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In Four Books, viz.

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A Popular, a Mathematical, a Mechanical, and

a Philosophical Treatise.

To which are added
REMARKS upon the Whole.


Professor of Astronomy and Experimental Philosophy at CAMBRIDGE,

and Master of Mechanicks to his MAJESTY.

Quid tam mirabile, quam particulam corporis quandam ita fabricatam efle, ut ejus opera animal

fentiat procul positorum corporum figuram, positum, motum quemlibet, disantiam; idque etiam
cum colorum varietate, quo distinctius ea dignofceret ? Nihil eft, in quo manifeftius Geometria
Artem Deus exercuerit. Hugenii Cosinotheoros. p. 40.

Printed for the AUTHOR, and sold there by Cornelius Crownfield, and at London
by Stepben Auften at the Angel and Bible in St. Paul's Churcb-yard, and

Robert Dodsey at Tully's Head in Pall-Mall. MDCCXXXVIII,

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Principal Secretary to his Grace the Duke

of DevONSHIRE as Lord-Lieutenant of IRELAND, and one of His MAJESTY's most Honourable Privy-Council for that Kingdom.

SIR, n F all the incidents in my life there is none

I reflect upon with greater pleasure, than the happiness of falling into your acquaintance at CAMBRIDGE. There, among the many agreeable hours I had the honour of passing in your company, you may remember the conversation sometimes turned upon Opticks, a Science you knew I had taken fome pains in: And the curiofity you then discovered, in relation to some

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