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by Edwin Barnes.

Copyrighted 1886

SOUTHAMPTON. 12s & 10s.

Copyrighted 1886


1. O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness, Bow down be-fore him, his glory proclaim;

2 Low at his feet lay thy burden of carefulness, | Truth in its beauty, and love in its tenderness, High on his heart he will bear it for thee, Comfort thy sorrows, and answer thy prayer

These are the offerings to lay on his shrine.


Guiding thy steps as may best for thee be.

3 Fear not to enter his courts in the slenderness Of the poor wealth thou wouldst reckon as thine:








1. Be joy-ful in God, all ye lands of the earth; O serve him with gladness and fear! tim angry out



4 These, though we bring them in trembling and fearfulness,

He will accept for the Name that is dear; Mornings of joy give for evenings of tearfulness, Trust for our trembling, and hope for our fear.



2 Jehovah is God, and Jehovah alone,
Creator and ruler o'er all;
And we are his people, his scepter we own,
His sheep, and we follow his call.

8 O, enter his gates with thanksgiving and


Your vows in his temple proclaim;

His praise with melodious accordance prolong,

And bless his adorable name.

4 For good is the Lord, inexpressibly good,
And we are the work of his hand;
His mercy and truth from eternity stood,
And shall to eternity stand.

James Montgomery,







1. High in the heavens, e ternal God, Thy goodness in full glo-ry shines;


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19, 3, 101.

2 Forever firm thy justice stands,

As mountains their foundations keep; Wise as the wonders of thy hands,

Thy judgments are a mighty deep. 3 O God, how excellent thy grace,

Whence all our hope and comfort spring! The sons of Adam, in distress,

Fly to the shadow of thy wing. 4 In the provisions of thy house

We still shall find a sweet repast;
There mercy like a river flows,

And brings salvation to our taste.

Thy truth shall break through every cloud That vails thy just and wise designs.

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Isaac Watts.

64, 58, 694.

1 WAIT, O my soul, thy Maker's will,
Tumultuous passions all be still,

Nor let a murmuring thought arise; His ways are just, his counsels wise. 2 In realms of cloudless light he dwells, Performs his work, the cause conceals; And though his footsteps are unknown, Judgment and truth support his throne. 3 In heaven and earth and air and seas

He executes his firm decrees;
And by his saints it stands confessed
That what he does is ever best.

4 Wait, then, my soul, submissive wait,
With reverence bow before his seat,
And 'mid the terrors of his rod
Trust in a wise and gracious God.
Benjamin Beddome.


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mahedad vult yet pendahl 14 p00 } 49 101, 58, 51. 1 THINE, Lord, is wisdom, thine alone; Justice and truth before thee stand: Yet, nearer to thy sacred throne


Mercy withholds thy lifted hand. Each evening shows thy tender love, Each rising morn thy plenteous grace; Thy wakened wrath doth slowly move, Thy willing mercy flies apace. 3 To thy benign, indulgent care,

Father, this light, this breath, we owe; And all we have, and all we are,

From thee, great Source of being, flow. 4 Thrice Holy! thine the kingdom is, The power omnipotent is thine; And when created nature dies, Thy never-ceasing glories shine.

Ernest Lange.


136, 54, 51.

1 ETERNAL Power, whose high abode Becomes the grandeur of a God, Infinite lengths beyond the bounds Where stars revolve their little rounds!

2 Earth, from afar, hath heard thy fame, And worms have learned to lisp thy name; But O! the glories of thy mind Leave all our soaring thoughts behind. 3 God is in heaven, and men below;

Be short our tunes, our words be few; A solemn reverence checks our songs, And praise sits silent on our tongues.

Isaac Watts.

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1. God is the refuge of his saints When storms of sharp dis-tress in-vade:

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3 Our midnight is thy smile withdrawn,
Our noontide is thy gracious dawn,
Our rainbow arch thy mercy's sign,-
All, save the clouds of sin, are thine!

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4 Lord of all life, below, above,

Whose light is truth, whose warmth is love,
Before thy ever-blazing throne

We ask no luster of our own.

Grant us thy truth to make us free,
And kindling hearts that burn for thee,
Till all thy living altars claim

One holy light, one heavenly flame!

Oliver Wendell Holmes.


316, 542, 314.

1 LORD! thou hast searched and seen me


Thine eye commands with piercing view
My rising and my resting hours,

My heart and flesh, with all their powers.


My thoughts, before they are my own,
Are to my God distinctly known;
He knows the words I mean to speak
Ere from my opening lips they break.
3 Within thy circling power I stand;
On every side I find thy hand;
Awake, asleep, at home, abroad,
I am surrounded still with God.
4 Amazing knowledge, vast and great!
What large extent! what lofty hight!
My soul, with all the powers I boast,
Is in the boundless prospect lost.

5 O, may these thoughts possess my breast
Where'er I rove, where'er I rest;
Nor let my weaker passions dare
Consent to sin, for God is there!

Isaac Watts.

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1. Eternal depth of love divine, In Jesus, God with us, dis-played, How bright thy #



beaming glories shine! How wide thy heal – ing streams are spread, How wide thy healing streams are spread!


19, 47, 108.

2 With whom dost thou delight to dwell?
Sinners, a vile and thankless race!
O God, what tongue aright can tell
How vast thy love, how great thy

3 The dictates of thy sovereign will
With joy our grateful hearts receive;
All thy delight in us fulfill:

Lo, all we are, to thee we give.

4 To thy sure love, thy tender care,
Our flesh, soul, spirit, we resign;
O, fix thy sacred presence there,
And seal the abode forever thine!
Nicolaus L. Zinzendorf.
64, 592, 108.


1 O GOD, how great thy glory is!

Thy wondrous ways, O who can know?
O hight immense! what words suffice
Thy countless attributes to show?
2 Greatness unspeakable is thine,-

Greatness whose undiminished ray,
When short-lived worlds are lost, shall


Ernest Lange.


19, 592, 108.

1 ERE mountains reared their forms sub


Or heaven and earth in order stood,
Before the birth of ancient time,

From everlasting thou art God.
A thousand ages, in their flight,


With thee are as a fleeting day;
Past, present, future, to thy sight

At once their various scenes display. 3 But our brief life's a shadowy dream,

A passing thought, that soon is o'er, That fades with morning's earliest beam,

And fills the musing mind no more. 4 To us, O Lord, the wisdom give,

Each passing moment so to spend That we at length with thee may live, Where life and bliss shall never end.

Harriet Auber.


301, 336, 104.

1 GOD is our refuge and defense,
In trouble our unfailing aid;
Secure in his omnipotence,


What foe can make our souls afraid?

When earth and heaven are flea away. 2 Yea, though the earth's foundations rock, 3 Unchangeable, all-perfect Lord, And mountains down the gulf be hurled,

Essential life's unbounded sea,
What lives and moves, lives by thy word;
It lives, and moves, and is, from thee.
4 High is thy power above all hight;

His people smile amid the shock;
They look beyond this transient world.
3 Built by the word of his command,

Whate'er thy will decrees, is done; Thy wisdom, equal to thy might,

Ten thousand worlds on nothing rest; All living things are in his hand,

Only to thee, O God, is known!

And he who trusts his word is blest.
James Montgomery.

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1. God of my life, whose gracious power Through varied scenes my soul hath led,

168, 212, 343.

2 In all my ways thy hand I own,
Thy ruling providence I see;
Assist me still my course to run,

And still direct my paths to thee.
3. How do thy mercies close me round!
Forever be thy name adored;
I blush in all things to abound;

The servant of a gracious Lord.
4 I have no skill the snare to shun,
But thou O God, my wisdom art:
I ever into danger run,

But thou art greater than
5 I rest beneath thy kindly shade;
My griefs expire, my troubles cease;
Thou, Lord, on whom my soul is stayed,
Wilt keep me still in perfect peace.
Charles Wesley.


Proclaim the Infinite Unknown.



2 Thy voice ordained the rolling spheres,
And bade the countless planets shine;
But nothing like thyself appears

Through all these spacious works of


Thy being no succession knows,

And all thy vast designs are one.

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4 A glance of thine runs through the globe, Rules the bright worlds, and moves their frame;

Of light thou form'st thy dazzling robe;
Thy ministers are living flame.

5 How shall polluted mortals dare

To sing thy glory or thy grace?
Beneath thy feet we lie afar,

And see but shadows of thy face.


47, 514, 366.

1 GOD is the name my soul adores,
Almighty, high, Eternal One:

Both heaven and earth, with all their 2 And when thy purity we share,

Thy brightest glory we declare;
And, humbled into nothing, own,
Holy and pure is God alone.
Sole, self-existing God and Lord,
By all thy heavenly hosts adored,
Let all on earth bow down to thee,
And own thy peerless majesty.

6 Who can behold the blazing light?

Who can approach consuming flame? None but thy wisdom knows thy might; None but thy word can speak thy name.

Isaac Watts.


301, 101, 212.

1 HOLY as thou, O Lord, is none;
Thy holiness is all thine own;
A drop of that unbounded sea
ours,- -a drop derived from thee.


3 Still restless nature dies and grows,

From change to change thy creatures 4 Thy power unequaled we confess,

Established on the rock of peace;
The rock that never shall remove,
The rock of pure, almighty love.

Charles Wesley,

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