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things both in heaven and earth, you can find none like him, so excellent in himself, and so well adapted to your conditions and circumstances Paul was a learn. ed man, and knew many things; a travelled man, and had seen and heard many things : Yet when he casts up his counts of all he had ever seen, heard or known, he fays, “I count all but dung and loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ," Phil. ii. 8. o. .

V. Come with much hunger and thirft to this full feast. See that your appetites be not glutted with the world, for the full foul lothes the honey comb : It is only the thirsty that are welcome, Rev. xxii. 17. “ Christ fills the hungry with good things.” When the desire oriens the heart widest, then he opens his hand largest to fill it, Pfal. Ixxxi. 10. O then, cry, “ Give me Chrift, arıd deny me what thou wilt ; a crunib of mercy from thy table, or else I am gone for ever." Endeavour to fay, as Ifa. xxvi. “ The desire of my soul is unto thee, and to the remembrance of thy name. O that I knew where to find him! When wilt thou come unto me O for further tokens of his love, and clear evidences of my intereft in him! O for the smiles of his face, and the voice of joy and gladness! There are many heavenly dainties here ; here are all the fruits of the tree of life, the comforts of the Spirit, the influences of his grace, the bread and waters of life; therefore come with enlarged appetites. The spouse cries, Cant. ii. 4. “Stay nie with fagons; as if she had said, “ My thirst is so great, it is not a drop or a little cup that will quench it, I would have whole flagons.” Fear not to wrong your neighbours : For there is a river to every one of you.

Observe how earnest Christ was to feast with us, Luke - Ixii. 15. “ With desire (fays he) have I desired to eat

this supper with you,” though he had no need either of you or it: And will not you, whose necds are so great, say, “ with desire have I deGred to eat this supper with Christ before I die; it may be my last communion, O let me have something to carry my expence through the wilderness ; let me have something to comfort and support me, when I go through the valley and shadow of death?".

and whit were in the A of Chrifted, I will b

VI. Come with humility and self-denial, content to be nothing, that Christ may be all; and willing to submit to any thing for a blink of his countenance. Be fensible of your ill-deservings, and acknowledge a crumb will be a great mercy. Be content, with the prodigal and woman of Canaan, to be taken into Christ's family, though it were in the meanest itation and employment: Let me be the meanest of Christ's servants, though I be never so ill used, or ill respected, I will be thankful, if I be within Christ's doors, have a relation to his family, and can call him Mafter. Again, come self-deniedly, renouncing all confidence in yourself, your preparations, humiliations, or performances : These may be good graces, and good duties ; but they will be ill Christs, and ill Saviours. Freely own that it is not your own righteousness that saves you, not your own strength that quickens you ; but only Christ's righteousness, and Christ's strength. Say, “ Bleffed Jesus, I fly to thee alone; I have no hope in myself, nor in any thing beGdes thee; all my confidence is in the freeness of thy love, the mercy of thy bowels, the merit of thy death, the worth of thy blood, the sufficiency of thy righteousa

VII. Come with charity and love to all meñ, even to your very enemies. Banish all malice and envý, pray for your enemies, forgive them, with well and do good both to their fouls and bodies, according to Christ's example on the cross : But especially, bring with you love and affection to God's people, delight in their fellowfhip above all others, for they are the excellent ones of the earth.

VIII. Come with honest designs to seal a marriage-covenant with Chrift. Consent frankly to Christ to be your Prince and Saviour; do not think of halving it with Christ, but be willing to take him intirely upon his own terms. Be content not only to be saved by him, but to serve him, live for him, fight for him, and cleave to him, all the days of your life ; resolving that all the pleasures of fin, temptations of satan, and allurements of the world, nay, the hopes of enjoying ten thousand worlds, shall VOL. I. 3 T

nevet never prevail with you to part with Christ. Come rfigning yourselves, your hearts, and all you have to Christ : Say, “ Lord, though I had ten thousand heart, and every one of them ten thousand times better than they are, they should be all thine,” Come with strong vows and parpos,s against sin, that murdered your S3 viour ; resolve never to harbour it, or make peace with it; but that you will fight against it to your laft breat, and revenge the death of Christ on it.

IX. Come with thankfulnefs and praise to God for redeeming love, and providing such a Saviour for you. Let the high praises of God be in your mouths ; fend up whole vollies of praise to your Redeemer, for undertaking your deliverance. Invite the angels, and all the creation, to alīst you in this work. Stir up your fouk, and all that is within you, to bless his holy name: Your fouls (like Mary)" should magnify the Lord, and your spirits rejoice in God your Saviour;" your hearts should ascend, like Manoah's angel, in the smoke of thankigiving and prajfe. Say, Lord, what thall I render to thee for all thou haft done and suffered for me? Lord, what am I, that thou shouldft part with thy glory, pea, with thy blood, and with thy life, for such a wretch as me? I am ashamed that I can love and praise thee 10 more : Oh! my heart is cold, my tongue is flow: Let beaven and earth, angels and men, join and extol his free.grace and wondrous love: Let all the world ring with his praise."

X. Come with hope and expectation, depending on God's promises and Christ's merits. You ought greediJy to look to Chrift, expecting something from him, as the poor cripple did from Peter and John, Acts ii. 4. 5. Peter said Look on us : And he gave herd to them, expecting to receive something from them." We ordinarily receive little, because we expect little ; " God's mercy is upon us, according as we hope in him,” Pfal. xxxiii. ult. O raise your desires and expectations ; for you come to a merciful and liberal God, that will not let the expectation of his poor creatures perish, Pfal. ix. 38. “ The needy thall not always be forgotten ; the expectation of the poor Thall not perish for ever. *


Object. “ Alas! I am a poor, weak, heartless creature : I have little ground to hope.” Anf. You have God's call and promife to encourage you. Groan under your deadness, and use the means ; aim honeftly at your duty, and look to God for accomplishing his promise. Do as the Israelites did in the wilderness, Num. xxi. 16. 17. 18 God had called them to the place where he promised them water, which was very much valued in that dry defert: Well, did they fit ftill idly, waiting till the water should spring ? No, the nobles put to their staves, and digged in expectation of God's fulálling his promisc, and fung, Spring up, 0 well, &c. Make an honest mint, look up with hope, and cry for the springing of the well. Come, bring all your empty veffels to the fountain, in expectation of a fill : Do as the poor widow, 2 Kings iv. “ bring not a few:"" for I am sure the vessels will fail before the oil fail. Plead with God for the accomplishing of his word : Say, “ Lord, though we cannot say pour water on us, for we are thirfty, yet we can plead, pour floods on us, for we are dry ground : Lord, make us as hungry as we are empty, and thirsty as we are dry : Lord, if thou deal with us according to our sense of need, we will get little; but, Lord, we plead, thou wilt deal with us ac. cording to our real need, and thy royal bounty, and then we will be right enough."

O poor foui ! Art thou longing for the springing of the well, saying, “ O that I knew in what part of this valley of Baca the well would spring, what ordinance, what duty, would be the mean: There I would wait and lie, there I would dig and ory : One guíh of these living streams would satisfy my longing foul ?" Poor foul, thou shalt not die for want, you have the word of a king for it, Ifa. xli. 17. 18.“ When the poor and needy seek water, and there is none, and their tongue faileth for thirst, I the Lord will hear them, I che God of Israel will not forsake them. I will open rivers in high places, and fountains in the midst of the vallies; I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry.lard springs of water."

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DIRECTION, Direction IV.' AFTER you have this morning meditated; dealt with your hearts, wrestled with God, read his word, and performed family-worship, with faith and fervency fuit· able to this folemn occasion : You ought timeoully to repair to the church against the solemn worship begin. And let your hearts be breathing forth many heavenly ejaculations by the way; such as that, Psalm xlii. 3. 4. “ Send forth thy light and thy truth: Let them lead ine, and bring me to thy holy hill, and to thy tabernacles. Then will I go unto the altar of God, unto God my exceeding joy." O, it were a pleasant frame this morning, to be going with joy to draw water out of the wells of salvation ! Let us be very thankful, that the waters of life do flow so pleasantly and plentifully to us, betwixt the banks of gospel ordinances; bless God, that has not made the barren wilderness our dwelling; But let us think, as we go, that as God rained down manna from heaven on his people, so he rained down fire and brimstone on Sodom and Gomorrah. This serves to teach us to rejoice so in the mercies which God rains down upon us in the sacrament, as to fear his judgments in case they be abused. · Again, think, “ I am now upon my way to mount Calvary : Lord, forbide that Christ's traitors be my attendants : Let all my lusts and idols be for ever banished from me : May they never find lodging in my soul any more: Lord, help me to go this day, with such a melted heart and weeping eyes, as the holy Virgin, Mary Magdalene, and the other tender-hearted women of Jerusalem had, when they went to mount Calvary, to behold Christ crucified. Am not I going up to see the same crucifixion represented before my eyes ?”

As it was a part of your secret work this morning, to plead earnestly with God to direct his messengers to speak suitably to your case; so you ought by the way to be sending up ejaculations for this end, and frequently to be crying, Awake, O north-wind, and come thou fouth, blow, &c. The minister's words will be but as wind, and a beating of the air, (unless the wind of the Spirit


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