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a christian and a minister. He was in- at half past ten. Rev. Jenkyn Thomas, of terred on the 26th at Bunhill Fields, when Cheltenham, afternoon, at three Dr. Collyer delivered an impressive ad- The Annual Meeting of the Assodress at his grave, to a very large and ciate Fund Society, will be held at the deeply affected auditory.'

King's Head Tavern, Poultry, on Satur

day, the 14th of May. W. A. Hankey, Notices.—The Designation of Mr. C. Pif- Esq. will take the Chair at nine o'clock. fard, and his sister, to the London Mis

Breakfast will be provided for the frients sionary Society's Station at Calcutta, will

of the Society at a quarter hefore cight take place at the Chapel, Lower Street, o'clock. Islington, on Monday evening, the 21 May. The yearly Public Meeting of The Service to

at half-past six

Protestant Society for the Protection of o'clock. The Rev. H. Townley, with other Religious Liberty, will he held at the Ministers, will engage in the service.

Çity of London Tavern, on Saturday, The Annual Public Meetings of the May 14, at ten for eleven precisely, when Home Missionary Society, will this year some distinguished friend of religious be beld in the following order. On Tuere liberty will preside. day, May 3, the Rev. William Patton, Thé Annual Meeting of the Newport M. A. pastor of the Central Presbyterian Pagnell Evangelical Institution, for the Church, at New York, will preach the Education of Young Men for the Christian first sermon at the Scots Church, Swallow

Ministry, will be held on Wednesday, Street. On Monday, May 16, the Rev. 16th of May, at the Rev. T. P. Bull's Meeta John Cooke, of Maidenhead, will preaching house." The Rev. J. Townsend, of the second sermon at Barbican chapel,

London, and the Rev. W. Roby, of Manboth the services to commence at half-pastchester, have engaged to preach on the six o'clock in the eveningOn Tuesday, occasion. The afternoon will, as usual, May 17, the General Meeting of Sub

be occupied in receiving the Annual Rescribers, &c. will be held at Spa-fields

port, &c. &c. Chapel, Joseph Butterworth, Esq. M. P.

The Twenty-ninth Anniversary of the in the Chair.

Somerset Association is to be held on The Annual General Meeting of the Wednesday the 25th of May, at Martock. Members and Friends of the Sunday The Rev. W. B. Leach, of Shepton MalSchool Union, will be held at the City let, to preach in the inorning, and the of London Tavern, Bishopsgate Street, Rev. T. Golding, of Poundisford Park, in on Tuesday ning, May 10. Breakfast the evening. at six o'clock, and the Chair taken at Whit-Monday, 23d May, the Annual

Sermon to Young People will be preached, The Anniversary Meeting of the Port of at the Chapel, Lower Street, Islington, by London Society for Promoting Religion the Rev. John Yockney. Service to comamong Seamen, will be held at the City of mence at half-past six o'clock. London Tavern, on Monday, the 9th May. The Anniversary of the Bedfordshire Lord Gambier will take the Chair at twelve Union of Christians will be held at Bedo'clock precisely. The Anniversary Ser- ford, on Wednesday the 1st of June; mons will be preached on board the Float- when the Rev. John Mack, of Clipstone, ing Chapel, on Tuesday, 10th May. Rev. and the Rer. - Nottage, of Roxton, are John Griffin, of Portsca, in the morning expected ?o preach.

Answers to Correspondents, fc. COMMUNICATIONS have this month been received from Rev. J. Leifchild-J. Moore

T. B. Brown-R. W. Newland-Dr. Wardlaw—T. Golding-W. Orme--Jos, Fletcher J. Blackburn-H. F. Burder-J. Yockney-J, Hillyard-C. N. Davies-Jas. BassH. Evison–T. Hathaway-W.H. Stowell. Also from Midas - J. K.--T. S. Davies- Amanda-A. Allan-An Inquirer-R. M.

Frater-N.-A.-J. K. K.-S. Summer) Viatorius Mercator-W. B. KilpinJ. Wilks-J. Bull-Eaglet-H. R.-J. Edmeston - A. Allan-Quidam.

“ An Inquirer” is respectfully informed that we do not wish to open our pages to the discussion of the Catholic Question.

ERRATA IN OUR APRIL NUMBER. The title of the third work reviewed, p. 195, on Geneva and the Socinians, should have exhibited the name of Dr. J. P. Smith as its author. We have to apologize to Dr. S. for this omission, which was occasioned by haste in the transcription of the title-page. On the wrapper also, the same work is stated to be “R. Bakewell's Vindication," &c. ; it should be “Dr. Smith's Vindication," &c.

Our respected Correspondent at N. S. has informed us of the opening of " a neat Congregational Chapel,” &A. but has rather unfortunately omitted to state where ; so that till the name of city, town, or village so favoured be communicated, the other particulars in course are useless,


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(From the original in the popsifsion of the Family)

Published June 104 1825. for the conurational tw. by BJ.Holdsworth, S.Pauls Church Yard lin

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(Concluded from page 229.)

We are iudebted to the intimate provement of Mr. Døddridge, who friendship that so long subsisted had now, (in 1723,) by his becombetween Mr. Some and Dr. Dod- ing the minister of the congregadridge for much that we know of tion at Kibworth, been brought this incomparable, man." We again into Mr. Some's neighbourhave thus gained sueh an acquaint- hood. Mr, Doddridge knew how ance with him, as makes it a sub- to prize sạch valuable assistance : ject of deep regret that no more of and therefore, in 1725, removed to him is known. We discern the hand Harborough, that he might emof a master, in the few outlines ,brace more frequent 'opportunities presented us of the original; and of being in the society of a person, their loyeliness and grace ,but ren- .as Orton says, “.of such uncomder us the more desirous of having mon piety, zeal, prudence, and the finished portrait. Mr. Some sagacity;" and who was, as we appears to bave early paid atten- learn from another quarter, the tion to bis young, friend. The in- prime, ornament among the Distimacy formed between Mr. Dod- senting. Ministers in this part-of dridge and Mr. Some's only son, the kingdom. “In kim;" to use the both then at the Academy, under Doctor's own words," he had found Mr. John Jenvings at Kibworth; a sincere, wise, faithful, and tenwas probably the first occasion of der friend; from him he had met it, which a mutual acquaintance with all the goodness he could with each other's excelleneies have expected from a father, and served only to increase and con- had received greater assistance firm. Mr. Some, too, we have than from any person, except Dr. reason to believe, was made ac- Clarke, in the affair of his educaquainted with the views that Mr. tion.” To promote Mr. DodJennings entertained of the quali- dridge's views of retirement and fications of young Doddridge, as leisure for study, Mr. Some underthe most suitable of all his pupils took the pastoral care of the to occupy his station, and to per- church at Kibworth, in conjuncfect his plans, should they, by his tion with his own, going thither early death, be left unfinished. once a month to adıninister the Mr. Jennings (as himself seems al- Lord's Supper; when his young most to have foreseen) closed a friend supplied his place at Ashshort course of useful labour in ley and Harborough. Early in 1722; and it is not an improbable the year 1729, Mr. Doddridge was conjecture, that the wish to see chosen assistant to Mr. Some, and his deceased friend's design put the labours of the three congregainto execution induced Mr. Some tions were equally divided between to pay so great regard to the im- them. It was about this time that New SERIES, No. 6.


some circumstances transpired, the assistance and encouragement which eventually issued in what in their power. “ The friendly Mr. Jennings had suggested, and conduct of Mr. Some, and of the Mr. Some had all along had in ministers present on this occasion, view ; viz. the establishment of had great weight in forming Mr. an Academy under Mr. Dod- Doddridge's determination ; and, dridge's care. It seems, that Mr. after consulting other friends, he Saunders, Dr. Watts, and others, opened his Academy at the Midhad seen and highly approved of summer following.” But Mr. a plan of Lectures, which Mr. Some was not long to enjoy the Doddridge had drawn up for the assistance of his new colleague, use of a friend (who soon after who, towards the latter end of the died): they applied, therefore, to year, was invited to Northampton. Mr. Some, to employ his influence To a compliance with this Mr. to induce his friend and assistant Doddridge was at first averse, and to engage in this laudable design, Mr. Some strongly dissuaded him for which, in their opinion, he was from it, as thinking that he would so well qualified. We need scarce have more leisure at Harborough, say, that Mr. Some immediately than elsewhere, for the business of embraced these first openings of the Academy; and so determined, Divine Providence for the accom- apparently, were both as to the plishing a purpose so near his path of duty, that (as we have heart. He therefore proposed to seen) Mr. Doddridge's name was Mr. Doddridge his undertaking it, inserted in the Ashley trust-deed, and pressed it in the strongest so late as the November of this manner; and, that he might obvis year, as the future minister of that ate every objection, he had, un- place; yet both were soon afterknown to him, engaged the friends wards convinced of the will of of some young men to place them God in it, and Mr. Some was under his care. It was at this again left alone. Dr. Kippis rejuncture that the Leicestershire marks it as singular, that Mr. ministers had agreed to meet at Some was not present at the ordiLutterworth, (April 10th, 1729,) nation of his friend at Northampto spend a day for humiliation and ton; and that neither Mr. Dodprayer for the revival of religion. dridge, nor his biographer, takes Upon that occasion Mr. Some any notice of the circuimstance in preached that admirable discourse, the way of accounting for his abwhich was afterwards printed, con- sence. He conjectures, that Mr. cerning the proper methods to be Some might be detained by some taken for the revival of religion severe illness; and there is reain their respective congregations, son to believe, that that excelfrom Rev. iii. 2 ;-a sermon which lent man found himself incompegreatly impressed the mind of tent to undertake the whole of his Doddridge, as well as many other work alone, as he soon after was ministers. To this assembly, (we provided with another assistant in are told by Orton,) Mr. Some pro- Mr. John Halford, a native of posed the scheme he had concert- Northampton, who, though he need for the establishment of an ver enjoyed the advantages of an Academy at Harborough, under academical education, possessed the care of his young friend ; in good natural talents, and acquired the propriety and usefulness of a respectable share of learning. which the ministers present unani- From Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordmousiy concur

urred, as well as in shire, where he settled in 1730, he Mr. Doddridge's qualifications for was invited to Harborough, to conducting it, and promised all assist Mr. Some, and came there

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