! the cherubic armies shout,

And glory leads the song:
Good-will and peace are heard throughout

Th' harmonious, heav'nly throng. [7 Hail, prince of life, forever hail !

Redeemer, brother, friend!
Tho' earth, and time, and life should fajl,

Thy praise shall never end.]

31. S. M. Ryland.
The Birth of Christ....Heb. ii. 16:
E saints, proclaim abroad

The honors of your king;
To Jesus, your incarnate God,

Your songs of praises sing.
2 Not angels round the throne

Of majesty above, Are half

so much oblig'd as we
To our Immanuel's love.
3 They never sunk so low,

They are not rais'd so high ;
They never knew such depths of wõe,

Such heights of majesty.
[4 Less favor'd were the pow'rs,

Who in his image stood ;
Their crowns are cheaper far than ours,

Nor cost the lamb his blood.] 5 The Saviour did not join

1 heir nature to his own;
For them he shed no blood divine,

Nor breath'd a single groan.
May we with angels vie,
The Saviour to adore ;

Our debts are greater far than theirs,

O be our praises more !

32. 148th. Needham. Birth of Christ....Luke ii. 11--14. 1 AWAKE, awake, arise,

And hail the glorious morn;
Hark! how the angels sing,

you a Saviour's born :"
Now let our hearts in concert move,

And ev'ry tongue be tun'd to love. 2 He mortals came to save

From sin's tyrannic pow'r:
Come, with the angels sing,

At this auspicious hour ;
Let ev'ry heart and tongue combine,

To praise the love, the grace divine. 3 The prophecies and types

Are all this day fulfillid;
With eastern sages join,

To praise this wond'rous child ;
God's only Son is come to bless

The earth with peace and righteousness, 4. Glory to God on high,

For our Immanuel's birth!
To mortal men good-will,

And peace and joy on earth !
With angels now we will repeat

still new and ever sweet,

33. 8. 8. 6. Anon.
The Birth of Christ....Luke ii. 8. 14.


shepherds watch'd their fleecy care,

And midnight ;
They veil'd the flow'ry plain :
When, from the skies, a flood of light,

Like light'ning on the shepherds' sight,

Surpris'd each prostrate swain. 2 Then from the cloud a cherub broke, And thus in mortal accents spoke ;

(But with a friendly voice;) “ The day is come, so long foretold, "By ancient bards, and saints of old;

" Let all the earth rejoice. 3 6 Now to the world, a Saviour's born; “Ye shepherds, hail the glorious morn,

“ And seek the new-born king ; “In Bethl'em's city, view the God, “ Then haste away, and spread abroad

“ The tidings that I bring." 4 The cherub ceas'd; then quick as light, Starts from the skies a dazzling sight ;

Myriads of angels round: Each tun'd their harps of thousand strings, And darted from their shining wings

Their lustre on the ground. 5 Thus sung th' angelic hosts of heay'a “All glory to our God be giv'n,

“ And unto mortals peace ;" In chorus join the choir above, For God's unbounded, matchless love,

In songs that never cease,

34. 8. 7. 4. Robinson. Praise to Christi...Hebrews 1, 3,

* MIGHTY God! while angels bless theç,

May an
Lord of men as well as angels,
Thou art ev'ry creature's theme.


Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Amer. 2 Lord of ev'ry land and nation,

Ancient of eternal days !

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