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3246 768Jotham bucceeds Uzziah 2K1. xv. 3220 734 Jeroboam Il diea: Zacha- 2Ki. xiv.1 2108 806 Ahaziah, when sick, having received a reproving
at the age of 25, and reigos 57.
riah his son succeeris hin,

message from Elijah, seudy Caplains and soldiers
Sixteen years in Jerusalem, 32-38.
but the extent of his reign

to apprehend hiin, most of whom are slain by fire
during which he subdues
is very uncertain, generally

From heaven; and Ahaztah dies, according to the
the Ammonites, and makes

supposed to be only Six

them tributary during three
months, at the end of which

Word of Elljah, and is succeeded hy Jehoram 2
he is mundered by Shalluin.

Elijah is taken to heaven in a fiery chariot
2262 742 Ahas acceeds Jotham,

The chronology is here.howe

3109 895 Jehoshaphal, king of Judah, and Jehuram, king or
and reigns sixteen years.
ever, very perplexol, at an

Israel, by following the counsel or Elisha, arel
This year Reziu king of
intet reguum ften or eleven

miraculously supplied with water, and obtain a
Syria, and Pekah king of
years is generally supplied.
complete victory over the Moabites

Israel, unite against Aha.;

772 Shallum reigns one mouth 13-18. || 3112 892 Jehoshaphal a 880ciates his son Jehoram with him 8.16..18
but he is delivered from
only, when he is killed by
in the government of the kingdom

them, according to the pro 2Chron.

Medlem, who becornes tri-
mibe by Isaiah

butary to Pul, king of As-

891 Diognetus succeeds Megacles as perpetual arcbon
syria : but in the 50th year

of the Atheniane, and governs 28 yrars
Ahaz, however, falling
Boon afterwards into idlola-

of U'zish, he is succeeded by

3115 889 Jehoshaphal dies, and is succeeded by Jehoram, IK1.22.50
ury, is delivered into the
Pekahith, who reigns two
in the ninth year of Jehorain king of Israel

hands of Pekah, who de-

years only, when be is elain

3116 888 Jehorala, king of Judah, having murdered his
feals his anny, and carries
by Pekah, one of his own 25–27.

brethren, and introduced idolatry into Judah, 18
away many captives; but
captains,who succeerts him,

wamed of his miserable end by a letter ler for
these, by direction of a pro-
and reigns twenty years
him by Elijah

phet, are returned to him.
11224 740 Tiglath Pilar king of

3117 887 He is emilien with an incurable disease in his
The Idumcans and Philia-
Assyria, defeats and ways

tines invade Jutlea, when

Rezin, king of Damascus,

3119 895 He dies most miserably, and is succeeded by hiel
Ahaz invites to his nasistance
enters the land of Isrivel, and

Tiglath Pileser, king of As-
carries away many cap-
son Ahazlah

syria, and subunits to pay 2Kings

lives, chiefly froin Reuben,

3120 884 Jehu slays Jehoram king of Israel, with Ahaziah!
hun tribute

God, and the hall tribe of

king of Judah, and reigus over the kingdom of 1x.x.
Israel 46 years

2Ch.22 1.9.
3265 739 Hohen, von of Elah, mur-


Athallah, mother of Ahaziah, murders all the royall
ders Pekah, and takes his
family, excepl Joash, and usurps the throne of

10. 12.
kingdom, which seins to

Judah six years
have been involved in simi-

Lycurgus, being 42 years of age, establishes his
lar anarchy and confuson,
as in the reign of Zachanah

laws al Lacedemon, and, with Iphitus and Cle.
3276 728 Shulmane rr cumpels Ho- XVIL.

osthenes, restores the Olympic gaines at Elis,
ahea to pay hun tribuie.

about 10 years before the æra commonly called
3279 725 Floshea refusing to con-

the first Olympiad
Hezekiah succeeds Ahaz,

tinue his tribute, Shilniane-

3126 878 Jeholada the priest anoints Joash king, slays
and destroys idolatry, and
xer lays siege to Samaria,

Alhallah and her idolatrous priests, and renews2K1.11.3. 21.
pruspers: he also velebrales
and, in the end of the third

the covenant with Jeh vah
solemn Passover; and be
yeur, makes it, and carries

gins to gather the first fruits

319 875 Alladins, or Romulus, Sylvius succeeds agrippar Dionys.lial.

away the remainder of the
and uthea, for the main-
triles of Israel beyond the

In the kingdom of Alha, and reigns 19 years lice.
trance of public worthin


| 3135 66 Carthage is built by Queen Dido
He reignis 9 years including

Thue ends the kingdom

Puido, king of Argos, is supposed to have invented
use in which he reigned
of larael, 50 years in

scales and measures, and first coined silver, al
with his fatller.
ils separation from Juda'zi
1 863 Amnaziah, son of Joash, and afterwards king of

Judin, bom
3030 971 The priests and Levites, and pione Israelites,

Pheroclus succeeds to the archonship of the
I leave their po sessions in Jeroboal's kingdan,

and are incorporated into the kingdom of Judati 2Chr. 11. 13.17.

3142 062 About this time the Ninevites repent at the
32 972 Jeholada, the prist, born abu! this time

preaching of the prophel Jonab

Jonah 1.. iv.
3033 9711 shishak, king of Egypt, invad-s Jud a, and plun.IK1.14.25..23


Joash glug arders for repairing the temple, which 2R
d-re Jensalem and the temple

1 2hr xil.

is perforind under the direction of Jehoiada 14h 24.1.11
5010 964 Caliye Sylvius succeeds 'apiu- in the kingdom

lehu, king of lerael, dies and is succeeded by his 1251 1031.36.
of Alba, and reigue years

Dion. Halicar.
son Jeheahaz, who reigns 17 years

3046 953 Rejobrann dies having reigned 17 years, and is

ventinis Sylvius succeeds Alladins Sylvius in D . Halicar.
Piccreded by Alian, who reZUX 3 yarg


the kingdom of Alba, and reigns 37 years Ovid. Fast. iv.51.
2017 057 Alijan vinguishes Jerohen killing 900.000 men 12 h 12.15: xill.

3160 848 Arron vicce Pd hereclus in the perpetual ar.
3014 3.15.1 this succeded by Asa, who reigns 41 years 14.

1 .15.8.

cho. hip of the Athenians
31.0 934 Jeram, king of Israel, is succeeded by Na. 161.14 20.

3162 R4? Ichiada, the high priezt, dies, aged 130 years Ch 21.15.16.


3163 841 Tchoasi is as vialed witn his father Jehuahaz
3031 93 vedi le slain hy Baasha, who destroys all the

3961 810 Zechariah the priest, son of Jehoiada, ix stoned by of Jeroboam, usurps the kingdom, and

oder of Joash, in the temple, for reproving their
Tel . 51 years


24. 17. 22
3032 932 bunt luis time fourished the prophets Jebu,

3165 839 Joach, king of Judah, Is murdered by his servant.
Hanani, sad Azariah

and 18 succeeded by his son Amaziah, who reignal 23.97.
Phorbes flucers Therappis as perpetual arcnon

23 years

of the Athella,1, and governs 31 years

Jehoanaz,king of Israel,dies and is succeeded by his
30813 949 Jehonaphal, son of Ara, born


8:n leheash, or Joach who reigns in all, 16 years 13.1..10.
Sut3 941 overcomes Zerah the Eth'oplan, who had in-

Jehuach, king of Israel, sisits Elisha, wien near
vaded Judea wh an imin-n13e army


death, and is assured of several victories over!
3068 936|Calpelus, Cannun, or Capelus, succeeds Capys

the Syrians

111 the kingdom of Alba

Dion. Halicar.

3165 839 Hazrel. king of Syria, dies, and is succeeded by
3074 930 Baasha, king of Israel, dles, and is succeeded by



IK1.16 6...

3173 826 Amazian, king of Judah plated by a victory over
3075 929 | Zimnri marders Elab, and relgns seven days; being

the ! domited the previous year, challenges Je.
dethioned by Oniri, who reigns jointly with

hoah, king or lerael, who overcomes and takes
Tibnl about five years


him prigoner, breaks down the wall of Jerusa.
3479 9251 Tihni dyins, Omri rel.118 alone about 7 years


lemn, and plunders the treasures of the palace 14.7..14.
300 984 umri mak-e Samiria the seat of his government

and temple

2Ch.23. 11..84.
3181 983 Tiberinne Sylvius succe: 18 his father Calpelus in

3179 8:25 Jeboash, king of Israel, dies, and 18 succeeded by
the kingdom of Alba, and reigns Syrars

his son Jeroboam II. who reigns 41 yrats 2K1.14 15,16,23.
3083 921 Megace succeeds Pherbas as archon of the

3180 24 The picus succeede Ariphron in the government of
Atheni ins and rules 30 years Sol.

3086 919 | Omri king of Israel, dis, and is succeeded by his



About this time, the fall of the Agayrian empire
son Ahab, who reigns 22 years

IK 1.16.25..29.

by the death of Sardanapalus, is supposed to have
3037 917 191, king of Judah, begins to be diseased in his

taken placa; when Arbaces, who, with Bolesis Euseb.inchr Herlin

king of Babylon, had taken Nineveh, founds the] c 10 Diod. Sic.
3039 915 Tilerinis, king of Alha, bring drowned in the Liv 1.1 c.3. Nat,

pire or the Medes

Alhula, (from himn called the Tiber.) 18 enc D.1.2.c. 21. Dion. Hal. || 3190 814 Caranas founds the kingdom of Macedon. and
cerded by Agrippe Sylving, who reigns 40 years II.c.

Tegu 29 years. This kingdom continued 646 Instin, I. vii c. 1 Pa.
3096 914 Jehoshaphat succeeds his father Asa in the king. IKI.15. 24 : 22.41.42.

years, till the battle of Pydna

I ferenl. II c..
dom of Israel, and reigns 2 years


810 Amaziah, king or Judah, is slain by conspiratore, K.1: 17..21.
3092 91 Tehosaphat having demolished the high places

and succeeded by Azallah, or Uzziah, who reigus24h.85 25.92
and groves, sends Levites with the prices to

2 ye1r8

instruct the people in the law of God, in which

| 3106 809 God grants great success to Jeroboam, king of Is-
they greatly prosper

2Chr. xvil.
rael, according to the Word of Janath

2K1.14.20. 27
3094 910 lijah Dretrla'lo Ahab a dreadful famine, and is

$195 809 Charitatis, the successor of' ycugris, is encceeded
for hy ravens


in the kingdom of Lacedæmon, anera reign of
26 Cilinh raise the widow's son


64 years by Nicander, who reigns 19 years
W 907/Poly lectus, of the family of the Proclidae, snc.

07 797 Ardlysns founds the kingdom of Lydia, and reigns
Cards Euomus on the tbroge or Lacedæmon,

36 years

and reigns nine years


Agamestor encceede 'Thespieus in the government
Abort tinig time: Homer and Hesiod flourished,

of the Atheniana
according to the Parian marbles

3208 796 Amulius Sysis and Numitor succeed Procas in
3009 906 Slinh having proved by fire from heaven that

the kingdom of Alba; the fornier of whom reigns Dionya. Hal Liv. l. 1
Jehovah is the true God slays the prophets on

44 reais, in the latter two years longer, and in 0.3. Tlut in Romul
Buil, and rain is sent in answer to his prayers IK1.xvill.

their last king

lith is sent to anoint Hazaei, Jeht, and Eli

3212 792 About this time Sosarmis is posed to succeed


I Arhaces in the kingdom of Wedia, and regue 30
103 901 Th.Syriang, hv the direction of a prophet, are

d ated hy Ahab


3218 786 Conur second king of Macedon begins to reign
3194 90 ile yiians are again defeated by Ahah


The triremee first invented by the orinthians
3105 8.9 Diab, hy mrand of Jerrhel, murders Naboth, and

3220 784 Jerohranil. King of Terael, having reigned 41
Slzy his viueyard for which he and Jezehel

youre, dies, and an intcrregnum of between 11
are doomed by Iljah tu utter destruction ; hut

and 12 years follow's

Ahab repenting, it is deferred


783 Jotham, Eon or l'zziah. king of Judah, born
3106 999 he king of Israel, associates his son Ahazian!

925 779 The monarchical government is abolished at Co-
with him in the kingdom ; and Jehoshapbal, bis 22 51.

rinin, and the Prytanee elected
8 Jehoram

3227 777 Eschylus accrods Acam stor in the perpetual
Cyrurgis begins to cover at I acedaemon, minder Plut in Lycurg. Jus


Contoofth Abentang
1 the title of receptor to'huilalls, the p hu tin, Illi.c.2. Diony 8. 3229 7761 Coroa rotonet: (lympia, where he obtains a
nous son of his lirither Polydectes


p:12. in tinchth year from the institution of
No 897 Ahab, being joined with Jehosha hat against the

plus, and 3 years before the foundation of
Syriara, 18 slain at Ramoth gilead, and suc.1Ki.xxil.

Rome : this is commonly called the first Olym- Pansurlue,lib.v.c.
ceedea by Ahaziah



is father

Wha, and


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8230 774 Thurimus gticceeds to the throne of Macedon, and

3292 712 who having offended God in his conduct towardsK21
reigns 45 years

them, the Baylonish captivity le predicted Ilse
3231 773) Zachariah, son of Jeroboam, is made king in the

No Ainoon, or Theles, in Egypt, destroyed about
30th year of Uzziah, king of Judah, and reigns 2K1.14.29.

this time by Schwacherib, king of Assyria Xahan
six months


3294 710 Sennacherib, on his retum from Egypt, again in-
3232 772 Shallum murders Zachariah, and succeeds him;

vades Judah ; but in answer to the prayer O K
but, having reigned one month, he is killed by

Hezekiah and Isaiah, his whole army, consisting C2!
Menahem, who succeeds him, and reigns len

of 165,000 men, 15 destroyed in one night by the Is Y II


angel of the Lord
3233 771 Pul, king of Assyria, who is supposed to have now

Arklanus succeeds Merodach-baladan, or Martuch
refounded that empire, invadea Israel, and ren.

Empadus, in the kingdom of Babylon, and reigos
ders Menahein tribulary

19 20

five years
3234 770 Theopompus succeeda Nicander in the kingdom of Pasa11.1.111.c.7. || 3298 706 Semacherib being slaln by his two eldest sms,
Lacedemon, and reigns 47 years

Plut. in Lyc.

18 succeeded by his third •son Ezarbaddon, wK:.
3239 765 Uzziah, attempting to bum incense upon the altar

reigns forty-three years
of incense in the temple, 18 emitten with leprosy 2Ch 26.16..21.

3299 709 Sevechus, king of Egypt, is succceded by Tirha-
3213 761 Pekahlah succeeds his father Menahem, in the

kah, or Tarachos, the last or that race bla! Afrin
50th year or Ozziah, king of Judah

2KI. 15.17..23

| reigned in Egypt
Alyalles succeeds Sadyalley on the throne or Ly.

| 3300 704 Arkianus, king of Babylon, dies withont tesue, and
dia, and reigns 14 years

an interregnurn of two years acreeds
3244 760 The Ephori introduced into the government of La.C. Paus. Arlet. | 3301 703 Coreyra built by the Corinthians, four years sher Pintar
cedæmon by Thropompus

1 Pol. 11.7.

the buildung of Tarentum by the Parthenius 9330
3215 759 Pekan, one of Pekahian's captains, murders and

702 Leocrates, the successor of Hippomenea, ying, .
succeeds him


Aspandrus succeeds him in the Athen an gi
Isalah begins to prophesy

Isa. 1.1.

Hosea, Atos, and Micah, also flourish in this arid

Belibus is advanced to the throue of Babyloa, and
the following reign

Ho.1.1. Am. 1.1. MI.L1.

reigns three years
3246 758 Azariah, or Uzzlah, king of Judah, 13 succeeded by 1K

3304 700 Deioces, goveruor of the Medes, assumes the t'ile
1 his sou Jotham, who reignis 16 years

2Ch.26.22,23; 27.1.

or king, and reigns finty-three years. Ecbatara
Jotham subdues the Ammonites, and compels them


to pay tribute

3305 099 Apronadius succeeds Belibus on the throne c Ba-
3250 754 Alcmaon, the last perpetual archon of Athens, be.

bylon, and reigns six years
gins his administration, and ruleg two years ; Pansan.l.i.c. 19

98 Hezekiah dies, and is succeeded by hie scu Ma.
after whom decennial archons are appointed, I Paterc.l.i.c.8.

nasseh, then only tweive years of age, I
Charops being the first

reizna nfty-five years
3251 753 Rome built on the 20th of April, according to

3 Regib!lus succeeds Apronadius, king of Babylon:|

Deling. Lat.lib.v.

and the next year is sicceeded by McIlrar
3254 750 Hezekiah, son of Ahaz, born

dachux, who reigns four years
The rape of the Sabines

692 Eryxius, the last decennial archon of the Atheri
3257 747 Nabonassar, or Baladan, gupposed by some to be

ang, begins his administration
the same as Belesls, ascends the throne of Baby. 182.39.1. Nicholas Da-

690 Anxidamus succeeds his father Zeux!ame Ca
lon, from which the Nabonassarean ara com- Eclog. Va-

the throne of Lacedamun, and reigns thirty Pa!


1 nine years
Tiglath pileser, king of Axsyria, supposed by some

| 3316 688 In this year, being the yll year of Manasseh. Tir.
to be the same as Arlaces, and Ninus Juntur,

hakan, king of Egypt, diee, and an interito
begina lo reign at Nineveh, where he reigus 19 2K .15.29 ; 16.7.10. Eu.

of two years succeede

seb. Chr.p.46.

Mecessimordachus, king of Babylon, dies, and 24
Meles succeeds Alyatles on the Lydian throne

interregnum of anarchy follows for et bien
3261 743 The first lessenian war begins, and continues 19

1 years, till the taking or Ithome

Justin.l.iii.c.4.&c. 3319 680 Twelve princes seize on the kingdom of y '.
3982 742 Ahaz succeeds his father Jothall, In the 17th year 2K1.15.38. 16.2.

and govern it by a joint confederacy tees
of Pekah, king of Israel, and reigns 16 years | 2Ch.27.9 ; 23.1.

Rezin, king of Damascus, and Pekah, king or 16-

The second Messenian war begina, and contate!
rael, muke war on Abaz, and beglegc Jerusa-12Ki. 16.5.

fourteen years, till the taking of la, after a
lemn, but without success

Isa, vii.

siege of eve years
#imedes succeeds Charops in the decennial ar.

3321 693/The government of Athens is intrusted to amusi
chonship of the Atheniaus : he is succeeded by

archons, Creon being the first
(lidicus, who ten years after is succeeded by

3324 630 Esarhaddon, or Assaraddimus, king of Arari,

Sciz's on the kingdom of Babylon, and Iris
3263 741 Ahaz is vanquished, and Judah greatly oppressed

Over both countries 13 years
by Rezlu and Pekah


Ardy 8119 II succeeds Gyees on the Lydlan throne,
3264 710 Ahaz invites Tiglath-pileser, king of Assyria, to

and reign 49 years

his assistance, who slays Rezin, king of Damas-12K 1.15.29.

3326 678 Argius, king or Mac-don, begins to reign
cus, and carries part of Israel into Cuptivity | 1Ch.5.26.

Esarhad lon luvades Palestine, and pianid a colocy !
3265 739 Pekah, king of Israel, 18 slain by Hoshea, and an

of foreignersta Samaria
anarchy or sume years ensues


677 Manasseh, king of Judah, on account of ble wich
3259 735 Candaules succeeds Meles on the Lydian throne, Justin, L. 1.c.7.

edness and Idolatry. 1s carrird cpuive Lt bio
and reigns 17 years

Her.l. 1.c.7.&c

to Babylon; but on his repentance, Cod reststes
3271 733 Vablus, or Vanills, succeede Nabonassar on the

him to his khedorn
throne of Babylon, and reigns two years

674|The end of the second Messenian war,

3272 7321 Syracuse bullt by a Corinthian colony


| firms the essenlans under the power olib
3273 731 Chinzirus and Porus succeed Nadlus on the throne

of Babylon, itd reigin five years

Canon. Plolemæi. 3332 672 | Tullus Hostilius succeedo Numa Pomnilne in the D
3274 730 Hoshea begins to reign over Israel, and reigns nine

kingdom of Rome, and reigns 2 years


3334 60 Psammitichus. One of the wise confederated
3275 729 Shalmaneser succeeds Tiglath pileser, king of As Castor, ap. Euseb.

princes of Egypt, having overcome the EU
syria, and reigns 11 years

Chr.p. 46.

reizes upon the whole kingdom, and relgtis
Perdiccas succeeds to the throne of Macedon, and Herod. I. vil.viil.

reigns 51 years

Justin.l.vii.c.2. 3337 667 Saosduchinus, supposed to be the same as Nabu-
3276 7291 Shalman ser invades Israel, and makes Hoshea

chodonosor, succeeds his father Fsarbaddon 10 C P


the kingdoms of Assyria and Babylon
3277 727 Anaz dies, and is succeded in Judah by Hezekiah, 2K1 16.20.

The battle of the Horatii and Curiatii, to feel
who restores the worship of God, and reigis 201 20h.28. 27.

the differences between the Romans and Alans


Death of Melius Snaptius, the Alban dictauit .
Sabacus, or so, the Ethiopian, made king of Herod.l.ii. Euseo, in || 5339 6 5 Birth of Amon, son of Manasseh, king 25


Alha destroyed, and the inhabitante estabistrot!
3278 726 Jugens succeeds to the throne of Babylon, and

reigns five years


659ypaeus aboliches the Corinthian aristocracy,
3280 721 Hoshea, king of Israel, relying on So, king of

and reigns 30 years
Egypt, reilles to pay tribute to Shalmaneser,

658 Byzantium, anerwards Constantinople, ogilt by a
who lakes him captive, and lays slege to Sama-

colony of Athenialis 3cciarding Lo Ammianus of

2K1.17.4,5 ; 18.9.

illezians according to Patercolus, or of lace
Zeuxidamus succeeds Theopompus on the throne

dxmonians according to Justin
of laced on, and reign: 53 years

Pauzan.l.iii.c.7. || 3353 651 Archidamus, of the famliy of Procles, snccards to
3283 721/Shalinaneser takes Samaria, carries the ten

the throne of larrdinon and reins 5 years
tribes captive, and paits an end to the kingdom of

3355 6191 Birth of joalan, afterwards king of Judah
Israel, in the sixth year of Hezekiah, and the

13357 647 Phraortes, 8pposed to be the And et
ninth or Hoshra

2K1.17.6..40 ; 8.10..19. 1

tioned in the look or Judith, succeede Deloos e
Merodach Baladan, or Mardoc Empados, son of

in the kingdom of Media
Belesis, or Baladan. Bicceeds Jugus on the 182.30.1.

Chiniladang ancceed: Saoeduchinos, klog of A
throne of Babylon, and reigns 9 years

Canon Ptolemii.

syria and Babyloti, and reigns 2 years
224 720 Shalinaneser makes war upon Tyre, and besieges Menander. ap. Jos. || 3361 613 Amp SUCCA his father Manasarb iu the kib.
it fise years


dom of Judah, and in two years
3233 719 Sevechns, or Sethon, siiccrede his father So, or

3363 641 Amon is murdered by his serrauts, and sucePed!
Sabacus, in the kingdom of Egypt, and reigns 14 Africans ar. Syll.

by Josiah hij son, only eight years old.

w w 2.,

cell . 74.

Teigtx 31 years
31467181 üves, the first of the Mermnada, snccceds Can Herod. L.I.C.S.

Birth of ihales abont this time
ules on the Lydiani throne, and reigns 33 years Val. Max.l.1 c.7. 3364 640 Philip Bucceede Arg.pus on the throne of Macedon,
3299 715 Vuina Pompilius lcceeds us in the kins

and reigns 3 years
dom of Rome, after an interregium or one year, Liv. 1.1 c. 18. Flor. 1. i.

ACUS Vartius Succeeds Tullus lustilles in the
and reigna 43 years

c.2. Vil

kingdom of Rome, and reigns 4 years
Shalınaneser, king of Assyria, dies, and is suc-

Solon is born al ont this time
ceeded by his son Senii cherib, or Sagon, who

Josian, only 16 years of ase. bering to manliest
reizeisbolil eight years

Tobit 1.

sret zal towards the pare worship of G01 CM
711 Ibant this time Cerdiccas succeeds Medidus in

3373 631

631 Sadyatles succeeds Ardy eus II, on the Lydian
ih government of the Medes, and rules thirteen


3374 630 Josiah commences a thorough reformation in rell
3711 712 cunacherib, king of Assyrin, invades Judea, and

bion, in Judah and Israel
Veral of the fenced cities, but is pacifi-


2975 699 Teremiah called to the prophetic Office
Milby a trile

2 K1.18 13..16.

3378 6201

asrar rehea azalist the king of A RYTIAr
Hezkiall kind of Judah, falling sick, is miracu- !

and makes himsell kins of Babylur, wete le
Jously cure, and is promised deliverance from 2 KI XX.2 Ch.32.34.18.

igns 21 years
the Assyrians

XXX Viil.

3379 625 yaxares succeeds Phraortes in the biogdom of
3292 712 Merodach-baladan, king of Babylon, seuds ambas.

Media, and reigns 40 years
gadors to congratulate Hezekiah on bis recovery,

Ti 3380 6241 Josiah repairs the temple, puls down Idoiatry.

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A M.B.C.1
completes his reformation, and keeps a solemn 2 K1.22.3..20; 23.1. 3434 570 Nebuchadnezzar, rendered insolent by prosperity,

12 Ch.xxxiv.

is warned by a remarkable dreain, which Daniel
9 Alyattes II. of the family of the Mermnada, and

Interpreis, of a dire calamity which was coming
father of the celebrated Crexus, succeeds to Herod. I.1.c.16,17,&c.

upon him

the Lydian throne, and reigns 57 years

Surabo,l.xiil. || 3435 589 The dream is fulolled in his extraordinary Insa.
017 Paaminitichus, king of Egypt, dies, and is suc-

ceeded by Nocus, or Pharaoh Necho

Herodotus,l. 1.

3136 56 The Nemsean games are restored
- $338 616 Tarquintus Priscus succeeds Ancus Martius in Dion

3140 564 Ariston, king of Lacedæmon, of the family of the
the kingdom of Rome, and relgns 34 years | Liv.L.1.c.31.

Proclidæ, begins to reign, and reigns 3 years
612) About this time Nineveh is destroyed by the Nah 1 111 Euseb. 3H1 563 At the end o! seven years, Nebuchadnezzar reco-
Medes and Babyloulans under Nabojolassar and Chr.p 121. Alexand.

Vers his deuses, and to restored to his authority Dan. 4.33.37.


Anaxandridex, or the family of the Eurysthenid, Her.1.1.c.5.7. Pau. 1.
110 Joaith le slaln in battle by Pharaob Necho, and!

succeeds to the throne of Lacedemon and reigas 111.c.3, &c. Plut. in
Is succeeded by Jehoahaz, who reigns three 2 K1. Ch.23

33 years

Apop. 1.


3442 562 Nebuchadnezzır dies, and is succeeded by his son Bero8118 ap Jos.
E ! 3335 609 Pharaoh Necho carries Jehoahaz captive Into

Evil meroduch, who reigns two years

Con. Ap.1.1.
Egypt, and makes Jebolaklın king, who reigns 2 K123.31 35.

3113 361 Evil-nerodach releases Jehoiachín from prisou, 2 Ki. 25.27. 30.
11 years

| 2 Ch 36.2.4.
and advances him, and treats him kindly

3327 607) Nebuchadnezzar is associated with his father Ber.ap Joseph.

Cras succeeds his father Alyatles in the king
Nabopolaxtar in the kingdom of Babylon

Ant.l.2.c. 11.
dom of Lydia, and reigns 14 years

Jeremiah foretelle the 70 years captivity

Jer. xxv.

|| 3444 560 Evil-merodach is slain by a conspiracy, and is Joseph.ut sup. Eus.
2 008
606.Xebuchadnezzar makes war upon Jehotakim,

succeeded by Nerigliasar, who reigns fourteen Prap. Ev.l.ix.
makes him tributary, and carries Daniel and


his friends, with many of the sacred vessels,

Astyages, king of Media, dies, and is succeeded
captive to Babylon; and from this year, the

by his son ('yaxareg Il called Darius the Mede. I Xenoph. Cyrop.
principal computation of the 70 years captivity 2 K124.12 Ch.35.6.7.

who reigns 23 years

lib. 1. Da.5.3L.

||3115 30 He associates Cyrus with him in the government,
Wait 3379 605 Nabo polassar, king of Babylon, dies, and is suc Canon. Puol. Juseph.

and sends him against the Babylonians

ceeded by his son Nebuchadnezzar, who reig18 Anla.Cl1.Co.AP. || 48 556 Cyrus slays Veriglissar in batue, who is succeed-
43 yeara

ed by his son Laborosnarchod

Idem,l. ill..
Agaricles of the family of Procles, yucceeds to Pausan.l.iii.e. 7.

Laboronoarchod s slain in a conspiracy on account
the throne or Lacdamon, and reigns 4 years Plucin Apoph.

of his cruelty, after he had reigned only nine Joseph. Cont. Ap...
3100 801 The Phoenicians sall round Africa by order of Pha-


raoh Vecho, king of Egypt

Herodotus,lib.i. || 3440 55 Nabonadius, or Belabazzar, succeeds him, and Euseb. Præ. Ev.l.ix
603 Jrhakim revolts from Vrbochadnezzar

2 k1.241.
rrigns 17 years

Daniel reveals and interpreta Nebuchadnezzar's

Daniel has a vision of four animals as emblemati.
dream; in consequence of which he and his

cal of the four monarchies, to be succeeded by
friends are greatly advanced

Dan. il.
the kingdom of the Meselsh

TO 3402 602 Æropas succeeds to the throne of Macedon, and

3451 853 Daniel has the vision of the ram and he goat, &c. vill.
Telen years


3133 561 Belshazzar goes into Asia Minor, and hires a great
** 1.3404 600 Pharaoh Necho, king of Egypt, dies, and le suc.

army against Cyrus, of which Crosus has the
cerded by his son Psammis, who reigns six


Xenoph. Cyrop. lib. n.


3456 548 Cyrus conguera Cropens at the river Halys, and Idem,
Darius, the Mede, or Cambyses, is born

Dan.5 SL

pursues him to Surdis, which he takes with Herodoll.I.
Sappho, the celebrated poetese, is also born about Herod.11.135.

C:nux in it Chr.
this time

Æll.xil c.19,23. 3457 617 Amyntas succeeds his father Alcetas in the king. Justin, I. vil.c3
$105 509 Jehotakin, king of Judah, is slain, and succeeded 2 K1.4.2.6.

dom of Macedon, and reigns 30 years

Her Iv.vil vill
by his son Jehoiachin, Jeconiah, Jecunias, or 2 Ch 36.

3463 541|Cyrus, having conquered a great part of Asla, be. Idem,l. 1. Xenophon.
Contah. who reigns three months and ten days! Je 2.14.19: 36.30.

sirges Pelshazzar in Bahylon

Cyr112, the Persian, 19 born

Diod. 1. 1. Her.1.1. 3166 539 He takes Babylon, ellys Beisbazzar, and conati
3106 005 Jecunian, with a great number of Jews, le carried

Integ his uncle Cyaxares. or Dariua. king oflibid. Da.V.A. ill.
captive to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar, who 2 K1.24.& 162 Ch.


makes his uncle Zedekiah king in his eart T36.9.10. Je 24.1. || 3467 03: Daniel,heing greatly preferred by Darius, la envi-
This is another epoxch of the 70 years captivity :

ed and hard by the netieg; and by their arthul
and froin this Ezekiel, who was now carried

devices lo mit into the den of lions, whence he
captire, dates

Is miraculously delivered
3410 694 Exkiel is called to the prophetical office

Ezek. 1.1.

About this time Daniel had the vision of the 70
Psammis, king of Egypt, is succeeded by his son

Apries, or Pharaoh Hophra, who relgus 25

169 36 Darius dying, and Camhyses hemg also dead in
ye 3r3

Herodot. 1.11.

Per la, (yrus ancceeds to the whole empire ;
502 Zedeklah rebels against Nebuchadnezzar, and con- 2 1 24.20, 2 Ch.36.13

and in the same year, he proclame liberty to the
federates with Pharaoh Hophra


captive Jew, restores their sacred verscle, en. Xenoph Cyrop. 1.vill.
**1413 591 The Pythian game3 tirst established at Delphi

courages them to rebuild the city and temple.

2 Ch.36 2,23 Eur.
111 501 Nebuchauenar bestere Jerusalem

2 KI.. L Je.D.I.

and thus terminates the 70 years captivity from 11:5 13.15; 7.6.
415 589 He forces Pharaoh Hoplita, who came to relieve

the third of Jehakim

Isa. 45. 1..6.
itio retreat

Eze 24.. Je 31.4.11. 3100 Kol The remnant of the Jews having returned to Je.
1416 599 He takes and destroys Jerusalem, burns the tem-12 KL. 25.2. 20.

roulem, set up an altır, brain to observe the
ple, and carries the people with Zedekiah. 2 Ch 36.17..21.

solemn feast and prepare to rebuild the temple Ez
whose sons he had slain, captive to Babylon 1 Je.xxxix.11.

3470 630 Theylay the foundations of the temple with ming.
Thus terminated the kingdom of Judah, 40 years

led tears, and acclamations of praise
from the accession of David, 334 years from the

Abont this time Dantel has to last vislon

Dan. x. xil.
revoll of the ten tribes, and 134 years from the

Tarquin18 Puperbia, or Tarquin the proud, suc Liv.1.1.c. 46, &c.
ruin of the kingdom of Israel

cords Servius Tullius on the throne of Rome. Dionya. Hal.lll.
About this Ume hadiah prophesied against the

and reigns 25 years

insulting Edomites

The Samaritans, bribing the courtiers of Cyrus,
About this time flourished Chilo, Anacharsis,

obatract the rebuilding of the temple

Eur. iv.
Thales, Epimenides, Solon, Æsop, Stersicho-

3174 690 Cyrus dies, aged 70, and is succeeded hy his son
ras, &c.

Cambyses, or Ahasuerus, who reigns eight Xen. Cyr.l. vill. Can.

Ptol. Ezr. 4.6.

Cl omenes, of the family of Eurysthenes, suc- Herod.l.v..vil.

ceeats Anaxandrides in the kingdom of Lace Pausan.l.vii.
From the deginning of (Badyloniss Captivity to the birth of Christ. 588 years.

droon, and reign 31 years


|| 378 520 Demiratus, of the family of Procles, succeeds his

father Ariston on the throne of Lacedemon,
416 598 Gedaliah, whoin Nebuchadnezzar had made gover-

but ! hanished as illegitimate through the in-Herodot.l.v.c.75,&c.
nor of the remnant of the people, is treacher.

trip. of (lenenes hid royal collete

I. VI.c.50,&c.
ously slain: and the Jews carry Jeremiah along

3479525 Peaminit chis succeeds his father Amis on the
with them into Typ

Jer.xl. xliv.

throne of Egypt; but is vanquished by Camby.
Ezekiel, in (haldea, propheates against the rem

se, who had invaded that country. and who Idem, 1.11.11. Diodo-
nant of the people who had been left in Judex.

conquere the wale kingdom

rus Sic.l.l.p.52.
against the land of Exypt, where they had ta

S42 522 Cambyses dies in Syria, and Sinerdis the Maplan,
ken shelter, and against the Fdomites for their

called in Scripture Artaxerxes, usurpa the
Insulting conduct, foretelling the restoration of

throne of Persia

Herodot. L. III
the captives of Judah, and the destruction of

The Samaritana write to him against the Jews'
their enemleg

Ezek. xxxii. xl.

rebuting the temple, and obtain a decree for
586 Nebuchadnezzar besieges Tyre for 13 years, Itho-Joseph. Ant.1.x.c. II.

bidding them to proceed

Eur. 4.7..22
bal heing then king during which time he ex Cont Ap.1.1. Je. 3483 321 Smerdis la alain, and Darius Hystaspes ascends Herodol Lill
acutes the Divine judginents on the Philistinesl XXVIl.XXIX. Esek.

the Peraian throne

Justin,l..c. 10.
Idamcans, Aminonlles, and Moabites

3184 520 Zerulibaliel And Jeshua, excited by the prophet
Aslyages succeeds Cyaxares on the throne on

Bagu ant Zechariah, set forward the building Eur 11%:6.14. Hace

or the triple

11. Zec.111.1v.
584 Nebuzaradan sends the scattered remnant of the

156 518 The Suruar lang and their associates sain at.
JPW8 Cutive u Babylon

Je.82 30.

tempt to hinder the work, but are made to desist
832 The Isthmian games are restored, and continued

by decree or Dar 118

every first and third year of the Olymp. ada

3499 516 The Babylonians having revolted from Darius, are
680 Nebuchadnezar precis a kniden image, which he

reduced, after a siege of twenty months; and Herodot. L. IL
requires every one lo worship and Shadrach,

the high walls of Babylon are reduced from 2001 Jisun.l.Lc. 10
Mr hech, and Abednego, in consequence of re.

to 36 Chibits, and their 100 gates are taken away. Polynus.l.vii.
fuug to obey, are cast into a fery furnace,

3199 314 The temple is finished and dedicated

from which they are miraculously delivered Dan. iti.

10 314 The Jews ohtain sentence from Darius against
578 1 Serviu. Tullius ncceeds his father Tarquinius Dion. Halliv.

the Samaritans, concerning the tribute of Sa. &.10.
Priacus in the kingdom of Rome
Liv. I. 1.c.41.

Jos. Antl.xl

578 Alcelax, or Alectae, ascends the throne of Mace.

8491 513 Dartus makes war on the Scythians, and returns Herodot liv.
don, and reiklis 3 years

with the loss of hall his army

574 The Art 21. tp volt from Pharaoh Hophra, in

3192 512 le suhtues 'Thrace, and returns to Susa

HerodoL Lv.
Contence of the loss of the army sent againet

3194 310 The Scythians ravage Thrace, and drive Milladea
the Cyrenians

Diod. Si.l.I.P.2.

out of the Chersones. On their retreat, be
131 573 Nebuchadnezzar takes Tyre, and is promised

retorns, and reinstated in his former power Idem. Vi
Flypt for his wagas


Hippias, son of Pisista 118, tyrant of Athens, la
OTHe invades Egypt, and either slays or carries cap.

expelled from the city, with all the Pisistride, Ibid.
live nearly all the miserable remnant or Jewa Ezek xxx,

and the democracy restored

who were the

Je. 14.27,28

3495 50 The Tarquins ara expellert from Rome; and the
1 Hertori lo llatslon, leaving Amasis king

regul government is supplied by two consuls Liv.1.1.c. 46.&c.
510 Pharaoh kophraiasla in by Anasis, who, from the Herodot 1.11.

Flor 7.&

period, reigns 14 years
1 Diod.81.1.1.P.2. Il 3498 506 Dastus invades and conquers India




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army 100. ardis vanqui


1 A.M.B.C
301 100The Athenlans, having entered into a confederacy!

3600 104 Athens is taken by Lysander, which poto an endi
with the Ionians against Darius, burn Sardis,

1 to the Peloponnexian war, and is governed by 32

D i na
which gives rise to the Persian war against the



3603 401 Peammiuchus succeeds Pausirls on the throne or
07 497 Alexander, son of Amyntas. gucceeds his father Idem.l.v..1x.

Egypt, and reigns six years
on the throne of Macedon, and reigns 34 years! Justin.. vii.c.3.

Cyrus the younger 18 slaln at Cunaxa, whilst a rt
3513 491 The Persians invade Attica, and are defeated at

fighting against his brother Artaxerxea | CILP
Marathon with great loss, and obliged to retreat Justin.l.11.c.9.

3804 400 | Xenophon accomplishes his glorious T-treat with
to their ships, and thence into Asia


the 10.000 Greeks woo had followed Cyrus XenCret
Leotychides, of the family of Procles, succeeds to Pausa

Socrates is put to death by the Atheolans for con- Dolly
the throne of Sparta, and reigns 22 years


temuing their goda
Leonidas, of the family of Euryathenes, begins to

The thirty tyrants expelled from Athens by Tara.Dindir
reign at Lacedæmon, and reigns 21 years Herod.l.vil.c.120,&

3617 487 The Egyptians revolt from Darius

3605 399 | Amyntas gucceeds to the throne of Macedon
3518 486 Darius, aner making great preparations for the

3606 398 Pausanias succeeds á myntas
invasion of Greece and Egypt, dies, and is suc- Herodot.l.vil.

3607 397 Amyntas Il.murders Pausanias, and relians 4 years D.Jastuu
ceeded on the Persian throne by his son Xerxes, 1 Canon,

Agesilaus, son of Archidamus, or the family of
who reigns 21 years

Afric. Euseb.&c.

Procles, succeeds to the throne of Laceda mon, Justin
Xerxes confirms to the Jews all the privileges

and reigns 36 years
granted to them by his father

Joseph. Antl.xl.c.5.

| Agesipolis, of the family of Eurysthenee, ascends Paul
84 He invades and reduces the Egyptians


the throne of Lacedemon, and relgne 17 years | XE
Herodotus, the celebrated historian, is born at

305 Nephereus succeeds Psammitichus on the throae Dunn
Halicarnassus, in Caria


of Egypt, and reigns six years
3521 483 Joshua, high priest of the Jews, dies in the 530

9931 Conon rebuilds the walls of Athens, and restores C.NO
year or his pontificate, and is succeeded by his Ne. 12.10 ; Jos. Ant.

It to 108 pristine staie
son Joiakim

11.x.c.5; Chr. Alex. 3614 390) Amyntas, king of Macedon, is deposed by the
3524 480 Plistarchus, son of Leonidas, of the family of the

niyrians, and Argaus succeeds to the throne;
Eurysthenida, succeeds to the Spartan throne,

but in the saine year the former is restored by Jade
under the guardianship of Pausanias


the 'Thessalians and spartans
Xerxes having invaded Greece with an immense

3615 389 Achoris succeeds Nephereus in the kingdom of

army, loses the ballle of Salamis, and is obliged Idem.l.vll.; Diod.1.

Figyrl, and reigns 14 years

1 XL; Just.1.11.c.10. 3617 387 The peace of Antalcidis is made between the La-
3525 479 The Persiane are vanquished at Plataa and My Herod. I. vill.ix.

cedemonians and Persiana, by which the Greek DWLIT.
cale on the same day

Diod.ut sup.

cities in Asia are rendered tributary to Persia The
3546 478/Xerxes, on his return toward Susa, destroys the

3620 34 Aristotle the philosopher is born
temple of Bel, and other temples. al Babylon. Arrian.l.vll.: Her... 11 3624 380Cleombrot18, son or Pansantas, of the family of
breaks down their images, and carries of their Diod.l.11.; Je.50.2 :

Eurysthenes, succeeds to the throne ol paru. D IT


and reigng nine years
3535 469 Archidamus, grandson of Leotychides, of the fa.

3528 376 Pammuthis succeeds Achorls in the kingdom of
1mily of Procles, succeeds him on the throne or Diod. Sic.l.xvi.

Egypt, ajid reigns only one year
Lacedrmon, and reigns 33 years


3629 375 Nepherites succeeds Psamuthis; and after a
6 Plistoanax, son of Pausanias, succeeds Plistarchus

| reign of fonr tnonths, he is succeeded by Nec
on the throne of Lacedemon, and relgns 59

Lanebie, who reigns 12 years

3630 374/The Persians under Pharnaharus invade Egypt,

3509 465 Xerxes, aller having given up his unsuccessful

and are obliged to retreat with all soccPSS la pe
war against the Greeks, 18 treacherously slain | Diod. Sic.l.xl.

3631 373 Johanan, called also Jonathan, succeeds his father.
by Artabanus


Jolada in the high priesthood of the Jers, N 2093
3540 461 Artaxerxes Longimanns, the Ahasuerus of Es-

which he holds for 32 years
ther, having been led by Arlabanus to slay his

33 371 The Lacedemonians are overthrown by the The
eldest brother, ascends the Persian throne, and

hans á Leuctra, where Cleombrotus 18 siain,
to secure himself, slays Artabanus

Idem.Ctesias. Es.1.1.

who 18 succeeded by his son Agesipolle II. who Died
463) Artaxerxes conquers his brother Hystappes Ctesias, Diod. I.

reigna one year

3542 402 Being thus fully established on the throne, he

3634 370 Alexander II., son of Amyntas, socceeds to the
makes a great least for his nobles : and divorces Esl.i. Jos. Ant.

throue of Macedon: but is murdered the fol
Vashti, his queen, for disobedience


lowing year by his younger brother Prolemy,
3544 460 The Egyptians revolt, and make Inarus their

who reigns four years

Thucyd. l.1. Clesias.

Cleomenes ll, brother of Agesipolis, of the family
3545 450 Achæmenides, brother of Artaxerxes, la slain by

or Euryathenea, succeeds him on the throne of
the Egyptians, and the remainder of his army!

Sparta, and relgns 61 years
besieged in Memphis

Idem, Diod. Sic.l.xl. 3638 366 Johanan, bigh priest of the Jews, kills his brother
3546 468 Esther, the Jewees, pleases the king, and is made Est II. Joseph,

Jeshna in the temple, for which the nation la
queen instead of Vashti

fined by the Persians for seven years

Jan II
8547 457 Ezra is sent by Artaxerxes as governor of Judea Ezr.vil.

Perdiccas II. succeeds to the throne of Macedou,l.
Mordecal discovers the treason of Bigthan and

and reigns six years


3611 363) Tachos succeeds Neclanebis in the klagecan of.
3548 456 Eza arriving at Jerusalem, with priests and Le.

1 Egypt
vites, and a large company, and considerable

3613 361 Agezilans, who had come to assist him against the
treagure, separates the Jews from their heathen

Persiane, revolts from him, and makes Necta.


nebus king
3530 454 Artabazus and Megabyzus having raised the slege

Archidamus, of the famliy of Procles, succeeds!
of Memphis, and defeated Inari18, take him pri-

his father on the throne of Laceda moll, and
soner, and again reduce all Egypt under the Thucydid.l.1. Diod.

Teigns 23 years
Persian king


44 360 Phill, 800 of Amyntas, succeeds to the throne on
Perdiccas IL succeeds his father Alexander on the

Macedon, and reigns 84 years
throne of Macedon, and reigns 41 years

Artaxerxes Mocmon dies, and is succeeded on
8651453 Eliashib succeeds his father Joachim in the high

the Persian throne by Ochus who rezo: searsA
priesthood of the Jews, and sustains that office Ne. 12 10. Jos. Ant.l.

356 Alexander the Great, son of Philip, is born

40 years

xi.c.5. Chr.Alex.

Pella in Macedonia
Haman plots the destruction of the Jews


Ochus subdues Cyprus and Phonicla, takes and
3552 452 Haman's plot is defeated in his own destruction,

destroye Sidon, takes many of the Jews cap !
in remembrance of which the feast of Purim is

tive, and sends them to Hyrcanla, on the shores


of the Caspian Sea
3560 445 Nehemiah is sent governor to Judea, with exten-

3654 350 He invades Egypt, expels Nectanebus, and it
sive powers, and rebuilds the walls of Jerusa-

duces the whole country; which has ever since

been enslaved by strangers
3660 444 He repeoples Jerusalem, and proceeds to reform

3656 348 | Plato, the celebrated Athenian philosopher, des, Dixela
both the civil and ecclesiastical state of the na.

aged 80


Ochus, king of Persia, Is poisoned by Bagoas, who
About this time it is supposed that Ezra prepared

makes Arogns or Arses king
and set forth a correct edition of the Scriptures

Aggl., of the family of the Proclide, succeeds tol...
8571 433 Nehemiah goes to the Persian court


the throne of Sparta, and reigns 8 years
3572 432 Meto begins his famous lunar cycle, also called the Diod. Sic.l.xl1.Ptol. || 3667 337|Philip, king of Macedon, is made general of all
golden number, from the numbers being ancient Magna Syntax.l.

Greece against the Persians
ly written in golden letters


3668 336 Bagoas poisons Arogus, and is put to death by Da-
431 | The war between the Athenians and Lacedemo-

rins Codomannus, who ascends the throne
nians, called the Peloponnesian war, beging, and Thucydides,1.11.

continues 27 years


Philip, king of Macedon, is elain, and is succeed 10
3576 428 About this time Nehemiah 18 supposed to have re.

ed by his son Alexander the Great

turned to Judea, and reformed the abuses which

Alexander the Great is appointed general anke
had crept in during his absence


Greece against the Persians
Plato, the celebrated philosopher, is born

Dlug. Lært.

He passes over Into Asla, and gang victors|PU
SOTT 427 Agis, son of Archidamus, of the family or Pro.

over Darius at the Granicus
cles, ascends the throne of Lacedæmon, and ! 3671 333/He reduces all Asia Minor, and gains another...
relgns 30 years


1 great victory over Darius at Iseua
Artaxerxes dies, and 18 succeeded by Xerxes his

3672 3321 He destroys Tyre and Gaza visits Jerusalem
son, who is slain by Sogdianus, and he by Ochus. Diod. Sic.l.xii.Ctesi,

| peaceahly, and conquera Egypt
or Darius Nothus, who reigns 19 years

Ptolemzi Canon. 3673 331 He passes the Euphrates and Tigris, and obtaina.
3584 420 Abolit this time Malachi prophesieg


a decisive victory over Darius at Arbela ; &nd PHIM
3501 413 The Egyptians revolt from Darius, and make

thus terminates the Medo-Perpian empire,
Amyrlrus their king, who reigns six years Chron.

which is succeeded by the Grecian or Macedo
Archelaus succeeds Perdiccas on the throne or Diod. Sic. l. xiv.

Macedon, and reigns 23 years

Justin.l.vii.c.4. | 3674 330) Darius 18 slain by the traitor Bessus
Jolada succeeds his father Ellashib as high priestl Jos. Ant.l.xl.c.7. Chr.

Eudamidas, or the family of Procles, succeeds to
of the Jews, and holds the pontificate 40 years Alex. Ne. 12.10.

the Spartan throne, and reigns 36 years
3505 409| About this time Nehemiah effects his last ac' or

3681 323) Alexander, alter the most extensive and splendid
reformation, and banishes Manasseh, the son of

conquesta, dies at Babylon; and Philip Arld
Jolada, who builds the temple on mount Geri-Neh 13.23..31. Joseph.

us, his brother, eucceeds nomically as kiner


while the commanders of his army divide the
3506 408 | Pausanias, of the family of the Eurysthenida,

empire ainong them

* Amu
Bucceeds to the throne of Sparta, and reigns 11

3683321 Onias succeeds Jaddua in the high priesthood, aad .

holds the pontiñcate 21 years
3097 407 Pausirls succeeds Amyrtæus on the throne of

Ptoleiny Soler reizes upon Phoenicia, Coloria
Egypt, and reigns six years

Herodot 1.111.

and Judea, takes Jerusalem, and carries a presyo
309 405 Darius Nothus dies, and is succeeded by Arta-Dica. 1 X111.

number of Jews into Egypt, where they for
xerxes Mnemon, who reigns 46 years

Jual l.y.c.8.11.

colony al Alexandria


or bahis time

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en vergelded by arca-

Eray Jan 2
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Onine madeene Jews and is


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I A.M.B.C.
3683 316 Pbilip being slain by Olymplas, 18 succeeded on Diod. Sic.l.xix.

3787 217 Onlas II. succeeds his father Simon in the high Jos. Antl.xll.
the throne by Alexander Egus

priesthood, which he holds 22 years

C.4. Euseb. Chr.
3690 3141 Antigonus dispossesses Ptolemy of Judea, &c. Diod. ut sup.

Ptolemy gains a great victory over Antiochus at
5694 310 Cassander murders Alexander Ægus, with Roxa. Diod. I. xix.

Raphia ; and coming to Jerusalem, he attempts Dan 11.11.3 MaaL
na his mother Boot

to enter the Holy of Holies, but is hindered by! Polyb.l.v.
335 309 Areus, or Aretus, of the family of Eurysthenes,

Just. I.XXL.C.L
succeeds to the throne of Lacedæmon, and

216 Having made peace with Antiochus, he attempts
reigns 44 years


to destroy all the Jews at Alexandria, but fails/3 Mac.
3103 301 Antigonus being conquered, the dominions of Al-

204|Ptolemy Phllopator dies, and is succeeded by Pto-Dan. 11.12.
exander are formed into four kingdoms : Egypt,

lemy Epiphanes, then only five years of age
with Judea, Phænicia, and Celo Syrla, under

203 Antiochus combines with Philip of Macedon to!
Ptolemy Soter ; Macedon and Greece, under Dan. 7.6;8.8. Diod. Sic.

divide the dominions of Ptolemy between them, Dan.11 13. Polyb.l.21.
Cassander; Thrace, Bithynia, &c. under De.

and seizes upon Palestine and Colo-Syria 7 Llv.).xxxl.
sirnachus; and Syria, with all the east, under mel.

01 The Egyptians implore the assistance of the Ro-


mans for their infant king ; who send M. Emili. Ibid. Justin.l.XXX.C.
3704 300 Ontas dies,and is succeeded in the high priesthood Joa A. Lxil.c.2.

us Lepidus into Egypt

2,3. Val.
by Simon the first

Chr. Alex.Euseb. 3806 199 Antiochus being engaged in war with Attalus,
3706 298 Cassander dies in Macedon ; ami Philip, who suc-

king of Pergamus, Scopas seizes all Judea, and Jos. Ant.l.xii.c.3.
ceeds him, dying soon after, leaves the crown to Dexippie and Por.

puts a garrison in Jerusalem Dan,xi.
be contended for between his two brothers, phyrius in Euseb.

199 Having made peace with Attalus, Antiochus van
Antipater and Alexander


qulahes Scopas at Paneas, and recovers all heIdem. Liv.lxxxili.c.
3708 296 Demetrius, son of Antigoni18, wasteg Samaria Euseb, in Chr.

had lost

19. Justi.xxxi.c.L
3709 295 Archidamus, son of Eudarnidas, or the family of

3809 195 Hannibal, the celebrated Carthagenlan general,
Procleg, succeeds to the Spartan throne


places himself under the protection of Antio-1C. Han. Liv.
3710 294 Antipater having been foreed to fly Inlo Thrace,

chus, and confirms him in his resolution of I.XXX
In consequence of having murdered his mother, Idem,in Breol. Plut.

making war on the Romang

Demetrius kills Alexander, and seizes upon thel In Dernet.ct Pyrrh.

Simon the high priest dies, and is gucceeded by his Jos. Ant.l.xll.e.
throne of Macedon


son Onias lll who holds the pontificate 24 years, Euseb. Chron.
3712 292 Simon the inst dies, and is succeeded in the high

3911 193 Antiochus marries his daughter Cleopatra to Plo. Jos. Antxi1.4. Liv.l.
priesthood by his brother Eleazar, who holds it|Jos. Antl.xli.c.2. Eu-

lemy Epiphanes, king of Egypt

XXXV.C. 13.
15 years

seb.Chron. Chr. Al. 3913 191 Having passed over to Europe against the Ro-Id. lib. XXXVI.
2871 The soldiers of Demetrius having revolted from Plut, in Demet. and

mans, he is driven back into Asia

Athen.l.x.c. 12.
him, make Pyrrhus king of Macedon


3814 190 Lucius Scipło, the Roman consul, follows him, and Dan.11.17.. 19. Liv.l.
5718 286 Lysimachus having expelled Pyrrhus, seizes up. Justin.l.xv.e.3.

by a complete victory compels him to make an Xxxvil.
on the throne of Macedon

Pausa.l.1.c. 10.
ignoruinious peace

3720 284 Ptolemy Soter, having placed his son Ptolemy!

3816 188 Philopoemen takes Lacedemon, and abolishes the Id.1. xxxii.c.4.
Philadelphus on the ihrone, dies; and Ceraunus Jual.l.xvi.c.2. Diog.

laws of Lycurgus for a short period

Plut, in Phllop.
the elder son files out of Egypt, first to Lysi. Lurt in Demet.

187 Antiochus le slain, while attempting to rob the
machis, and then to Selencos

Ptol. Syr.

temple of Elymais, and 18 succeeded by his son Dan. 11. 19.20.
3723 281 Lysimachus is slain in battle by Seleucuz, who Just.I xvii.c.1.

Seleuciis Philopatur

Beizes on all his dominions

| Applanin Syr.

190 Ptolemy Epiphanes having been poisoned, is suc.
3724 230 Seleucus is slain by Ptolemy Ceraunus, who Jusil xvii.c.2.

ceeded by his son Philometor, then only six
thereon becomea king of Maceilon

Pausanin All.
years of age

Hieron. in Dan. xl.
3725 279 Antiochus Soter encceeds his father Seleucus on Appian. in Syr. 3325 179 Perseus succeeds his fathe: Philip on the throne Llv.lib.xlii.
the throne of Syria, and reigns 19 years Chr.
of Macedon, and reigns Il years

1 Polyb. Leg.60.
Ptoleiny Cerannus 18 slain by the Gauls, who had Jusll. xxiv.c.5.

3999 176 Heliodorus, by order or Seleucus, attempts to rob12 Mac. 111. &c.
Invaded Macedon, and is succeeded by Melea-Pa18.1.x.c. 10.

the temple, but is prevented by an angel 1 Mac.c.4.
ger, who reigns only two months

Mem. Ex.c.15.

Seleucus is poisoned by Heliodorus, who attempts Dan. 11. 20,21.
Sosthenes conquers and expels the Gauls; but he

to prize the crown

Appian. in Syr.
is slain by them the following year, under the

3929 175 Antiochus, the brother of Seleucus, obtains the
commend or Brennus

Justin. ut sup.
kingdom by flatteries, and reigns 11 years

Idem. 1 Mac. 1.10.
SIZ 271 Antipater ascends the throne of Macedon, and Just.1.xx.xxv.

Jason buy & the high priesthood or him, and sup- 12 Mac 4.7.&c.
reisnis only 45 days; when he 19 succeeded by Putin Demet

plants his brother Ontag Mec.c.
Antigonus Gonalas, who reigns 34 years


3332 172 Menalaux supplants Jason his brother, by buying 2 Mac. 4.23.25.
Abont this time the Hebrew Scriptures are trans-Joseph. Anl.xil.

the high priesthood of Antiochos

Joseph.ut sop.
lated into Greek by order of Philadelphia

cl Aristæas.

3833 171 | Onlas is put to death at Antioch; and Lysima.
2728 2761 Manasseh succeeds Onias in the high priesthood

chus, the deputy of Menalaus, is slain in a lu-
3736 263 Eudamidas, 6011 Of Archidamus, of the family of

mult at Jerusalem

2 Mac.4.86.42
Proclex, succeeds to the Spartan throne, and

Antiochus gains a great victory over the forces of Dan 11.22
reigns 30 years

Plolemy near Pelusium

| Jusulxxxiv.c.2
3739 280 Acrotatus, son of Areus, of the family of Eurys.

3534 170 He gains another victory, and makes himself mag. Dan. 11.24.%.
thenes, succeeds his father on the throne of Plutarchuy in

ter of all Egypl, except Alexandria

Dio Excer. Val.
Sparta, and reigns only one year


A report having spread of his death. Jason sur 11 Mac. 1.20.25
3740 264 He is succeeded by his son Areus II. who reigns

prisex Jerusalem, and puts many to death

Jos. Ant.xll.&
seven years

Antiochur hearing that the Jews rejoiced at the
3713 261 Antiochus Soter, king or Syria, dies, and is suc- Trogiis in Prologo.

news of his death, takes Jerusalem, slays 40.0001 Mac. 1.21.22
ceeded by his son Antiochus Theus


PAT8008, sells as many more for slaves, and 2 Mac.v.
3707 257 Leonidas, or the family of the Eurysthenide, suc-

plunders and profanes the temple

Jos. Ant xii.7.
Ceeds Areus IL on the throne of Sparta

The Alexandrians make Physcon, brother of Pto. Porphyr. in Gr.
3751 20 The Parthians rebel from Antiochus, headed by Justin.l.xli.c 4.

lemy Philometor, king of Egypt

| Eus, Sc.p.60.58
Araces, who founds the Parthian empire

Stra.l. xl.p.515. 3835 169 Antiochus again invades Egypt, and attempts the Liv.1.xliv.c. 19.
Manasseh, the high prieel, dies, and is succeeded

Blage of Alexandria, without succe93

Just.1. xxxiv..2
by Onias Il, the son of Simon the juxt

Jos. Ant.l.xii.c.3. 3836 168 Hearing that the two brothers had agreed to reign d.l.xxxiv.c.3.
51 53 249 Peace ly made between Ptolemy and Antiochus,

in peace, he again invades Egypt, but is com-

Prvot but is com. Liv.l.xlv.c.11.
on the terms that the latter shall divorce hidl Dan. 11.5.6. Poly:rn.

pelled by the Romans to return

12. Dan. 11.27.
wile Laodice, and marry Berenice, daughter of Sirat.l.vlll c.50.

Mad with rage, he despatches Apollonlus to com-


plete the roin or Jerusalem, who builds the
3757 247 Ptolemy Philadelphus dies, and is succeeded by Ath.lxii.c 10.

fortress on mount Acra, and begins his persecu- 11 Mac. 1.43..61.2 Mac
his cou Ptolemy Energetes

Canon. Ptol.
tion of the Jewish religion

Vi. Jos.Antl.xii.c.7.
3758 246 Antiochus puts away Berenice and recalls Lao.

Mattathias and his sons take up arms

Jos. Bel.l.i.c.l.
dice, who poisons him, cuts off Berenice and Dan. 11.6.Plin.l vil.

The Romane having conquered Perseus at Pydna. Just.I.XXX.
her son, and places Seleucus Call nicus, her! c. 12. Val. Max.l.ix.

terminate the kingdom of Macedon

Flor.1.11.c. 12.
son, on the throne

c. 14. Ap. In Syr.

167 | The seven Maccabean hrethren and their mother
Ptolemy, to revenge the death of his sister, slays

martyred; and the persecution of the Jews car. 12 Mac.vl.vll.Joseph.
Laodice, and subduce all Syria and Cilicia : Dan. 11.7.,9. Polybius.

ried on with great violence

de Maccab.
and, returning to Egypt laden with spoil, hel 1. v. Monum Adul. I 3939 166 Mattathias dles, and is succeeded by his son Ju Ji Mac.ill.
offers many sacrifices al Jerusalem

Jos.c. Ap.L.11.

das, who obtains magt splendid victories over! 2 Mac. vill.Jo8.
3760 244] Agis, son of Eudamidas, of the family of Procles,

the generals or Antiochi18 Epiphang

succeeds to the throne of Sparta, and relgns 14

3839 165 Ile vanquishes Lyrias, recovers Jerusalem, and

Paus.l.vill. c. 10.

restores the daily sacrifice and the worship or 1 Mac..
3761 213 Pinlemy makes peace with Selencos

the temples

Jos. Ant l.xii.c. 11.
Cleonibrotus drives his father in law Leonidas

3840 164 Antiochus Epiphance dles miserably in the East. II Mac. vi.2 Mac. x.
from the throne of Sparta, which he usurpg two Idem.1.111.c.6.

and is succPetted by his son Antiochus Eupator 1 Jos. Ant.l.xii.c.18.
years Cleom. 3811 163 Judas, after varion3 Successes against the sur
Demetrius succeeds his father Antigonus on the Just.I xxvi.c.2.

round!enemies or the Jews, again vanquishes 1 Mac..v1.2 Mac. x..
1 throne of Macedon, and reigns Il years
Polyb l.ii.

xiii. Jos. Antxill

Lysias, and compels him to peace
3763 241 Leonidas is restored to the throne of Sparta

Menatals is slain, and Alcimus made bich priest Idem.
3769 235 Cleomenes succeeds his father Leonidas

162 Demetrius Sotar, Eon of Seleucis l'htlopaior, ez1 Mac.vil. Polyh.
3772 232 Antigong Doson being left guardian of his ne. Idem. 1.11.Jngt.

capes from Rome, kills Antiochus Eupator, and Legal. 114. Jo&.
iphew Philir, son of Demetrius, usurps the LXXV! 1.xxix.


sncceeds to the throne of Syria
ihrone of Macedon, and rei 08 11 years | Cleom.

161 Nicanor, sent by Demetrius against the Jews, 18
230 Seleucus is vanquished, and taken prisoner by the Athen.l.iy.c. 13.

slain by Judas, with all his army : but Bac 11 Mac.vlil.ix.2 Mac.

Just I. xli.c.4,6
chides, sent to avenge the blow, slays Judas. xiv.Joseph. Anl

1.xil.c. 17..19.
Archidamus, of the family of Procles, succeeds

who is succeeded by Jonathan
to the throne of Sparta, and reigns five years

3311 160 Alcimus, the high priest, dies, and Bacchides
5779 225 Cleomence kills hie royal colleague, and makes Justin.l.xxvili.

leaving Jerusalem, the Jewa enjoy peace 11 Mac.9.55,&c.
his brother Euclidas king, who reigns Six years Piul. In Cleom.

158 Bacchides returning into Judea, is routed by Jona.
Seleucus Callinicus dies in Parthia, and is suic-

than and Simon his brother, and makes peace Idem,lx.70. Jos. Ant.
ceeded by his gon Seleucus Ceraunus, who

with the Jew3

I.xill.c. 1,2
reigns three years

Justin. Ib. xxvil.c. 3.

153 Jonathan is made high priest by Alexander Balas,
3781 2231 Ceraunus iy poisoned by his attendants, and suc-Idem.l.xxix.c.5.

in consequence of assisting him on his laying 1 Mac. X. 1.48. Jos.
Cerded by his brother Antiochus the Great


claim to the throne of Syria against Demetrius
3782 Cleomenes, king of Sparta, 18 defeated at Sellasia

150 Demetrius 18 slain by Alexander Balas, who suc-11 Mac. 10.19.&c.

Jos. Ant.x11.5.
by the Achaans, and is forced to fly into Egypt Plut. in Vit.

ceeds him, and reigns five years
783 221 Ptolemy Philopater succeeds his father on the Dan. 11.9. Polyb. 3855 149 Onias, the son of On as, who had been high priegl, Idem, Anll.xill.
throne of Egypt, and reigns 17 years

11.11. Puol.Can.

builds a temple in Egypt, like that at Jerusalem C.6.1.xx.c.&
Philip, son of Demetriue, succeeds Antigonus on Polyb.l. xvI. &c.

3857 147 L. Mummius, the Roman consul, conquers the
the throne of Macedon, and reigns 42 years


Achtans, burns Corinth, and reduces the whole. Pansa. I v.c.24.
3785 219 Cleornenes kills himself and Lycurg 18 and Age

with the kingdom of Lacedaemon, into a Roman Liv. Epil.l.11.

sipolis succeed to the throne of Lacedaemon. Plut. In Cleom.

under whom the monarchical power is abol Polyb. 1. vi. Just l. 3860 145 Alexander Balag being slain, 18 gucceeded on the|1 Mac.x1. Joseph
xxvili &c.


throne of Syria by Demetrius Nicator
8786 218 Antiochus having seized upon Phoenicia and Celo

Ptolemy Philometor dics of the wounds he had
Syria, overthrows the forces of Ptolemy, and

received in warring against Alexander. and 18 Idem.Liv. Epit.I.UL

Da.11.10. Polyb.l v.
makes himsell master or Galllee &c.

Surabo, LarL
I succeeded by Physcon

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