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3. Our woeful fecurity in these evils, and obftinate eleaving to predominant fos, despising all reproofs for

them, and warnings to forsake them. .. 4. The inordinate fetting of our hearts upon earthly

enjoyments and fenfual fatisfaction, to the fad neglect of these things, wherein our chief happiness doth confift, viz. the enjoying of God, and communion with him.

5. The great ignorance of God and of gospel truths, which continneth in a land of such light. The great ignorance of Jesus Christ, of his mediation and offices,

and of the way of making use of Chrift for justification yang and fanctification, for strength in duties, and for acs cess to and acceptance with God.

6. The neglect of the worship of God in families, and in secret, and the great restraining of prayer before God

7. Our unfruitfulness under the means of grace.

8. The backlidings of all ranks from God, and learing their first love; the great decay of the life and pow. er of godliness, and of holy and tender walking, both in ministers and profeffors.

9. The floth and contempt of many, in not attending upon God's holy ordinances.

10. Our attending ordinances for the fashion, and not making them tryfting places for meeting with God, and means of communion with him.

11. Our contenting ourselves with man's teaching, and not seeking after the teachings and influences of the Spirit, in hearing of the word.

12. Our sinning away the holy spirit from ordinances; our not lamenting for his withdrawiug, nor wrestling for his return. .

13. Our formality in prayer, and not making use of the intercession of Christ, nor employing the aflıftance of the spirit sthis duty.

14. Our resting upon an outwatd attendance of ordinances, and a name to live, without seeking after a work of grace and regeneration in our fouls. 15. Our not valuing the news of redeeming love



which the gospel brings to us, nor embracing glorious Christ as offered to thus therein.

16. Our not living a life of faith upon Christ, nor making continual use of his meritorious blood, and imputed righteousness for our justification, san&ification, subduing lin, performing duty, acceptance with God, and peace of conscience.

17. Our going about to establish our own righteous. ness, by putting our religious duties, our just dealing, or moral honefty, in the room of glorious Christ, who alone is the Lord our righteousness.

18. Our unfrequency and sloth in celebrating the memorials of redeeming love, and of the death and suffer ings of our blessed Lord, in the holy supper. .

19. The profanation of the Lord's table, by the ap. proach of those who are ignorant, prayerless, or ungod. ly livers. . .

20. Our neglecting folemn preparation for this near approach, by felf-examination, secret humiliation, and wrestling with God for his presence, and renewing co. venant with him.

21. Our not keeping up the impression of sacramen. tal vows, and of the matchless love of Christ displayed to us, so as to be thereby constrained to live to Him that died for us.

22. Our not imitating the pattern of the holy Jesus, in his meekuess, holiness, felf-denial, mortification to the world, patience under wrongs, thankfulness for mercies, diligence in prayer, zeal for God's service, concern for the good of others, willingness to die, and resignation to God's will.

23. The neglect of masters and families in instruct. ing their children and servants, and using their authority to suppress Gn amongst them.

. 24. Our unthankful forgetting of the many signal deliverances which God hath wrought for this church and land; and our unthankful abuse of the many valuable mercies we still enjoy.

25. Our prefidious dealing with God, in breaking both national and personal coyenant; and our want of

. zeal

zeal for maintaining truth, purity and piety, in oppofie tion to abounding error, superstition and profanity.

26. Our indifferency about the coming of Christ's kingdom; our little praying for the peace and prosperity of Jerusalem ; and our minding our own things, more than the things of Jesus Christ.

27. The heaven-daring attacks made upon the gospel-revelation, by infidels among ourselves.

28. Our impenitency and insensibleness under spiritual judgments, and manifold tokens of God's anger, such as, withdrawing his spirit from ministers and profeflors, blasting of ordinances, dividing us in his anger, giving us up to spiritual oppression and persecution, lctting loose a spirit of error and delusion, &C.


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