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162, 41, 277.

2 Chance and change are busy ever;
Man decays, and ages move;
But his mercy waneth never:
God is wisdom, God is love.

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Bliss he wakes, and woe he light-ens: God is wisdom, God


3 E'en the hour that darkest seemeth,
Will his changeless goodness prove;
From the gloom his brightness streameth:
God is wisdom, God is love.
4 He with earthly cares entwineth
Hope and comfort from above;
Everywhere his glory shineth:
God is wisdom, God is love.

Sir John Bowring.


162, 41, 534.

1 THERE's a wideness in God's mercy,
Like the wideness of the sea;
There's a kindness in his justice,
Which is more than liberty.

2 There is welcome for the sinner,
And more graces for the good;
There is mercy with the Saviour;
There is healing in his blood.
3 For the love of God is broader

Than the measure of man's mind,
And the heart of the Eternal
Is most wonderfully kind.

4 If our love were but more simple,
We should take him at his word;
And our lives would be all sunshine
In the sweetness of our Lord.

Frederick W. Faber.


is love.




277, 130, 41.

1 MIGHTY God! while angels bless thee,
May a mortal lisp thy name?
Lord of men, as well as angels!
Thou art every creature's theme:


Lord of every land and nation!
Ancient of eternal days!
Sounded through the wide creation
Be thy just and awful praise.

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1. Lord, thy glory fills the heaven; Earth is with its fullness stored; Un-to thee be glory


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503, 499, 466.

1 LORD, with glowing heart I'd praise thee
For the bliss thy love bestows;
For the pardoning grace that saves me,
And the peace that from it flows:

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Help, O God, my weak endeavor;

This dull soul to rapture raise; Thou must light the flame, or never

Can my soul be warmed to praise.

2 Praise, my soul, the God that sought thee,
Wretched wanderer, far astray;
Found thee lost, and kindly brought thee
From the paths of death away;
Praise, with love's devoutest feeling,

Him who saw thy guilt-born fear,
And, the light of hope revealing,

Bade the blood-stained cross appear.

3 Lord, this bosom's ardent feeling

Vainly would my lips express: Low before thy footstool kneeling,

Deign thy suppliant's prayer to bless; Let thy grace, my soul's chief treasure,

Love's pure flame within me raise; And, since words can never measure, Let my life show forth thy praise.

Francis Scott Key.


LYONS. 10s & 11s.


1. O worship the King, all-glorious a-bove, And grate-ful-ly sing his wonderful love;

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Not fearing or doubting, with Christ at our side,

We'll still trust his promise,-"The Lord will provide." John Newton.

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zeb Ho-ly, ho-ly, ho- ly, mer-ci-ful and mighty! God o-ver all, who rules e-ter-ni-ty.


2 Holy, holy, holy! angels adore thee,
Casting down their bright crowns around
the glassy sea;
Thousands, and ten thousands worship low
before thee,

Which wert and art and evermore shalt


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13 Holy, holy, holy! though darkness hide thee,


Though the eye of man thy great glory may not see;

Only thou art holy; there is none beside

All M 249, 568. 2 Lord, thy sure mercies, ever in my sight, My heart shall gladden through the tedious day; And 'midst the dark and gloomy shades of night,

To thee, my God, I'll tune the grateful



Perfect in power, in love and purity.
Reginald Heber.





13 Why faint, my soul? why doubt Jehovah's aid?

Thy God the God of mercy still shall prove;

Within his courts thy thanks shall yet be paid;

Unquestioned be his faithfulness and



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108, 58, 315. 2 Ashamed of Jesus! sooner far Let evening blush to own a star; He sheds the beams of light divine O'er this benighted soul of mine. 3 Ashamed of Jesus! just as soon

Let midnight be ashamed of noon; 'Twas midnight with my soul till he, Bright Morning Star, bade darkness flee. 4 Ashamed of Jesus! that dear Friend On whom my hopes of heaven depend! No; when I blush, be this my shame That I no more revere his name.

5 Ashamed of Jesus! yes, I may
When I've no guilt to wash away;
No tear to wipe, no good to crave,
No fears to quell, no soul to save.
6 Till then, nor is my boasting vain,-
Till then I boast a Saviour slain;
And O, may this my glory be,
That Christ is not ashamed of me!
Joseph Grigg.

3, 104, 746,

1 JESUS, my love, my chief delight,
For thee I long, for thee I pray,
Amid the shadows of the night,

Amid the business of the day.
2 When shall I see thy smiling face,

That face which I have often seen? Arise, thou Sun of Righteousness,

Scatter the clouds that intervene.


ashamed of thee?

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