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Constant let our praises rise,
'Till we drink above the skies.


568. 8s. Truro Friend. God is my Salvation.... Jonah ii. 9. 1 ALVATION, how precious the sound,

To sinners who see themselves lost; To Jesus their praises redound,

In Jesus they triumph and boast. 2 Salvation is finish'd and done,

Salvation is sov'reign and free;
Salvation by God's equal Son,

My joy and rejoicing shall be. 3 Salvation is only of God,

To him all the praises are due ;
Ye saints, spread his honors abroad,

Who finish'd salvation for you.
4 Soon shall we behold him above,

Forever to sound his dear name;
To sing the sweet song of his love,
Salvation to God and the Lamb.

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569. 8. 7. 4. Radford's Col.

Free Saluation....2 Tim. i. 9. 1 (ESUS is our great Salvation,

Worthy of our best esteem !
He has say'd his fav'rite nation,

Join to sing aloud to him:
He has sav'd us,

Christ alone could us redeem. 2 When involv'd in sin and ruin,

And no helper there was found;
Jesus our distress was viewing;

Grace did more than sin abound:
He has call'd us,

With salvation in the sound.
3 Free election, known by calling,

Is a privilege divine :

Saints are kept from final falling,

All the glory, Lord, be thine ;
All the glory,
All the glory, Lord, is thine.

570. 10s. Pope.

Saviour.... Isaiah xi. 10.
ROM Jesse's root behold a branch arise,



The sick and weak the healing plant shall aid,

From storms a shelter, and from heat a shade. 2 The Saviour comes! by prophecies foretold,

Hear him, ye deaf! and all ye blind behold!
No sigh, no murmur the wide world shall hear ;

From ev'ry eye he wipes off ev'ry tear.
3 Hark! a glad voice the lonely desert cheers,

“ Prepare a way-a God, a God appears : “ A God, a God," the vocal hills reply

The rocks proclaim tho approaching Deity: 4 All crimes shall cease, and ancient fraud shall fail,

Unerring justice lifts aloft her scale :
Peace o'er the world her olive wand extends,

And white-rob'd innocence from heay'n descends. 5 Rise, crown'd with light, imperial Salem, rise,

Exalt thy tow'ring head, and lift thine eyes:
See heav'n its dazzling portals wide display,
And break upon thee in a flood of day.

571. 8. 3. Kelly.

My Saviour..... Sam. xxii. 3.
* IN form I long had bow'd the knee ;

But nought attractive then could see,
To win my wayward heart to thee,

My Saviour.
2 Yet oft I trembled when I thought,

How I had sold myself for nought;
But still against thy love I fought,

My Saviour.

3 When self-accus'd, I trembling stood,

I promis'd fair as any could;
But never valu'd thy dear blood,

My Saviour.
[4 Too soon the promise vain I prov'd,

That sinners make, while sin is lov'd,
But still to thee this heart ne'er mov'd,

My Saviour.]
5 Thou, whom I had so long withstood,

Thou didst redeem my soul with blood, And thou hast brought me nigh to God,

My Saviour. 6 Thro' storms and waves of conflict past,

Thy potent arm has held me fast;
And thou wilt save me to the last,

My Saviour,
7 And when the voy'ge of life is o'er,

And I have gain'd the heav'nly shore;
I then shall sing for evermore,

My Saviour,

572. C. M. Addisor. Preservation by Sea....Psalm cxxi. 8.

OW are thy servants blest, O Lord!

How sure is their defence;
Eternal Wisdom is their guide

Their help, Omnipotence.
[2 In foreign realms and lands remote,

Supported by thy care,
Thro' burning climes, I pass'd unhurt,

And breath'd in tainted air.]
3 When by the dreadful tempest borne

High on the broken wave,
I knew thou wert not slow to hear,

Nor impotent to save. 4 The storms were laid, the winds retir'd,

Obedient to thy will i

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The sea, that roar'd at thy command,

At thy command was still,
In midst of dangers, fears, and deaths,

Thy goodness I'll adore ;
And praise thee for thy mercies past,

And humbly hope for more.
6 My life, while thou preserv'st that life,

Thy sacrifice shall be ;
And death, when death shall be my lot,

Shall join my soul to thee.

573. L. M. H.
On the Four Seasons....Gen. viii. 22.
1 THY providence, great God, we praise;
How good and great are all thy ways

! Thy bounty crowns our passing years,

And dissipates our anxious fears.
2 Thy promise stands forever fast,

While sun, and moon, and earth shall last;
The laws of seasons shall endure,

'Till time and stars are known no more.
3 Summer and winter, cold and heat,

And night and day in order meet;
Seed-time and harvest, each succeed,

To prove thy love-supply our need.
[4' When years are past, and seasons o'er,

We still shall prove thy cov'nant sure ;
And in the shining realms of bliss,
Adore thy, goodness and thy grace.']

574. L. M. Steele. On the four Seasons of the Year....Psalm cxlvii. 1 RAISE ye the Lord-O blissful theme,

To sing the honors of his name!
'Tis pleasure, 'tis divine delight,

And praise is lovely in his sight.
2 He veils the sky with treasur'd show'rs,

On earth the plent'ous blessing pours ;

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The mountains smile in lively green,

And fairer blooms the flow'ry scene.
[3 He speaks ! and swiftly from the skies,

To earth the sov'reign mandate flies;
Observant nature hears his word,

And bows obedient to her Lord.
4 Now thick-descending flakes of snow,

O'er earth a fleecy mantle throw ;
Now glitt'ring frost o'er all the plains,

Extends its universal chains.]
5 At his fierce storms of icy hail,

The shir’ring pow’rs of nature fail ;
Before his cold, what life can stand;

Unshelter'd by his guardian hand! 6 He speaks! the ice and snow obey,

And nature's fetters melt away ;
Now vernal gales soft rising blow,

And murm'ring waters gently flow. 7 But nobler works his grace record,

To Israel's sons he sends his word ;
Ye favor'd tribes, your voices raise,
And bless your God in songs of praise.

575. C. M. Dobell. Prayer for warmth after nipping Winds and much

Rain.... Job. xxxvi. 32.
'HOU, who didst form the rolling spheres,

And stretch the boundless skies,
O dissipate our gloomy fears,

When doubts and darkness rise.
2 Tho'thou hast seald the wàt'ry clouds,

Which pour'd their torrents down ;
And stay'd those proud, imperious floods,

Which overflow'd the ground:
3 Yet those dark clouds still veil the sky,

And hide the sun from sight;


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