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gain our earth ly cares we leave, And to Thy courts re Lee


201, 204, 183.

2 Great Shepherd of thy people, here
Thy presence now display:
We bow within thy house of
O give us hearts to pray!


In pity, Lord, remove;
Dispose our minds to hear aright
The message of thy love.

:;:; ||

Again with joyful feet we haste, To meet our Saviour there.

4 The feeling heart, the melting eye,
The humble mind, bestow;
And shine upon us from above,

To make our graces grow.

John Newton.


623, 70, 147.

1 JESUS, our Lord, make no delay
To meet us with thy love;
Drive interposing clouds away,
And make our guilt remove.

3 The clouds which vail thee from our sight, 2 Dear Saviour, let thy glory shine,

And fill thy dwellings here,
Till life, and love, and joy divine,
A heaven on earth appear.

2 What do we here without thy grace, O blessed Lamb of God?

"T will be a dark and tiresome place . Unless we feel thy word.

3 Come in with power to every soul,
O thou immortal Dove;
Make every wounded spirit whole
With thy redeeming love.


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27, 395, 308.

COME, thou Desire of all thy saints!
Our humble strains attend,

While with our praises and complaints,
Low at thy feet we bend.

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3 Vain, sinful man! creation's Lord
Thy offerings well may spare;
But give thy heart, and thou shalt find
Thy God will hear thy prayer.

Anna L. Barbauld

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1. Lord, we come before thee now, At thy feet we humbly bow; O do not our

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240, 272, 457.

2 Lord, on thee our souls depend;
In compassion now descend,
Fiil our hearts with thy rich grace,
Tune our lips to sing thy praise.
3 Send some message from thy word
That may joy and peace afford;
Let thy Spirit now impart
Full salvation to each heart,

4 Comfort those who weep and mourn,
Let the time of joy return;
Those that are cast down lift up,
Make them strong in faith and hope.

5 Grant that all may seek, and find
Thee a God supremely kind;
Heal the sick, the captive free;
Let us all rejoice in thee.

William Hammond,


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1. Before Jehovah's awful throne, Ye nations, bow with sacred joy;


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Know that the Lord is God


a-lone; He can create,

1, 58, 336.

2 His sovereign power, without our aid,
Made us of clay, and formed us men ;
And when like wandering sheep we strayed,
He brought us to his fold again.

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1. From all that dwell below the skies Let the Crea f

Let his almighty name


1, 168, 215.

2 Eternal are thy mercies, Lord,
Eternal truth attends thy word;
Thy praise shall sound from shore to shore,
Till suns shall rise and set no more.

3 Your lofty themes, ye mortals, bring, In songs of praise divinely sing; God's great salvation loud proclaim, And shout for joy his glorious name.

4 In every land begin the song,

To every land the strains belong;
In cheerful sounds all voices raise,
And fill the world with loudest praise.

Isaac Watts.

be sung, Through ev-ery land, by



197, 47, 108. 1 0 THOU to whom, in ancient time,

The psalmist's sacred harp was strung, Whom kings adored in songs sublime, And prophets praised with glowing tongue.

2 Not now on Zion's hight alone

Thy favored worshipers may dwell, Nor where, at sultry noon, thy Son

Sat weary by the patriarch's well.

3 From every place below the skies,

The grateful song, the fervent prayerThe incense of the heart-may rise

To heaven, and find acceptance there.

4 To thee shall age, with snowy hair,

And strength, and beauty, bend the knee, And childhood lisp with reverent air

Its praises and its prayers to thee.
John Pierpont.

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ev - ery tongue.


3, 58, 212.

1 GREAT God, attend while Zion sings The joy that from thy presence springs; To spend one day with thee on earth Exceeds a thousand days of mirth.

2 Might I enjoy the humblest place
Within thy house, O God of grace!
Not tents of ease, nor thrones of power,
Should tempt my feet to leave thy door.
3 God is our sun, he makes our day;
God is our shield, he guards our way
From all assaults of hell and sin,
From foes without and foes within.
4 All needful grace will God bestow,
And crown that grace with glory, too;
He gives us all things, and withholds
No needed good from upright souls.

Isaac Watts.


19, 54, 58.

1 ETERNAL God, celestial King,
Exalted be thy glorious name;
Let hosts in heaven thy praises sing,
And saints on earth thy love proclaim.

2 My heart is fixed on thee, my God,

I rest my hope on thee alone;
I'll spread thy sacred truths abroad,

To all mankind thy love make known. 3 With those who in thy grace abound,

To thee I'll raise my thankful voice,
Till every land, the earth around,
Shall hear, and in thy name rejoice.
William Wrangham.

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