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harbour of rest above ; may Christ come to be pilot, steer the helm, and it shall be safe. · O for more faith! may my faith ripen to a full af-. surance, that I may go off the stage rejoicing, and that, abundant entrance may be ministered to me into the kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

O for more faith! that I may die like Simeon, when he had Christ in his arms, saying, “ Now let thy fervant de part in peace, mine eyes have seen thy salvation."

Lord, one smile of thy countenance would banish as way all my doubts and fears, and make me ling in pain.

Is my Redeemer gone to prepare a place for us ; why should í be so llothful to follow his footsteps, when he is saying, “ Come up hither;" come up, dwell here; come up, reign here ; come up, sing here.

O Lord, deliver my soul from death, mine eyes from tears, and my feet from falling. O save me from the horrible pit, draw me out of the miry clay, set my feet upon a rock, and establish my goings, and put a new song in my mouth.

O give grace to strive by faith and prayer, to enter in at the strait gate. Lord, thou hast bid me knock, and it shall be opened, ask, and ye shall find Lord, I knock,' open unto me; I would be in, I must be in ; let me but in over the threshold ; let me in within sight of my Ree deemer's face, within sight of the finiles of his countenance, let me within hearing of the songs of the rea deemed ; let me get to the out side of that praising com. pany; I will be well enough if I get in.

Lord, in I must be, out I cannot stay : O shut me not out with swearers, fabbath-breakers, and profane persons : Lord, I never chused their company while in this world ; Lord, do not gather my soul with finners hereafter.

The redeemed are gathering, and the wicked are gathering ; Lord, gather me with thy flock :- They are fast a-gathering; the church's head is gone ; he has left the earth, and entered into his glory; my brethren and friends, many of them have arrived where he is; I am yet behind. O how great is the difference betwixe my state and theirs. I am groaning out my complaint,


they are singing God's praise : I am in darkness, and cannot see thy face, but they behold thee face to face. O should'I be satisfied to stay behind, when my friends are gone ? Shall I wander here in a hungry desart, when they are triumphing above and dividing the spoil ? O help me to look after them with a stedfast eye, and cry, O Lord, how long?

O heavenly Father, draw me after Jesus, for none can come to him without thy aid. O Father, draw me up there where he is, and I will mount up as on eagle's wings. O draw me, and when thou seemelt to fly from me, Lord enable me to follow hard after thee.

Lord give me the staff of promise in my hand, that, I may go over Jordan with it; O give ine such a promise as that, “ When thou passeft through the waters I will be with thee, and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee. When thou walkest through the fire thou shalt not be burnt, neither shall the flame kindle upon thee." ;

Lord, my experiences are small, my manifestations are few: these I will not lean to : yet I will remember thee from the land of Jordan, from the Hermonites, and from the hill Mizar. Why art thou cast down, O my soul, and why disquieted within me! Hope thou in God, for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance and my God.'

Othou who remembered ft the dying thief when on the way to thy kingdom, o remember me when now feated in thy kingdom, and say to my soul, when I am dying, “ This day shalt thou be with me in paradise.”

Lord, I am called to the work I never did, O give me the strength I never had. O strengthen me like Samson for this once when at death, to pull down the strong holds of lin in me. Lord, wash away my sins in the · blood of Christ, and then my soul shall not sink in the ocean of thy wrath.

O what is my life but a vapour! a fand-glass of fixty or feventy years! O how fast does it run down! How soon runs it out! Vain, vain is the love of life! O give me grace to overcome the love of life, and the fear of death. O for more patience and less fretting.

If the damned had hope of being f..ved from hell after a thou and years of my pain, how willingly would they endure it. Bleffed be God, my pains are not hell, their state is not mine.

Lord, draw near to me, and save me ; my body is full of trouble, and my life draws near to the grave. But, Lord, thy loving kindness is better than life. O make thy loving kindness sure to me, and I will willingly part with this dying life.

o that I could make all the world see the beauty of my precious and adorable Saviour !

Nothing but an interest in Christ can give peace in life, or comfort in death. He is the chief among ten thousand, altogether lovely. My body is in part dead, but I know I cannot die eternaily while Jesus lives. I must go down to the grave; but what is the grave ?--It is but a refining pot, since my Saviour lay in it, it is but a bed of roses. He is the Rofe of Sharon, and the Lilly of the valley.

le was his free grace that drew me, and made me willing in the day of his power ; no defire, no merit in me; it was all free and undeserved.

o let the chastisement of my body be the medicine of my soul, to cure me of sin, and bring me to sincere repentance for it ; for Christ was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement of our peace was upon him. · Lord, remember the chastisement of Christ for sin, and let my pains be the chastisement of a father, and not the wounds of an enemy; let Christ's sufferings mi. tigate mine.

I rejoice in the prospect of that glorious inheritance reserved safe. I would not comfortably enter eternity any other way but in and through this God diator; if he was not God as well as man, I could not be supported :--but he is God.

O this precious Saviour, he is my all in all, he is my all-sufficient good, my portion and my choice; in him my valt desires are fulfilled, and all my powers rejoice, I am travelling through a wilderness to a city of había tation, whose buiider and maker is God.

O delightfui

corect of tha fortably ended man

O delightful thought ! that I, who was going on 'n fin, should be plucked as a brand out of the burning. O how will they lie on a death-bed, that have nothing but their works to fly to; with only this to depend on, I should be the most miserable of all creatures; but the long white robe of my Redeemer's righteousness is all my desire. They are truly blessed, they alone are happy, who are enabled to exult in the garment of celestial glory, which never waxeth old, in the illustrious robes of a Saviour's consummate righteousness, which are incorruptible and immortal. This is a robe which hides every fin, of thought, word, or deed, that I have committed. O how unspeakably happy are they who are justified by this all-perfect righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ, and who therein can constantly triumph and glory.

Lord,' I live upon Christ, I live upon his righteous. ness, I live upon his blood and merits ; yea, I die also, leaning wholly upon this bottom. It is not past expe. riences or manifestations I depend upon ; it is Christ, a present all-sufficient Saviour, and perfect righteousness in him I look to. All my attainments are but loss and dung besides him.

When I find myself polluted, I go to this fountain for cleansing. Lord give me delight in approaching to thee ;-delight to be at a throne of grace. O that I could make my bed there, lie and die there. •

The kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the vio. lent take it by force. O for strength to offer a holy violence by faith and prayer.


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THE INTRODUCTION. M AN, when he first dropped from his Maker's N1 hards, was a holy and innocent creature, pure from fin, and confequently free from fickness and trou. ble, enjoying uninterrupted health and prosperity both . in body and soul. But no sooner was he tainted with fin, but he became liable to all sorts of miserieg, tempo. ral, spiritual, and eternal ; his soul being the residence of his fins and lusts, his body turned the receptacle of fickness and diseases. And seeing God's own children have ths relics of fin and corruption in them while in this world, they are not to expect exemption from such afdictions, and the infinitely wise God fees meet to make use of bodily diftempers to correct the corruptions, and try the graces, of his people, and to promote both cheir spiritual and eternal advantage. Hence it is said of Laza Tus, John xi. 3. “ Behold, he whiom chou lovest is fick.” ' He was beloved, and yet fick. It is no rate thing for the deareft of God's faints to be put to chatter like cranes, and mourn like doves, by reason of sore sickness, as He. zekiah did, Isa. xxxviii. 14. Sanctified and healthy fouls may be matched with weak and fickly bodies, as was Gaius, 3 John 2. Notwithstanding the case is sometimes most trying and exercising to the best of God's people, and they are never more ready to question God's love, or quarrel with his Providence, than under heavy VOL. I.


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