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O let Thy table honoured be,
And furnished well with joyful guests;
And may each soul salvation see
That here its sacred pledges tastes.

To FATHER, Son, and Holy Ghost,
The God Whom heaven and earth adore,
From men and from the angel-host
Be praise and glory evermore. Amen.

JESUS said unto them, I am the Bread of Life."

7. Thee we adore, 0 hidden SAVIOUR,

Who in Thy Sacrament dost deign to be;
Both flesh and spirit at Thy presence fail,
Yet here thy presence we devoutly hail.

O blest Memorial of our dying LORD,
Who living Bread to men doth here afford!
O may our souls for ever feed on Thee,
And Thou, O Christ, for ever precious be.

Fountain of Goodness, Jesu, LORD and GOD, Cleanse us unclean, with Thy most cleans

ing blood; Increase our faith and love, that we may know The hope and peace which from Thy pres

ence flow.

O CHRIST, Whom now beneath a veil we see, May what we thirst for soon our portion be, To gaze on Thee, and see with unveiled face The vision of Thy glory and Thy grace.


“ My Flesh is meat indeed, and my Blood is drink indeed.”

8. O God, unseen yet ever near,

Thy presence may we feel;
And, thus inspired with holy fear,

Before Thine altar kneel.

Here may Thy faithful people know

The blessings of Thy love,
The streams that through the desert flow,

The manna from above.

We come, obedient to Thy word,

To feast on heavenly Food;
Our meat, the Body of the LORD,

Our drink, His precious Blood.
Thus may we all Thy words obey,

For we, O GOD, are Thine;
And go rejoicing on our way,

Renewed with strength divine.

To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

The God Whom we adore,
Be glory, as it was, is now,

And shall be evermore. Amen.

SUNDAY MORNING. “ In Tby Light shall we see light." MORN of morns, and day of days! Silent as the new-born rays, From the sepulchre's dark prison CHRIST, the Light of lights, is risen. He commanded, and His word Death and the dread chaos heard; O shall we, more deaf than they, In the chains of darkness stay?

Nature yet in shadow lies,
Let the sons of light arise
And prevent the morning rays
With sweet canticles of praise.

While the dead world sleeps around,
Let the sacred temples sound
Law, and prophet, and blest psalm
Lit with holy light so calm.

Unto hearts in slumber weak
Let the heavenly trumpet speak;
And a heavenward walk express
Our new life to holiness.

Hear us, LORD, and with us be,
O Thou Fount of charity,
Thou Who dost the Spirit give,
Bidding the dead letter live.

Glory to the Father, Son,
And to Thee, O Holy ONE,
By Whose quickening Breath divine
Our dull spirits burn and shine. Amen.

Blessing, and glory, and wisdom, and thanksgiving, and honour, and power, and might, be upto our God for ever and ever. Amen.' 10. On this the day that saw the earth

From utter darkness first have birth;-
The day its Maker rose again,
And vanquish'd death, and burst our chain:
Away with sleep and slothful ease!
We raise our hearts and bend our knees,
And early seek the Lord of all,
According to the prophet's call.

That He may grant us that we crave;
May stretch His strong right arm to save;
And, purging cut each sinful stain,
Restore us to our Home again.
Assembled here this holy day,
This holiest hour we raise the lay:
And oh that He to Whom we sing
May now reward our offering!
O Father of unclouded light!
We pray Thee, kneeling in Thy sight,
From all defilement to be freed,

sinful act and deed:

That this our body's mortal frame
May know no sin, and fear po shame,
Whereby the fires of hell may rise
To torture us in fiercer wise.

We therefore, Saviour, cry to Thee
To wash out our iniquity:
And give us of Thy boundless grace
The blessings of the Heav'nly Place.
That we, thence exil'd by our sin,
Hereafier may be welcom'd in:
That blessed time awaiting now,
With hymns of glory here we bow.
O Father, that we ask be done,
Through Jesus Christ, Thine Only Son;
Who, with the Holy Ghost and Thee,
Shall live and reign eternally. Amen.

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SUNDAY EVENING. " Bebold, He That keepeth Israel shall neither slumber por sleep.” 11. Be present, Holy Father,

Unseen by mortal eye ;
And Christ the Word Eternal,

And Spirit from on high!

Thou Trinity, in Essence

And light and virtue One:
Father, and Son, and Spirit

Of Father and of Son:

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