Annual Report of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society, Volumen5

V. 40, pt. 1; v. 41, pt. 1; v. 42, pt. 2, and v. 43, pt. 2, are Constitution, by-laws, business transactions, etc., for distribution to members. Brief historical sketches of the society are given in the volume for 1864/68, p. [3]-8, and in v. 56, 1926, p. 21-22. List of members in [v. 1]-39, 1870/71-1909; v. 40, pt. 1; v. 41, pt. 1; v. 42, pt. 2; v. 43, pt. 2, 1910-13.

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Página 111 - Bring flowers to the shrine where we kneel in prayer, They are nature's offering, their place is there ! They speak of hope to the fainting heart, With a voice of promise they come and part, They sleep in dust through the wintry hours, They break forth in glory — bring flowers, bright flowers ! THE CRUSADER'S RETURN. ALAS ! the mother that him bare, If she had been in presence there, In his wan cheeks and sunburnt hair, She had not known her child.
Página 7 - The by-laws may be amended at any regular meeting by a two-thirds vote of...
Página 7 - III. — Its members shall consist of Annual members paying an annual fee of one dollar; of Life members paying a fee...
Página 143 - Seventeen new members were received during the year, and we mark it as one of the most successful years in the history of the society.
Página 7 - ... elected annually ; five of whom shall constitute a quorum at any of its meetings. In addition to the foregoing officers, the presidents ol all local horticultural societies shall be deemed honorary members and ex-officio VicePresidents of this society.
Página 171 - I have found," says he, " this art to consist in regenerating in a direct line of descent and as rapidly as possible an improving variety, taking care that there be no interval between the generations. To sow, to resow, to sow again, to sow perpetually, in short to 'do nothing but sow, is the practice to be pursued, and which cannot be departed from ; and this is the whole secret of the art I have employed.
Página 151 - After payment of dues, the Society proceeded to the election of officers for the ensuing year, which resulted as follows : President, EM Morehouse, MD ist Vice-President, C, H.
Página 99 - Winter's star is set : She dwells behind her leafy screen, And gives, as angels give, unseen, So, love — the Violet ! What modest thoughts the Violet teaches, What gracious boons the Violet preaches, Bright maiden, ne'er forget ! But learn, and love, and so depart, And sing thou with thy wiser heart, " Long live the Violet ! " — Barry Cornwall, FLOWER DANCES.
Página 192 - Conde devoted his leisure hours to that delightful pursuit, and the vase of flowers was daily renewed upon the table of lord Bacon, while composing the volumes of his sublime philosophy. In the cities of Europe, flower-markets, for the sale of bouquets and ornamental plants, are as common as those for fruits. In this new world, these delicate daughters of the sun have not received that attention which indicates the highest state of civilization ; but a taste...
Página 112 - I'll teach thee miracles! Walk on this heath, And say to the neglected flower " Look up And be thou Beautiful!

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