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proper food is very pleasant to our bodies, so we ought to take great satisfaction and complaceney in partaking of Christ and his benefits. Let us satiate ourselves, in tafting of his goodness, and feasting on his heavenly dainties. · And as by our earthly food our bodies are strengthened for labour, so by this spiritual food our souls and our graces are nourished and strengthened for the duties of religion. .

Again, you are to look upon these facramental actions, as a mutual giving and taking fasine and infeftment betwixt Christ and your souls. Hereby you get infeftinent of a crucified Chrift, his great purchase and glorious inheritance; and hereby Christ takes infeftment of your foul and body, to be his children, his heirs, his servants and soldiers, to obey him and fight for him while you live. You are hereby consecrate to be temples for his service and residence; beware of defiling the temple of the Lord, suffer not a herd of swinish lufts to enter therein, left God abhor you and cast you off for ever. • When you hear these words of the institution, " This cup is the New Testament in my blood : This do in Temembrance of me : Consider why it is called a Teltament; it is because in his ordinance we have, Christ's teftament and latter will sealed, wherein he leaves many a rich legacy to his poor friends : And here he gives a sealed copy of his testament into every one of their hands.

Qucft.“ What are the legacies he leaves.""

Ans. Pardon, peace, wisdom, righteousness, sanditication, redemption, grace, and glory.

Queft. “ But how thall I know if I have any interelt herein ?"

Anf. Are you one of Christ's poor relations ? Can you claim any libness to him by faith and regeneration! Then your name is in Christ's Testament.

Quest. " But how shall I be sure that the Testament is in force, and will be execute ?"

Ans. It is become of force by the death of the Telta.. tor, who died, and left his Testament in the hands of the blessed Spirit to be executor of it, and to apply it to those the Teftator appointed : Yea, (blessed be God.


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the Testator is risen again, and lives to fee the execution of it himself likewise.

Queft.“ But, will I get all Christ's purchase and legacies just now?"

Anf. You shall be infeft, and have your right fecured to all this great estate left by Christ's will to you; and out of it you shall have a present maintenance, till th time appoinred come, when you Thall enter into the full possession of the inheritance. You are but minors yet, and not fit to be in trusted with it, but it is secu. red in good hands for you, till you come to full age. In the meantime, you hear the dying leftator leaves a charge upon you, to " do this in remembrance of him."

Think on him and his love to you ; think what he has 'contrived, what he has promised, what he has done, what he is still doing, and what he is about to do for you :. Remember him who remembered you in your lowest estate, and is still remembering you : Remember him that is coming again quickly in the clouds, to meet you, take you home to his palace, and put you in poffeffion of all. He commands you to shew his death till he come again.

When you hear of his coming again, consider what a glorious coming and glad meeting that will be. O bee liever, you now see Christ only through these elements by an eye of faith, but then you shall see him by an eye of immediate vision, you Thall see him even as he is; and O how mightily surprised will you be at the light ! You will say, as the Queen of Sheba said of Solomon, The half was not told me when I was in my own country; but, “ Behold a greater than Solomon is here."

Before you rise from the table, you may think on Elijah's cake baken on the coals, and his crufe of water, in the strengih of which meat he went forty days and forty nights till he came to Horeb, the mount of God, i Kings xix. 6. 8. Think how much more substantial, durable and nourishing the food is that thou hast been partaking of, and bless God for it Elijah is twice there wakened to take a double meal; and so ought you to rouse up and provoke your fpiritual appetite to take another morsel ere you go ; you thould feed plentifully

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,at Christ's table. It is a virtue to be a holy glutton at 'this feast: You know not if ever you get another feaft like this, till you come to the mount of God abore; this may be your last communion here, and the left time you shall drink of the fruit of the vine in this manner; take a large fill to strengthen your soul for your journey,, you know not what blafts and storms may blow by the way: You have a fiege to hold out, take in provifions here ; you have a voyage to go, fee that you victual your ship : Death will try and put all your graces to it. The wiseft virgins have no grace to fpare at the coming of the Bridegroom : What storms of temptations and difficulties do many poor faints meet with on a death-bed ? It is with much ado they put fafe into the harbour at laft: then gather manna while it is falling, for your gathering time may be loft.

Consider, that, while you are at the table, you are near Christ your Physician ; therefore be fenable of your maladies and look up to him with your finger on your fore, and cry with rhe Pfalmift, Psal. xli, 4. “ Lord, be merciful unto me; heal my soul, for I have finned against thee.” Now the balm of Gilead is a mong my hands, and it will be fad if I should miss a cure. The blood of Christ, that hath healed thousands, is now at hand; Oh let not my plagues continue with me. O let a drop of that precious blood light on my cold, deed, and hard heart, that fome heat, life and fofte ness may be got and preserved therein.

You are come to Christ on a good day, when he is on a throne of grace with a sceptre of mercy in his hand ; see that you make all your wants known to him. A feasting time is a time of granting requests : « What is thy petition, and what is thy request, Queen Esther?" faid king Ahasuerus at the banquet of wine. So said King Jesus to the worthy communicant at his royal feast, “ What is thy petition, and what is thy request ? What will ye that I shall do unto you?" as Christ afk. ed the blind men, Mat. xx. 32. Let your requests be like those of the Pfalmist, “ Consider, and hear me, O Lord my God; lighten mine eyes, left I sleep the fleep of death, Pfal. xiii. 3. Let my soul live, and it shall praise


this tim Awake, or that the price

thee, Pfal. cxix. 175. Purge me with hyffop, and I thall be clean, wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow, Pfal. li. 7. Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation, and uphold me with thy free spirit.” Pral. li. 12. Or, you may put some of the Spouse's petitions at this time," Draw mc, we will run after thee, Cant. i. 4. Awake, ( northwind, come thou south, blow upon my garden, that the spices thereof may now out. Let my beloved come into his garden, and ear his pleafant fruits, Cant. iv. 16. Make hafte, my beloved, and be thou like to a roe or young hart upon the mountains of spices." Cant. viii. 14. • O communicant, thou art near to a crucified Christ when at the table, as the penitenit thief near to him when on the cross; he got mercy from Chrift when he fought it, and fo may you, if you seek it with the same frame of heart. Cry, Lord, look on a poor finner at thy table, as thou didst on him that hang on the cross. “ Lord, Remember me, now thou art in thy kingdom.” Thy wounds are open now; Lord, shelter me in them. Thy blood is running fresh : O bathe my deceased soul in this fountain, that I may he whole for ever. So much for the second head of directions. I now proceed to the third head.


Concerning a Communicant's Behaviour after Partaking,

and when the Communion Sabbath is over.

TN discoursing this head, I propose to do these fol

1 lowing things: 1. To give some directions concern. ing your deportment when riling and going from the Lord's table. 2. Concerning your carriage when you go home to you closets and retiring places. 3. Con. cerning your behaviour and conversation in the world when all the work is over.


SECT. I. Containing Directions concerning your Deo

portment when Rising and Going from the Lord's Table.

BELIEVERS are sometimes ready to say, “ It is good for us to be here, let us build tabernacles, and dwell still.” But this table, chough it be satisfying, it is not lasting; though the meal be sweet, it is short. AU things here below are tranfitory, and communions are paffing things with the rest. You must rise and ga down from the mount, and return to the world, and travel in the wilderness again. Oh, may the believer fay, “ And must I rise, and go back to that unsatisfy. ing and soul-starving world again? What shall I do there, if my Redeemer go not alongst with me? Lord, take me by the hand, lead me, uphold me, and be thou ftill with me; and at last bring me to that endless feast thou haft prepared for thy people above, where I may ever lye in thy bosom, under the interrupted beams of thy smiling and cheering countenance, and for ever feed my hungry fouļ on thy blessed self, without the help of symbols or sacraments, and where the guests will be never called to rise from that glorious table any more.”

Quest. What is that frame and disposition of soul that we should have in rifing and going from the Lord's table ?

Anf. With respect to that observe the following directions :

You ought to rise and go from the table.

I. In a wondering and admiring frame. Continue to wonder at the love of God in giving his beloved Son to die a cursed death for us. Though he loved him moft dearly, yet he wounded him moft deeply, that his precious blood might stream forth and save us. Hence it is faid, Ifa. liii. 10. “ It pleased the Lord to bruise him." Junius reads it, Valde delectatus eft ; i. e. He was exceedingly delighted in it. Strange ! other parents, whose love to their children is nothing in compari on of the Father's love to Christ, do follow their children

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