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A heav'nly prize demands thy zeal,

And an immortal crown.
2 A cloud of witnesses around

Hold thee in full survey ;
Forget the steps already trod,

And onward urge thy way.
3 'Tis God's all-animating voice,

Which calls thee from on high :
'Tis his own hand presents the prize

To thine aspiring eye.
4 Blest Saviour, introduc'd by thee,

Have I my race begun :
And crown'd with vict'ry, at thy feet

I'll lay my honors down.

520. L. M. Dobell. As reason is depraved by Sin, it can never know God

aright till renewed by divine Grace.
'AN reason comprehend a God?

Or can it tell the reason why

That thousand infants daily die?
2 If reason then must be our guide,

Can it unfold the ebbing tide?
Or tell us how the plants produce,

From the same earth their various juice?
3 Where reason fails, may I adore

God's boundless wisdom more and more;
Since nature round his pow'r reveals,
And God in Christ my pardon seals.

521. C. M. Cruden. .

It is finished.... John xix. 30.
1 Now, now the arduous work is o'er,

Redemption's price is paid :
Jesus has borne the mighty load;

On him our guilt was laid.

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[2 "What boundless wrath did he endure,

When for imputed sin,
His people's debts were all transferr'd,

And centred all in him.]
3 “Let now Omnipotence itself

“Say, if ought more is due ;
66 And I, the direful conflict past,

“Will yet for them renew.
4. "Let heav'n produce its equal scales,

" To weigh my people's wrong,
“ And if my payment yet prove short,

“My dying pangs prolong.
5 “Father, I lie beneath thy stroke;

“ The blow I will not shun,
“ 'Till thou proclaim to choirs on high,

Redemption's work is done. 6 6 I yield not up my final breath,

“Nor bow my sinking head,
“'Till to the bright, angelic hosts,

" The cancell'd bond be spread. 7 “That mixture of almighty wrath,

My lips did patient drain ;
« 'Tis finish'd,” nor of its sad dregs,

“Does one small drop remain.
8 " Father, the awful deed discharge,

" And nail it to the tree ;
“That to the closing hour of time,
“ The ransom'd may go free."

522. 8s. Swain. Redeeming Love.... Zech. xii. 10.... John xix. 37. 1

HEN on my beloved I gaze,

So dazzling his beauties appear ; His charms so transcendently blaze,

The sight is too melting to bear! 2 When from my own vileness I turn To Jesus, expos'd on the tree,


With shame and with wonder I burn,

To think what he suffer'd for me.
3 My sins, how black they appear,

When in that dear bosom they meet!
Those sins were the nails and the

spear, That wounded his hands and his feet. 4 'Twas justice that wreath'd for his head

The thorns that encircled it round ;
Thy temples, Immanuel, bled,

That mine might with glory be crown'd! 5 The wonderful love of his heart,

Where he has recorded my name,
On earth can be known but in part

Heav'n only can bear the full flame. 6 In rivers of sorrow it flow'd,

And flow'd in those rivers for me ;
My sins are all drown'd in his blood ;
My soul is both happy and free.

523. 7s. Langford's Cole

Redeeming Love.... Psalm cxi. 9. 1 Tow begin the heav'nly theme;

Sing aloud in Jesu's name : Ye, who Jesu's kindness prove,

Triumph in redeeming love.
[2 Ye, who see the Father's grace,

Beaming in the Saviour's face,
As to Canaan on ye moye,

Praise and bless redeeming love.]
3 Mourning souls, dry up your tears,

Banish all your guilty fears :
See your guilt and curse renove,

Cancelld by redeeming love.
[4 Ye, alas! who long have been
Willing slaves to death and sin;

; Now from bliss no longer rove, Stop and taste redeeming love.]


Ś Welcome all, by sin opprest,

Welcome to the Saviour's breast;
Nothing brought him from above,

Nothing but redeeming love.
6 He subdu'd th' infernal pow'rs,

His tremendous foes and ours,
From their cursed empire drove ;

Mighty in redeeming love.
in Hither then your music bring,

Strike aloud each tuneful string ;
Mortals, join the hosts above,

Join to praise redeeming love. [8 When his Spirit leads us home....

When we to his kingdom come,
We shall all the fulness prove
Of our Lord's redeeming love.]


524. 148th. Toplady's Col.

Jubilee....Lev. xxv. 9-17.
LOW ye the trumpet, blow

The gladly solemn sound;
Let all the nations know,
To earth's remotest bound,
The year of jubilee is come;
Return, ye ransom'd sinners, home!

Exalt the Lamb of God,
The sin-atoning Lamb,
Redemption by his blood,

Thro' all the world proclaim ; 3 Ye, who have sold for nought,

Your heritage above,
Come, take it back unbought..
The gift of Jesu's love;
Ye slaves of sin and hell,
Your liberty receive ;
And safe in Jesus dwell,
And blest in Jesus live;


The gospel trumpet hear,
The news of pard’ning grace ;
Ye happy souls, draw near,
Behold your Saviour's face;
Jesus, our great high-priest,
Hath full atonement made ;
Ye weary spirits, rest;

Ye mourning souls, be glad !
The year of jubilee is come ;
Return, ye ransom'd sinners, home!


525. 8. 4. Medley.

Redemption. 1 HAIL, mighty and victorious Lord,

Worthy art thou to be ador'd, Who, long before time's round began, Laid the vast, wise, and wond'rous plan, To ransom ev'ry chosen man

To endless day.
2 Ye heav'nly soldiers, still press on,

In Jesus see the conquest won!
Bright palms of vict'ry you shall bear,
And crowns of glory you shall wear,
And in his kingdom have a share

To endless day
3. There shall we in sweet chorus join,

Where saints and angels all combine,
To sing of his redeeming love,
\Vhen rolling years shall cease to move,
And this shall be our theme above

To endless day.


526. 8. 7. 4. Burder's Coi.

Redemption....John xix. 30.
ARK! the voice of love and mercy

Sounds aloud from Calvary ;
See ! it rends the rocks asunder-

Shakes the earth, and veils the sky!

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