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PART SECOND. 3 Wherever two or three,

Are met in Jesu's name,
God in the midst will be,

Nor let them meet in vain ;
In stately courts, or open air,

They still shall find him present there. 4 When in the open field,

As Jacob sleeping laid,
The Lord to him reveal'd

His presence and his aid:
Thro' Christ, the way, the angels trod,

From God to men, and men to God. 5 The Lord is never bound

To any time or place ;
But always may be found

Among his chosen race ;
Then tread his courts with holy fear,
For God himself is present here.

512. 8. 7. 4. Fay's Col. Sower and the Seed....Matt. xiii. 3-23. 1 COME OME, thou soul-transforming Spirit,

Bless the sower and the seed:
Let each heart thy grace inherit;

Raise the weak-the hungry feed:
From the gospel

Now supply thy people's need. 2 O may all enjoy thy blessing

Which thy word's design'd to give!
Let us all thy love possessing,

Joyfully the truth receive :
And forever
To thy praise and glory live.

513. 8. 7. Hart.

Before Sermon. 1 LESSED Lord, be thou our teacher,

Helper, counsellor, and guide:


Speak the promise thro' the preacher,

And the hearing ear provide.
2 May each state, howe'er distressing,

Yield us profit in the end
Ev'ry ordinance a blessing,

Ev'ry providence a friend.



514. C. M. Gibbons. Felix trembling ....Acts xxiv. 24, 24. 1 EE Felix, cloth'd with pomp and pow'r,

See his resplendent bride,
Attend to hear a pris'ner preach

The Saviour crucify'd.
2 He well describ'd who Jesus was,

His glories and his love ; How he obey'd, and bled below,

And reigns and pleads above.
(3 On righteousness and temperance,

The preacher reason'd well;
And full conviction, soy'reign force,

Sunk terror in his soul. 4 To strengthen the great truths he spoke,

He set the world to come
Full in their view, and boldly told,

The sinner's dreadful doom.]
5 Felix sprang up, and trembling cry'd,

* Go for this time away: " I'll hear thee on these points again

" On some convenient day.” 6 Attention to the words of life,

Tho' Felix thus adjourn :
Lord, let me make those solemn truths

My first and last concern,

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515. C. M. Needham. After Sermon.... Matt. xiii. 3—23. 1 Now Lord, the heav'nly seed is sown, ,

Be it thy care
Thy heav'nly blessing to bring down

By humble, fervent pray'r.
- 2 In vain we plant without thine aid,

And water too in vain :
Lord of the haryest, God of grace,

Send down thy heav'nly rain. 3 Then shall our cheerful hearts and tongues

Begin this song divine;
Thou, Lord, hast giv'n the rich increase,
And be the glory thine.

516. C. M. Gibbons. Christian's Duties and Privileges.... Jude 20, 21. 1 W

THILE sinners, who presume to bear

The Christian's sacred name,
Throw up the reigns to ev'ry lust,

And glory in their shame;
2 May ye, redeemed heirs of grace,

Detest their impious ways;
And on the basis of your faith,

An heav'nly temple raise :
3 Upon the Spirit's promis'd aid

Depend from day to day;
And while he breathes his quick’ning gale,
Adore, and praise, and pray.
517. 8. 7. 4. Allen's Col.

After Sermon.

1 SINNERS, will you scorn the message,

Ev'ry sentence, how tender!

Ev'ry line is full of love!
Listen to it,
Ev'ry line is full of love.

2 Hear the heralds of the gospel,

News from Zion's King proclaim,
To each rebel-sinner-Pardon,

“ Free forgiveness in his name:"
How important !

Free forgiveness in his name ! 3 Tempted souls, they bring you succour

Fearful hearts, they quell your fears,
And with news of consolation,

Chase away the falling tears :
Tender heralds,

Chase away the falling tears. 4 False professors, grov'ling worldlings,

Callous hearers of the word !
While the messengers address you,

Take the warnings they afford;
Ve entreat you,
Take the warnings they afford.
☆ Who hath our report believ'd ?

Who receiv'd the joyful word?
Who embrac'd the news of pardon,

Offer'd to you by the Lord ?
Can you slight it;

Offer'd to you by the Lord ?
6 O, ye angels, hov'ring round us,

Waiting spirits, speed your way,
Hasten to the court of heaven,

Tidings bear without delay :
Rebel sinners
Glad the message will obey.

518. 148th. Newton. Minister's Complaint....Gal. iv. 19. 1 WHAT contradictions meet,

In ministers' employ!
It is a bitter sweet-
A sorrow full of joy:

No other post affords a place

For equal honor or disgrace! 2 Who can describe the pain

Which faithful preachers feel,
Constrain'd to preach in vain,

To hearts as hard as steel?
Or who can tell the pleasures felt,

When stubborn hearts begin to melt? 3

The Saviour's dying love,
The soul's amazing worth,
Their utmost efforts move,

And draw their bowels forth :
They pray and strive...their rest departs,
Till Christ be form'd in sinners' hearts,

If some small hope appear,
They still are not content ;
But with a jealous fear,

They watch for the event :
Too oft they find their hopes deceiv'd;

Then how their inmost souls are griev'd! 5 But when their pains succeed,

And from the tender blade,
The rip’ning ears proceed,

Their toils are overpaid :
No harvest-joy can equal theirs,
To find the fruit of all their cares

6 On what has now been sown,

Thy blessing, Lord, bestow;
The pow'r is thine alone,

To make it spring and grow:
Do thou the gracious harvest raise,
And thou alone shalt have the praise.

519. C. M. Doddridge.

Race...1 Cor. ix. 24.
AWAKE, my soul, stretch every nerve,

, And press with

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