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O may be at the Lord's right hand,
Himself, and all his people view!

423. C. M. Newton, Minister's Farewel Charge....Acts xx. 26, 27. 1 THEN Paul was parted from his friends,

It was a weeping day :
But Jesus made them all amends,

And wip'd their tears away.
2 In heav'n they meet again with joy,

Secure no more to part ;
Where praises ev'ry tongue employ,

And pleasure fills each heart.
3 Thus all the preachers of his grace

Their children soon shall meet;
Together see their Saviour's face,

And worship at his feet.
[4 But they who heard the word in vain,

Tho' oft and plainly warn'd,
Will tremble when they meet again

The ministers they scorn'd.
5 On your own heads your blood will fall,

If any perish here;
The preachers, who have told you all,

Shall stand approv'd and clear.
6 Yet, Lord, to save themselves alone,

Is not their utmost view ;
O hear their pray'r, thy message own,
And save their hearers too.]
424. S. M. Clark.

Minister going a Fourney.
INCE we are call'd to part

From our beloved friend,
We take our leavě as one in heart,

And him to God commend.] 2 Go with thy servant, Lord,

His ev'ry step attend ;


All needful help to him afford,

And bless him to the end.
3 Preserve him from all wrong,

Stand thou at his right hand ;
To keep him from the sland'rous tongue,

And persecuting band. 4 May he proclaim aloud

The wonders of thy grace ;
And do thou to the list'ning crowd

His faithful labors bless. 5 Shine on bis work below,

With ever gracious beams;
'Till thou in heav'n his crown bestow

Adorn'd with brighter gems.
We for his journey pray,

Nor may our prayers cease,
That God would bless him in his way,

And bring him back in peace. 7 Farewell, dear pastor, go

We part with thee in love ;
And if we meet no more below,
O may we meet above.
425. L. M. Rooker's Gol.

Spread of the Gospel. 1 RIGHT as the sun's meridian blaze,

Vast as the blessings he conveys,
Wide as his reign from pole to pole,

And permanent as his controul.
2 So, Jesus, let thy kingdom come,

Then sin and hell's terrific gloom
Shall, at his brightness, flee away,

The dawn of an eternal day. 8 Then shall the heathen, fill'd with awe,

Learn the blest knowledge of thy law :
And antichrist, on ev'ry shore,
Fall from his throne to rise no more.'

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[4 Then shall thy lofty praise résound

On Afric's shores....thro’ India's ground : And islands of the southern sea

Shall stretch their eager arms to thee.] 5 Then shall the Jew and Gentile meet

In pure devotion at thy feet :
And earth shall yield thee, as thy due,
Her fulness and her glory too.
O that from Britain now might shine
This heav'nly light, this truth divine :
'Till the whole universe shall be
But one great temple, Lord, to thee.


426. L. M. Voke.

Missionaries.... Dan. ii. 45. 1 XERT thy pow'r, thy rights maintain,

Insulted, everlasting King! The influence of thy crown increase, And

strangers to thy footstool bring. 2 We long to see that happy time,

That dear, expected, blessed day,
When countless myriads of our race

The second Adam shall obey.
8 The prophecies must be fulfill'd,

Tho' earth and hell should dare oppose ;
The stone cut from the mountain's side,

Tho' unobsery'd, to empire grows. 4 Soon shall the blended image fall,

Brass, silver, iron, gold, and clay',
And superstition's gloomy reign

To light and liberty give way.
5 In one sweet symphony of praise,

Gentile and Jew shall then unite ;
And infidelity, asham'd,

Sink in th' abyss of endless nights 6 Soon Afric's long-enslaved sons

Shall join with Europe's polish'd racey

To celebrate, in diff'rent tongues,

The glories of redeeming grace.
7 From east to west, from north to south,

Immanuel's kingdom shall extend ;
And ev'ry man, in ev'ry face,
Shall meet a brother, and a friend.

427. L. M. Voke. Prayer for the spread of the Gospel. 1 HY people, Lord, who trust thy word, "

, And wait the smilings of thy face, Assemblé rourd thy mercy-seat,

And plead the promise of thy graces 2 We consecrate these hours to thee,

Thy sov'reign mercy to entreat';
And feel some animating hope,

We shall divine acceptance meet.
3 Hast thou not sworn to give thy Son,

To be a light to Gentile lands;
To open the benighted eye,

And loose the wretched pris'ners' bands ? 4 Hast thou not said from sea to sea

His vast dominions shall extend ?
That ev'ry tongue shall call him Lord,

And ev'ry knee before him bend? & Now let the happy time appearg

The time to favor Sion cóme ;
Send forth thy heralds far and near,
To call thy banish'd children home.

428. L. M. Voke.
Prospect of Success.... John iv. 35, 36.

EHOLD th' expected time draws near,

The shades disperse, the dawn appear; The barren wilderness assume

The beauteous tints of Eden's bloom. 2 Events, with prophecies, conspire

To raise our faith, our zeal to fire:

The rip'ning fields, already white,

Present an harvest to our sight.
3 The untaught heathen waits to know

The joy the gospel will bestow;
The exild slave waits to receive

The freedom Jesus has to give.
[4 Come, let us, with a grateful heart,

In the blest labor share a part,
Our pray’rs and of'rings gladly bring,

To aid the triumphs of our King.] 5 5 Our hearts exult in songs of praise,

That we have seen these latter days,
When our Redeemer shall be known,

Where satan long has held his throne. 6 From eastern to the western skies,

Sweet incense to his pame shall rise ;
And Tyre, and Egypt, Greek and Jew,
By sov'reign grace be form’d anew.

429. L. M: Vokc. Fall of Babylon predicted.... Rev. xiv. 6-8, 1 i ROUD Babylon yet waits her doom ;

Nor can her tott'ring palace fall,
Till some blest messenger arise,

The ransom'd heathen world to call.
2 Now see the glorious time approach?

Behold the mighty angel fly,
The gospel tidings to convey

To ev'ry land beneath the sky! [13 See the kind native of Pelew

With rapture greet the sacred sound ;
And, for a Saviour's precious name,

Throw his mean idols to the ground.] * O see, on Otaheite's isle,

And Africa's unhappy shore,
The unlearn'd savage press to hear ;
And hearing, wonder and adore.


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