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Thy grace can full assistance lend,
And on that grace I dare depend.

554. L. M. Hart.
The Helpless Sinner.... Luke xiv. 22.
1 TY a helpless sinner, Lord,

Who would believe thy gracious word;
But own my heart, with shame and grief,

A sink of sin and unbelief.
2 Lord, in thy house I read there's room,

And vent'ring hard, behold I come;
But can there-teil mecan there be

Among thy children room for me.
3 I eat the bread, I drink the wine,

But O, my soul wants more than sign;
I faint, unless I feed on thee,

And drink thy blood as shed for me.
4 For sinners, Lord, thou cam'st to bleed,

And I'm a sinner, vile indeed!
Lord, I believe thy grace is free-
O magnify that grace in me!

555. L. M. Dobell. Association Hymn... All Believers are bidden by Christ

to his Table....Num. ix. 14....Acts xv. 10.
1 OW pleasing is the sight, to see

Each sect and party so agree,
As to set round the Saviour's board,

As members of one common Lord!
2 Here we behold the dawn of bliss

Here we behold the Saviour's grace
Here we behold his precious blood,

Which sweetly pleads for us with God.
[3 Hear our request, while we implore

That love may spread from shore to shore; 'Till all the saints, like us, combine,

To praise the Lamb in songs divine.] 4 To all we freely give our hand,

Who love the Lord in ev'ry land;

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For all are one in Christ our Head,

To whom be endless honors paid.
5 Here, by the bread and wine, we view

What boundless curses were our due :
But thro' th' atonement of our Lord,

More than was lost is now restor'd.
(6 Let party names, those seeds of hell,

No more in christian bosoms dwell;
But love and union, by his blood,
Prove them the chosen heirs of God.]

556. L. M. Fellows.
An Address to Spectators....Gen. xxiy. 31.

AUGHTERS of Sion, ye who sing

The lofty praises of your King:
Who in his solemn temple dwell,

And of his boundless glory tell :
2 Call to the converts at your gate,

Why should they longer lingering wait?
Why should they longer fear or doubt?

Why should they longer stay without? 3 Gently reprove them for delay;

In softest language chide their stay ;
Strive with your songs their hearts to via;

Ye blessed of the Lord, come in !
A Come in, ye blessed of the Lord,

Ye that believe his holy word ;
Come, and receive his heav’nly bread

The food with which his saints are fed. 5 Your Saviour's boundless goodness prove,

And feast on his redeeming love :
Come, all ye happy souls, that thirst-
The last is welcome as the first.
Come to his table, and receive
Whate'er a pard’ning God can give!
His love thro' ev'ry age endures ;
His promise and himself are yours,

557. C. M. Stennett, altered.
My Flesh is Meat indeed.... Joho vi. 53-56.
1 ERE at thy table, Lord, we meet,

To feed on food divine;
Thy body is the bread we eat,

Thy precious blood the wine. 2 He that prepares this rich repast, Himself comes down and dies

i And then invites us thus to feast

Upon the sacrifice.
3 Here peace and pardon sweetly flow;

O what delightful food;
We eat the bread, and drink the wine,

But think on nobler good.'
4 The bitter torments he endur'd,

Upon th' accursed tree,
For me, each welcome guest may say,

'Twas all procur'd for me.
5 Sure there was never love so free,

Dear Saviour, so divine:
Well thou may'st claim that heart of me,
Which owes so much to thine!

558. C. M. Cole, altered.
Aly Flesh is Meat indeed....John vi. 55.

Thy flesh and blood, dear dying Lord,

Is meat and drink, indeed!
2 Thy sacred flesh and saving blood,

Do ev'ry type exceed:
And we can say this heav'nly food

Is meat and drink indeed!
3 The Paschal supper serv'd to show

How Jacob's tribes were freed:
And in a figure pointed to
This meat and drink indeed!


GREAT God; we now surround thy board,

4 The manna and the cheering stream,

For Israel's daily need,
Did in the wilderness proclaim

This meat and drink indeed!
5 This is the Lord's appointed feast,

Enjoin'd on all his seed;
His flesh and blood, O happy guest,

Is meat and drink indeed!
6 These sacred signs assist our sense ;

But faith on Christ can feed ;
He is the bread of excellence,

And meet and drink indeed!

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LORD, at thy table. I behold

559. C. M. Stennett.
Eat, O Friends, G C.... Cant. v. 1.

The wonders of thy grace ;
But most of all admire, that I

Should find a welcome place. 2 I that am all de fild with sin,

A rebel to my God;
I that have crucify'd his Son,

And trampled on his blood.
3 What strange surprising grace is this,

That such a soul has room!
My Saviour takes me by the hands

My Jesus bids me come,
4 Eat, O my friends, the Savious cries,

The feast was made for you ;
For you I groan'd, and bled, and dy'd,

And rose, and triumph'd too. 15 With humble faith, and thankful hearts,

Lord, we accept thy love :
'Tis a rich banquet we have had;

What will it be above !! 6 Had I ten-thousand hearts, dear Lord,

I'd give them all to thee;


Had I ten-thousand tongues, they all

Should join the harmony.

560. 8. 8. 6. Godwin, altered.

Christ crucified.... John xix. 30. i IS

S this my Jesus, this my God,

Whose body all o'er stain'd with blood, Hangs on th' accursed tree? Who bows his head, opprest with pain ; But midst it all doth not complain?

Yes, O my soul, 'tis he! 2 Is this my Saviour, this my Lord, Whose feet and hands with nails are bor'd,

And fasten'd to the tree ; Whose sacred head with thorns is crown'd, Whose pierced side receives the wound?

Yes, O my soul, 'tis he!
3 Is this my bleeding sacrifice,
Who bows his head, and calmly dies,

High lifted on the tree ;
Unknown by Gentiles, scoff'd by Jews,


Yes, O my soul, 'tis he !
4. And shall my soul again forget
His love so free, immensely great ?

Oh!-never let it be!
But let me always see the Lamb,
And truly praise his gracious name

To all eternity!

pass by,

561. 5. 6. 11. Wesley. Sufferings and Death of Jesus.... Lam. i. 12. 1

LL that


To Jesus draw nigh,
To you is it nothing that Jesus should die?

Our ransom and peace,

Our surety he is,
Come, see if there ever was sorrow like his.

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